Brian Page Hockey (Nov 2020) Injured During Tournament!

Brian Page Hockey (Nov 2020) Injured During Tournament!

Brian Page Hockey (Nov 2020) Injured During Tournament1 >> This article will tell you about the tragedy that happened with the young hockey player Brian Page.  

Have you heard about a young Brian Page Hockey is severely injured?Read this whole piece of news for the recent update on his accident.

Recently, heart-breaking news came out about a young hockey player who got severely injured during the hockey tournament. Doctors are saying that only some miracle can make him walk again in this world. 

People from all around the United States are praying for him and his better health. 

What happened to Brian Page? 

A 17-year-old hockey player is severely injured during the hockey tournament, and the world and the people from the United States are hoping to see some miracle over so that the Brian Page Hockey can stand strong in this world again and play the matches in the future. 

During his hockey tournament, he took a catastrophic hit while he was playing for the Philadelphia Little Flyer’s. The father of this young hockey player said that Brian has broken his C5 and C6 of his spinal cord and also have some serious injuries to other parts of the Spinal Cord. 

He has gone through emergency surgery at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in just six hours of his injuries. He will also go through some other medical surgeries scheduled for this Friday.

The Teammate Corey Owens was with him on the ice when the Brian Page went down, and the Teammate is also raising funds for Brian Page Hockey under GoFundMe page so that the family of Brian Page can get some help from the people. 

The news has shaken the whole world as he is too young and was one of the emerging players in the hockey game. Brian page is from Dover, Delaware. The people are hoping that the hockey community and others can help out the Brian Page with whatever they can. 

Read this article before scrolling ahead as this news is really heartbreaking and people pray or him to get well soon. 

Final Verdict 

Brian Page Hockey: The Teammate has also said that definitely when your good friend is in a serious, you cannot sit around or have a good time. He also mentioned about how traumatic the injury is, so he decided to help Brian and his family in this difficult time. 

The best part of all these tragedies is the page made for the funds has collected over $100,000 and is constantly increasing minute by minute. The Teammate also added that they are more than happy as they see the funds for the Brian Page blowing up every minute and also thanked everyone for the donations. 

The Brain page was having for the hockey since he was only three years old. The world is literally going numb as the days are passing by. 

The doctors are saying that only a miracle can make him walk again; otherwise, he does not have any chance. Do read this tragedy happened with Brian Page Hockey and also comment about your feelings in the comments box below.  

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