Robux [Jan] Earn Free Robux-Safe Or Not? Robux [Jan] Earn Free Robux-Safe Or Not? Robux [Jan] Earn Free Robux-Safe Or Not? >> The write-up answers all your questions related to the Robux generator site legitimacy. Please have a look at the details now.

Are you a Roblox user and finding ways to get Robux to level up in the game? Then this article Robux is just for you. The people in the United States and worldwide are making the Roblox game popular in the gaming world.

Get the details here about the site’s legitimacy, customer feedback, domain age, and whether to trust or not the site, so please keep on reading.

Note: site redirects to

What is Roblox?

To understand about Robux, firstly let us understand what is Roblox. 

Roblox is a roleplaying game created and published in the United States by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2006. It also allows players to play and even program the game with the programming language Lua’s help. 

The game characters can be customized using the accessories like skin, weapons, hands, legs present in the inventory of Roblox. The game works on all the devices like iOS, Windows, Android platforms.

Brief About Robux

Robux is a virtual currency used in the game to buy accessories from the Avatar shop of Roblox. Robux, formerly known as Roblox points, released on May 14, 2007, is the only way to purchase something in the game. 

What is Robux?

Many Robux generator sites allow the user to get the currency for free. It is one among that site which generates free virtual money. But on research, we came to know that the site is redirecting to a, hence it is essential to know its legitimacy before buying from here. The below section serve the same purpose.

Is It Safe to Buy from the Site or Not?

As said above, the site is getting redirecting to another site, which is not a good sign. Also, customer reviews for Robux not obtained; however, has customer reviews, which is mixed ones. Also, the domain age of blox. land dated as 2018-05-29, and for blox. group is shown as the only one-day-old site.

So it is difficult for us to say the recently launched site’s legitimacy. Hence the site looks suspicious to us, so we recommend you to research before relying on the website.

Customer Reviews for Robux

Knowing customer reviews is essential before trusting any site. Based on analysis as of now, no feedback from customers available for it. However, the redirecting site has fetched mixed reviews from the user where some say it works and got Robux from the site. 

Few say we have to try hard to complete the task to obtain Robux, but it is not a scam. Whereas some user says, it is a scam and doesn’t trust the site. So these are the overall mixed reviews about the area.


As per the data obtained for Robux, we say the site looks not very much safe, and we cannot trust the website easily. Because factors like it is taking to another portal, is the only one-day-old site, and customer reviews are also not obtained. 

So, we do not recommend it to any of our readers. If you still want to trust the site’s research because the red flag makes the site suspicious.

Suppose you want to share anything about the website, please share your words in the comment section below.

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