Bratyk Website Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Bratyk Website Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Bratyk Website Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> This article will give you complete information on Bratyk whether you should shop from here or not.

At present, much online shopping has changed several individuals’ lives. It has made each one of our lives comfortable and straightforward. So relaxed that almost the complete thing can be done through internet socialization, paying bills, shopping etc. sitting in one place.

Bratyk Website is a new online shopping site, which is more precise and straightforward. As per the Bratyk Website Reviews, this Store sells latest and quality products for women such as dresses, stationery accessories and so on all at a reasonable budget. Bratyk has displayed different things that are exclusive and unusual.

Currently, the Bratyk website is used by many customers from the United States and will also be soon delivered worldwide.

The bratyk site is very new. Have you ever shopped with a completely new website? In this below article we have mentioned all the details of the website such as pros, Bratyk Website Reviews, specification etc. for you to decide if you want to go ahead and shop. 

What is Bratyk?

Bratyk is a new eCommerce website which has been designed in the market, especially for women. It is an online store that sells explicitly women’s wear casual outfits, tops and bottoms, dresses, and so on.  It is specially designed to establish an automatic billing, transparent, time-saving shopping online market. The company uses forward-thinking search equipment that does provides every info to the customers.

It’s about us section has all the vital information where one can answer the doubt related to Is Bratyk Legit? The website does sell high-quality products to enthusiastic shoppers. For a more detailed report on the Ecommerce Fashion industry, you can contact them on

Benefits of Bratyk

  • They have offered social media accounts.
  • This online website comes with an SSL certificate
  • Funds and e-commerce in a diversity of national and international trade channels.
  • It has a unique search technology that could offer every type of material.
  • It provides a particular kind of operation, conjoining old-style trading channels and social media channels.
  • The Bratyk have started website shopping info security encryption acquiesced. 
  • All the products sold here are of excellent quality.
  • The shipping information gives a clear picture of the time of delivery.

Specifications of Bratyk

  • Shipping time: 24 hours
  • Delivery time:7-15 days
  • Email:
  • Address: 3568 Bunny Bell Ln Vista California US 24312
  • Customer Service Representatives Are Available 24 Hours.

Is Bratyk Legit

A lot of new websites do not have customer reviews. Over here to know Is Bratyk Legit it is significant to check the reviews properly. An online site that is authorized always makes a social media presence so that they can get in touch with its customers and to display their new products. 

The images shown on the Bratyk are enflamed and randomly placed, which makes us think that the website looks odd.

To conclude, while the company might not seem to be a scam, it declines to show a few of the info that would leave a customer at comfort.

What are the customers saying about Bratyk?

There is no customer reviews mentioned on the website. Therefore, we saw for ratings and reviews from Google and other social media presence. 

Since this is a new website, many customers are reluctant to buy from here. The critical error that every client does is that without knowing the saneness, they purchase the product when they see that the cost of the product is very less. 

It has received mixed Bratyk Website Reviews. Customers have valued the quality of clothes. Nonetheless, they are not much content with the policies and refund of the firm.

Final Verdict

It is essential to shop only from where you trust. It is best to make one purchase as compared to bulk purchases to safeguard the excellence, quantity, delivery time and know the different features of the website store. 

When you do online shopping, each of the features and terms and conditions are shown in the company’s product. But besides this, it is even essential to check the websites privacy policy, contact information and so on 

Every website owner must take accountability for safeguarding the protection of its users, but unfortunately, few of the websites aren’t safe. Things like delivery time, quality, size, packaging, operation, and durability verify their trust seal. A genuine trust seal, contact information https, and privacy policy are all positive signs that a website is safe.

0 thoughts on “Bratyk Website Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. I ordered a mini bmx bike from this company. I was supposed to get an email with in 12 hours of my order and i didnt recieve one, so i contacted the email provided and disnt get a responce. I figured id give it a shot and look the company and low and behold its a womens clothing company. I conclude i was scammed by someone within the business pretending to sell bmx bikes with this address and email.

  2. I bought a mountain bike on Sunday, payment was taken out of my account in seconds, but its 3 days later, 2 emails to the contact service and still NOT ONE WORF FROM THEM. Buyers beware, this might be a scam

    1. I bought a fuel caddy on April 20th payment was taken out of my account and I have not received any emails and you can not get a hold of anybody I pretty sure its a scam

    2. They want to play games with people money. Federal trade commissioner and the BBB is on that ass asap. Class action lawsuit since they want to play games

  3. I Ordered a Pentair creepy krauly Lil shark vacuum and the money came out 3 days ago and I have emailed 4 or 5 times and nothing … oh wow I’ll be pissed $100 an haven’t heard a peep.

  4. I also bought a women bike on Sunday. money was immediately taken via paypal. I cannot get in touch with them either.

    1. I paid for a low profile floor jack on 4/21/20 . I never received a confirmation or email pertaining to this purchase. I’ve yet heard from PayPal or BRATYK. I was str8 up SCAMMED!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANIES WITHOUT LEGITIMATE CONTACT INFORMATION!!!

  5. It’s a total scam! No email confirmation and no email response when I sent an email to customer service. The website says I have an online account set up, but I never set up an account with a password and the “forgot password” does not work.

  6. I bought a tool thinking it was a bargain. I paid using my credit card but I received a PayPal receipt. Ii don’t even have a PayPal account. It is interesting that when I call PayPal with their receipt number they use corona as an excuse not to respond. Emailing to the provided email won’t help at all. My conclusion: I have been had. I will call my credit card account to stop then payment.

  7. I bought some fuel injectors 4 days ago and no confirmation or shipping date…I also looked up this site and it says it’s a women’s store!!! WTH??!!!?

  8. I ordered a bread machine on April 19th and they took the money from my paypal account on the 4/20/20 and I have tried several times to email and of course there is not a phone number to call them. Its a scam a big time scam. I am contacting Paypal to try to get my money back.

  9. I ordered a baby swing on 4/18/20, the money was taken out 2 days later and I have heard nothing out since. There’s $60 down the drain, damn scammers should go to prison!!!

  10. They want to play games with people money. The federal trade commissioner and the BBB is on that ass asap. Class action lawsuit since they want to play games.

  11. I was ripped off for $78 for pool filters. I opened a case with PayPal and they denied the claim after Tasa Enterprise, Inc. sent them a tracking number indicating it was delivered by USPS. I opened a case with USPS and found it was delivered to a totally different address. USPS won’t do anything because they claim it was delivered to the address on the shipping label. I beleive Brytyk and Tasa Enterprise, Inc. to be fradulent “companies”. Don’t order anything from them.

  12. Definately a scam site I ordered a digital piano and it is nowhere to be found nor replies 100% will take your money and leave you no recourse.

  13. Total scam, I ordered some light switches, and all I got was a crappy fake pearl bracelet. Fortunately, I purchased via PayPal and they are trying to resolve. This way the scammers can say I received a shipment from them. I will be reporting them to USPS for using the US postal service to commit fraud.

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