Bowl Sparkle Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Bowl Sparkle Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Bowl Sparkle Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> This solution comes in the form of a powerful powder which you can use for cleaning toilet bowl, sink, tiles and floors as well.

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your toilet bowl? Most people hardly know this answer, as this is one of the many chores that no one wishes to do. In fact, most of the homeowners ignore this household chore because they find it least necessary.

 But what if you have a perfect toilet cleaner at your home? This ignored household chore can become manageable. Bowl sparkle is one such product that comes with convincing benefits you cannot ignore. Bowl Sparkle Reviews are impressive, and customers who bought it are happy with its result. 

Many people in the United States have already started using this product and are happy with the results. Bowl Sparkle makes the cleaning of the toilet bowl an easy and painless task. If you also wish to remove the stubborn stains from your toilet bowl, this product can help you. 

Let’s know more about Bowl Sparkle!

What is Bowl Sparkle? 

Bowl Sparkle is a foaming powder that claims to remove stubborn stains from the toilet seat. With the regular use of this product, you can give a sparkling white look to your toilet bowl. Bowl Sparkle Review further provides help in knowing how much satisfactory results the product has shown. 

The product removes unmanageable rust, limescale, and calcium from the bowl eliminating the foul odor. It deodorizers your bathroom with a fresh fragrance. Also, the product is 100% safe to use, which won’t react to your skin. The quantity contained in each pack is enough for at least six uses. It’s not even harmful to your floor and tiles. In short, you are getting a lot in one single product. 

Who’s this for? 

If you are fed up with using a product that claims to clean the toilet bowl but didn’t provide a satisfactory result, bowl sparkle is for you. Stop neglecting the cleaning of your toilet bowl because of your old cleaner. 

According to Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner Reviews, the product is innovative, and the best toilet cleaning product to date. It is formulated to remove stains and rust that get accumulated in your toilet bowl. This magical cleaning powder immediately foams when coming in contact with water and provides an unbelievable result.  

Benefits of Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner

  • The product has a powerful forming action formulated of baking soda, citric acid, and surfactant active oxygen to provide deep cleaning of even hidden stains. 
  • This excellent toilet cleaner provides cleaning to your floors, tiles, sinks, washing machine, and other places that are difficult to clean. 
  • The toilet cleaner is not harsh to your skin. Also, it doesn’t cause any irritation to the surface. 
  • The product claims to remove even the hardest stains from your toilet bowl. 

Specifications of Bowl Sparkle

  • Type: Foam based toilet bowl cleaner
  • Ingredients: Oxygen-based bleaching agent, Surfactants, Enzymes
  • Quantity: 1 pack of powder for six uses
  • Shipping time: Not Available
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 1 (949) 391-4039
  • Company Address: 1782 View Dr., San Leandro, CA 94577

What are people saying about Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner?

  1. “From so many months, my wife was looking for a solution that cleans a film from our toilet seat. She was almost tired of using all other products claiming to remove the stain and unfortunately, failed. Finally, she decided to use bowl sparkle, and this powder solution foamed up blue and turned white and did a great job. The product was worth buying. Thanks!”- Marvin
  2. “I used this product on nasty scum deep inside the toilet, and It cleaned them better than my imagination. The best part was that it didn’t require any scrubbing. I spray it on the stains, let it foam and wipe it off. Cleaning the toilet bowl was never so easy.” – Davina
  3. “This product did wonders, and I am delighted. I have had hard water and stubborn stain on my toilet bowl. All I need it was some effective cleaning solution, and now I have this amazing product. Give it a try, and you will love it!”- Johnson

Is this product better than other products? 

Yes, Bowl Sparkle Toilet Cleaner is a magical product. Many users claim that it is better than other toilet cleaners because of many reasons. According to Bowl Sparkle Reviews, the product does not cause any irritation to the skin they have noticed in many other toilet cleaners. It removes even the hardest and stubborn stain from your toilet seat. Also, you get the product at a discount of 50% on an instant purchase. 

Most of the customers who have to use this product are happy with the result as this product does not require any scrubbing, which many other products do. Also, it is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on your floor, tiles, sinks, and all other places difficult to clean. On the contrary, many other toilet cleaners available in the market are made up of harsh chemicals that cannot be used on the floor or sink. 

This magical product is worth buying! 


  • How many times can I clean my toilet bowl with one pack? 
  • One pack of toilet cleaner is for six times cleaning
  • Is this product good at removing dried fecal stains? 
  • Yes, the product claims to clean even the toughest stain, including dried fecal stains without scrubbing. 
  • Is the product scented? 
  • Yes, the product has a mild scent, which helps in removing foul odor from your toilet bowl.


Bowl Sparkle Reviews sounds positive. Every customer who has the product is happy with the result. Most of the people have also recommended this product to their relatives and friends. If you are also facing the problem of dried fecal stains, hard water, or rust accumulation, this product can do a miracle for you. 

78 thoughts on “Bowl Sparkle Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

    1. This is another classic Chinese rip-off.

      The Claim: I watched the ad and associated video, and it showed that after adding two scoops of this magic powder, it would begin bubbling vigorously and fill the entire toilet bowl with foam, “attaching to stains”. Then after 1/2 hour, you magically rinse the stains and build-up away.

      The Reality: I received mine today, and carefully cut open the top of the sealed package. I started to get suspicious when I read the directions, which said on first use, “scrubbing might be necessary”. Hmmm, the advert didn’t say that. Undaunted, I dumped the designated 2-3 scoops into my dirty toilet bowl, and I saw the water turn blue and some foaming action starting. So I stepped away for around 1/2 hour per the directions, and when I returned, it had definitely foamed – about 1/2cm. “Fill the bowl with foam?” Not even close folks. It didn’t fill anything. And yes, I then used my toilet brush to scrub the stains away, and it didn’t even do a good job of removing the stains.

      As far as I can tell, this turns your toilet bowl water blue, and is a half-hearted cleaner at best, and does not do what was claimed – oh, at about ten times the price of regular toilet bowl cleaners that do a better job anyway. In short, another classic Chinese rip-off. I’m still falling for the hype folks, and they managed to get another $20 of my money.

      1. I just put 2 scoops in my toilet. I guess I was under the impression the foam would fill up the entire bowl. I was wrong.
        I used the toilet brush to clean the sides, stains around the water line, nothing.
        I was immediately suspicious when
        This tiny box arrived and that it was from China.
        I’ll stick with LYSOL toilet bowl cleaner.
        And to think I was excited to use this product.

    2. This did not do what it was supposed to do. It did not foam. It just sat there and even scrubbing did nothing.
      It was a waste of money.

      1. Well, we learn the hard way, don’t we? I also fell for the video and bought the stuff to find that not only did it not work as advertised, but was charged added$$ for monthly sends! PayPal is disputing this for me. So, no more being taken in by video buying impulse ads. To send the heavy product back for reimbursement is more than the cost of this crumby powder!!!

    3. Sparkle Bowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner is overpriced for a product which does not work!! Hard water stains are NOT removed as described- not even with scrubbing!! This works like a combo of baking soda mixed with Alkaline Saltzer!!! Lots of foam and nothing else. We do not have toilet bowls such as what is shown in video( thank goodness!) do I cannot attest to the cleaning power of these horrors. All I know is that you must be careful you do not sign up for a monthly send charge of $13.91 added to your order!!! We had to dispute this through PayPal. Plus, this stuff is made in China. If I knew that, I would never have purchased it.
      Buyer beware! Do not buy!!

    4. I wish I had read your review before I purchased. I couldn’t agree more with your review. i can’t even give it a one star! Worthless product. I hope others see you review and take heed.

    5. Do not buy this product. It does not work. It was guaranteed to work on rust and it did nothing. Should not have wasted my money.

  1. Have I been scammed? I have a record of payment by PayPal dated 10th May but no receipt and no delivery. I am in the UK.

    1. If you used PayPal they have a money back guarantee that will get your payment back in cases like these. Go to the PayPal site and then their Resolution Centre where you can make a claim and they will pursue it for you. I have a claim with them at the moment for the same thing. I too am in the UK.

    2. Yes, you’ve been scammed. This white powder does nothing. We’ll be scrubbing toilets,In the traditional manner, until our dying days !!

  2. I was awarded a free gift. When the page turned up there was only a statement saying no thank you. I was not given the choice of any articles for my free gift. Also, I was disconnected before I was able to print out a Confirmation of my order. Please send me a confirmation statement where I audit for packages of your product thank you. I await the confirmation email and selection of free gift thank you for your swift attention to this matter.

  3. I was awarded a free gift because I was your 500,000th customer. When the page turned up there was only a statement saying “no thank you”. I was not given the choice of any articles for my free gift. Also, I was disconnected before I was able to print out a Confirmation of my order. Please send me a confirmation statement where I ordered four packages of your product thank you. I await the confirmation email and selection of free gift thank you for your swift attention to this matter.

  4. This product is Horrible! It doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t foam, it does nothing but sit in your toilet and make the water a little blue. Don’t buy this product it is the worst! Customer service doesn’t answer their phones and if you wanna ship it back according to the website you have to pay for shipping. They won’t refund your money until afterwards, so how are we guarantee that will even get our money back?

  5. I JUST ORDERED BY I PHONE a $19.95 packet of your BowlSparkle toilet cleaner. I DID NOT ORDER THE EXPEDIATED PROCESSING FOR $9.99!

    Henry J. Aschbrenner
    209 N. Avenida Veracruz
    Anaheim, California 92808

  6. I have not as yet received my order or another email from this company. Product was shipped on Monday, 6/1/2020 @ 12:00am. Don’t know when I will get my order. HELP!!!!

  7. This product is absolutely rubbish. For starters, it does not foam – the marketing video on their website shows it instantly foaming right to the top of the toilet bow. Nada. Nothing. It just sits in the water looking a bit blue. And it made absolutely no difference to my toilet bowl either. And to try and contact them to complain or ask for a refund is impossible. Do not touch them with a barge pole.

    1. I agree with Amanda, This product is a scam. It just sits there and does nothing, as a matter of fact I had to scrub harder with the product than I do without it, it clung to my hardware stains and made this blue messy ring.

    2. I haven’t received mine either I gone get my bank on it no emails no respond when I emailed several time and left phone number want a full refund

  8. I bought 4 packaged of the bowl cleaner! They never arrived! I tried to contact the company as the said by their “If you have questions-site” bogus-run-a-round! I just lost over $80! I believe it is a scam. Watch yourselves! I thought I would try it because my husband’s bathroom is something I have a challenge keeping up with. But a maid would be less expensive!

    1. I totally agree. This is a huge scam & the product is not worth the plastic bag it comes in. Does not dissolve or foam & just sits there. Then try to clean your toilet with that “crap” in there!!! So hard to trust products sold over the internet. I was duped!!

  9. Comment se fait il que je n’ai jamais recu mon produit payé le 6/05/2020 ref 949-3914039 paye par carte bancaire

  10. I received bowl cleaner and pkg was damaged – open one end – and I still tried it but product did not foam up or clean the bowl after sitting all night. Your product sucks.

  11. J’ai commende il y a un mois vous avez encaissé la somme et je ne vois toujours pas venir les produits je pense qu’il y. A un problème vous vantez vos produit s de plus écrivez en français aussi si vous voulez que l’on vous comprenne tous le monde ne parle pas anglais en attendant j’ai payé 44€55 pour n avoir pas de produit j’attends de votre par une réponse et les produit soit disant miraculeux

  12. Very poor taste to slide a toilet cleaning product on a cooking page!!! It might be a great product, yet, proper manners should be adhered to!

    1. Eva, I had the same experience. I don’t know whois giving this a 5 star review. It does nothing but foam on the same water level and leaves the bowl with a blue ring. What a scam!

  13. hi i ordered my Bowl sparkle on the 11th may 2020 since then i have heard nothing
    The money has been taken out of my account but still waiting can you please contact me


  14. This stuff is absolutly junk, how do they get away with selling this junk to consumers. This is not right. What this product claims to do is false. Do not buy garbage !

  15. I purchased BowlSparkle because the website showed how wonderful it worked and I was hoping to get a stain right on the bottom of the toilet bowl removed. When I tried the product, it did NOT foam up like the website shows, it barely foamed at all. I let it set for the 30 minutes, probably a little longer and the stain was still there. I did scrub because the stain had been there for quite some time, but no improvement. Online when they show the product being added to the toilet bowl, and the stains they show are nasty, the whole bowl was filled with the white, foaming product. Nothing like that happened to me. I am very disappointed at the results.

    1. Just received my bowl sparkle today …product is absolutely garbage …. does not foam… doesnt do anything at all …
      Will try and contact company for a refund tomorrow during business hours …. and will report to the better business bureau…. false advertising …very disappointed and angry….

  16. Your graphic ads are revolting, repugnant and extremely nauseating. I am offended by the ads and do not wish to be sickened by such unpleasant views of filthy toilets. Your less graphic ads are acceptable however I find it offensive to be plagued by the worst of your ads and would not even consider supporting a company that shows so little consideration to prospective customers.

    1. It is a scam. They will tell you it’s on a vessel being shipped from somewhere but they have no idea where it is. Do not order this. I’m trying to get my money back on pay pal. So angry….scammers!

  17. Hi, my name is Tamara Joseph I just placed an order.
    Before placing the order I took the survey and it said
    I can get one for free..That didn’t happen for me there
    was nothing to choose from. It said pick a gift but
    I didn’t get my freebie and I want it. I will await your response.
    Thank you,
    Tamara Joseph

  18. I placed an order for 1 pack of BowlSparkle with 50%+£4 off – £11.95
    Also Promo Deal BowlSparkles- £18.00

    My order number is C2EBA10B60
    Tracking number is 802200616293374182

    Please could you up me as to where my order is ?
    Date of order 8.6.20

    1. Send a complaint to your state Attorney General’s Office or even the Federal Trade Commission. I’m glad I came here to check the real reviews! I won’t be wasting money for this junk.

  19. simply doesn’t work , doesn’t foam up , doesn’t do anything , have tried it with warm water ,hot water ,nothing works , left it the 30 minutes recommended ,tried again ,left it an hour , still doesn’t work ,a complete waste of money .

  20. Hallo, habe den Toilettenreiniger am 1.05.2020 bestellt und es wurde mir mitgeteilt, das die Ware versendet wurde. Leider ist bis heute noch nichts geliefert worden der Betrag wurde aber schon abgebucht. Wo bleibt meine Ware?

  21. I ordered one on the 5th May, the date is now 5th July and there still is no sign of it. I have emailed them three times, the first two replies blamed coronavirus for the hold up and the third said it must be lost in the post and they will replace it, all the time ignoring my request for a refund. Luckily I used PayPal so I have now asked them to sort it out. Don’t use this company, they are nothing but a bunch of con artists.

  22. this product does not work as advertised. it is fraudulently portrayed. when i asked to return for full refund because it doesn’t work, doesn’t even foam like their claim states, they offered only a 65% refund. 65% PERCENT! They stated reasons such as – it will save me a trip to the post office, save money not to have to pay return postage.

    this product is a SCAM! don’t get tricked to buy it by what they show and say about the product! even if it was FREE, i would return it – it’s that bad. because i am dissatisfied, their email will not even let me send it to them!

    They do not stand behind their product. Success comes with honesty and treating the customer right. do the right thing and refund the entire purchase price. Better Business Bureau is the next stop for me.

  23. Refused entry into country of Australia via customs – according to Australian Biosecurity requirements, product contains questionable Enzymes so it was exported back to it’s place of origin.

  24. I agree with you. It is nothing like how it is advertised on the internet that it will foam to the ream when used .
    It is total waste of money. There are many good products and so much cheaper

  25. It took 6 weeks for me to receive this what a waste of money it does not work don’t foam like it says it just turns blue!!!

  26. This product is no good. It did not foam, barely fizzled and cleaned nothing. It is a scam and they should be investigated and denied the ability to sell on the internet or anywhere else.

  27. This product is a SCAM and don’t even think you can return it for a refund because they ensure this is uneconomical. Businesses like this should be removed from the web. DO NOT BUY AS IT DOES NOT WORK.

  28. Agree, this product is a total waste of money. It took a month to reach me – and does not work! No foam, no nothing, just useless. Feel I’ve been conned Grrhh . . . .

    They take your money but never deliver. Fortunately PayPal gave me a refund. If you want a clean toilet use baking soda in hot water, mixed to a thin paste, scrub your toilet with this and then add a cup of vinegar. You’ll get the fizzing reaction which can be flushed away after an hour and the result. A clean toilet.

  30. Junk. Total junk. Does nothing but give a slight bluing, next to no foam, and removed nothing relative to rust rings. Superficial dirt flushed away but there was no gigantic foaming action as purported. Not worth a penny.

  31. Roger is right – a nice product promo, but a total waste of money. When I saw the packaging and “Made in China” I knew this would be bad. The package doesn’t even say Bowl Sparkle. It’s from China – say no more…

    I found their direct # and called them. Guess what?!? The said they would remove the ‘free’ product and credit me those additional $$ w/in 24-48 hours but they have NO WAY to send me – the customer – a way to SEE this ‘adjustment.’
    i SO REGRET ordering this from them. This is A WARNING — their services have serious limitations. I asked to speak to a supervisor at least 10 times; they said the supervisor was “Not available and would only say the same thing.” This company’s customer service is very limited.
    Gloria L.

  33. I concur with all of the above negative comments. The product appears to be the same as Oxiclean at about 3 times the price and made in China to boot. It did not foam as advertised, it did not remove those stubborn rings even with vigorous scrubbing. I don’t usually fall for this kinda stuff, but we all have our weak moments.

  34. Sparkle Bowl doesn’t work, never foamed and did not remove stain that normally comes off with toilet brush. Also they said to use once every 2 weeks and that it would last for 1 year. That is also not true. Your lucky of it last 2-3 months. Very unhappy with this product, packaging looks like its something you would buy for maybe $2.00. I’m returning the 3 boxes that I purchase for 449.95 + shipping, what a waste of money & time. Know i have to pay for shipping product back to them. don’t buy this product

  35. So I was told that it will only foam up on really really dirty toilets. It is very misleading. As all other reviews state, it just turns the water blue with very minimal “fizz” and I was told to let it sit overnight to give it time to work then scrub with a stone! Do not waste your time or money!!

  36. This stuff is garbage. I almost bought (3) thank heavens I saved myself a little pain & suffering. But I did buy (2). Wrote in once don’t know if it was put up so I’ll do it again.
    I’m partially disabled & thought this would be a great product to help me from scrubbing the toilet on my knees. Mine barely foamed. I’m wondering if they maybe put some baking soda in the white powder & some vinegar in the water. I did to see what would happen & it made it foam quite a bit more. Not as good as in the video. I get so tired of all the scammers. I need to not trust people any more. As the saying goes “If it’s to good to be true then it’s not good.”
    GOOD LUCK with all the scammers out there.

  37. This product it a rip off. It does not work at all. It does not work as it is advertised. It is also EXPENSIVE. I have also complained to the Consumer Report.
    It doe not FOAM at all. I left it in the toilet bowl more than 30 minutes. It hardly cleaned. So please don’t waste your Hard EARNED MONEY. Boycott this company’s all the product and they are form China.

    I learned y lesson that is to always Read review before you buy any product. and especially MADE In CHINA.

  38. I made an order, paid with visa but never received an e-mail with a confirmation.
    After reading all this messages, I have now stopped payment from my credit card, the money had not been withdrawn yet.
    March 3, 2021

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