Breathe Pure Mask Reviews [May] Is This Site Genuine?

Breathe Pure Mask Reviews [May] Is This Site Genuine?

Breathe Pure Mask Reviews [May] Is This Site Genuine? -> The review is about the mask, which can reduce the risk of transmission of diseases.

Are you one of those who feel suffocated while traveling coming out of the comfort of your home? If yes, then you now have an excellent formula to overcome the pollution coming out of vehicles & factories. Breathe Pure Masks Review, is one name that stands amongst the top when it comes to the quality of anti-pollution masks. 

This triple-layer anti-pollution mask covers your nose, mouth & chin, which safeguards others when you have any infections. The number of factories and vehicles is increasing rapidly in the United-State, such kind of products have become a must-have for every individual who wants to remain healthy.

Breathe Pure Mask

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Though it does not provide complete safety against the COVID-19, it does help in slowing down the transmission and saves from the ones which might have the disease.

If you are worried about the quality of the product and doubt in mind if it fits your face, then do read out the entire article below to more about it.

What is Pure Breathe Mask?

Pure Breathe Mask is a disposable, triple-layer mask that covers nose, mouth, and chin. The first layer provides separation between the face, mouth, and nose and the outside world while the other two coats make it breathable, relaxed, and comfortable.

The first layer is made from skin-friendly non-woven cloth while the mid-layer by using filtration melt-blown cloth, and the third layer is of hydrophobic, non-woven fabric. These products are helpful in public places, gardening, and pet grooming and help the wearer from dust, dirt, and pollution.

According to the manufacturer, these are not washable, and every individual needs to throw it after use. In case it does not fit well, pinch the metal above your nose and get close fit around the neck and face.

Breath Pure Mask work

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Specifications of Pure Breathe Mask

  • Name of the company: Tristar Products Inc
  • Type: Disposable Triple Layer Masks
  • Email:
  • Company website:
  • Contact Number: 973-287-5157
  • Return Policy: These masks are non-returnable
  • Exchange: No exchange available
  • Contact Time: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and works till 5:00 PM on weekends
  • Availability: 24×7
  • Payment Mode: Online Payments

Is breathe pure mask legit?

Whenever we talk about the health-related item, the above question comes to the mind “ is breathe pure mask legit?” For safety purposes, it uses high-quality raw materials by experts who have years of industry experience.  

We searched online to find reviews, and most of the information we received is positive. People are receiving the products well-in time and offering complete protection during the days of COVID-19. However, it does not provide complete safety, but it slows the spread to transmit from one person to another.

These masks are made in China, but additional protocols are used at the US-based distribution center to provide the best possible product.

Considering the above information, the company looks legit and is offering several other products in the healthcare industry. Moreover, the website uses SSL security, which means the information you share on the site is safe and encrypted. 

Breath Pure Mask Review Work

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Pros of Breathe Pure Masks

  • Three Layers to keep you fresh and Safe
  • Affordable Price
  • Protects against severe disease and pollution
  • Good Fit
  • Quality is up to the mark

Cons of Breathe Pure Masks

  • No Cash on Delivery Offered
  • These are disposable
  • No exchange and return is available
  • Not Approved by FDA or any other medical authority

What are customers saying?

During COVID-19, such masks are a big help for people across the globe. The company is selling them for months now, and people have given it mostly useful reviews about the quality and delivery time.

People are saying that the company is shipping products quickly and maintaining the quality to keep us safe from health problems. However, some people did not like what they receive, but proper assistance was available to them 24×7 regarding the issues.

Breathe Pure Mask Where to Buy

Final Verdict

These masks have become very important for everyone and are protecting the transmission of various viruses. Breathe pure covers are of good quality; however, they are not approved by the FDA or any other government authority, which makes the manufacturer looks a little fishy.

No side effects are there as of now, and positive reviews have been received by most of the users, which makes it efficient to use for everyone. But one cannot wash it and use, and have to put it in a dustbin once used.

All in all, the company looks genuine and delivers what it promises to its users. 

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    1. This place is a freaking joke!! I ordered almost a month ago and still waiting! They said they were out of stock, yet their add says in stock and ships fast! Bunch of bull crap! Very poor customer service! Would NEVER RECOMMEND to anyone!!

  1. Certainly the mask may help protect someone standing directly in front of you, but the wide gaps on the sides that don’t even come close to touching the face will allow for spread on both sides. These masks are not really well designed.


  3. I ordered and also paid for 2 sets of masks. I also never received them and did not get a confirmation on my email. Can not get through on this number either.

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