Blessfy Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Blessfy Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Blessfy Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine? >> This article is written for those whowish to learn more about

With the pandemic on the rise, life is seeing dramatic changes in terms of social, personal and professional fronts. We can no longer go to brick and mortar shops to buy things. Even if we go, we must wear a face mask.

These days, a lot of e-commerce companies are surging up with petty products on sale. The prices will be low whereas the products will be those required in day-to-day living.

Therefore people end up buying the same but eventually discover that they are duped. Anyway, the e-commerce world is not totally fake, there are some really good businesses which are flourishing and would sustain for long. For example, Amazon.

Here, I am going to discuss, yet another new launch in the web world, that’s The blessfy store belongs to the United States and is believed to sell Blessfy Masks.

Selling masks is a blessing these days as the world markets and manufacturers are unable to meet the growing demands of the same.

What is Blessfy? is like just another neighborhood store that sells both essential and non essential products. You will find every odd thing here including face masks, which is a recent requirement.

The goods are available at much lower prices than the market value and the store is situated right in the United States.

e-mail :

Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Store timings: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm EST.

How does it work? is a secure website with a SSL certification, so it accepts advance payment through PayPal, credit or debit cards.

 You can order your selected items and after payment, the products will be shipped to you according to the elaborate shipping policy mentioned in the website.

Suppose, you are not satisfied with any of the items and wish to return the same, then you got to first contact the company through and then further assistance will be issued.

No return address has been mentioned here. This raises concerns as many recent fraud companies do not reveal the return address at first but eventually, it turns out to be a location in China, where shipping goods is an expensive affair.

The shipping charge for returning the goods is borne by the customer.

Who should buy from here?

Those who would require masks and other items displayed in the web page must buy from The company has been serving the country for nearly three years now.

People are quite content about the items and their prices. The low key affair seems to be the USP of the store.

However, it’s not that these products aren’t available at other shopping portals but might give you the best deals in terms of price.

Why is it famous?

The website is neatly designed with not much navigation required as most of the pages are empty or would bring you back to the home page.

Secondly, there’s no clutter here in terms of information. The articles have no description but attractive pictures and prices.

The website has a ‘https’ extension which means your data is safe.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are several flaws in the making of Firstly, the content is poor. The website is not constructed properly. It misses external links which are crucial for any new business entrant in the e-commerce world.

There is no information about the owner(s) or founder(s) of the company. The address given by the company looks insufficient. 

Is Blessfy Legit?

It’s difficult to comment on the legitimacy of this store as there are no customer experiences gathered to confirm the same.

However, for a new online store, customers should be exceptionally cautious and should not fall for the low prices and huge discounts.

Major spam companies employ this technique to lure people into ordering their goods but actually, either they receive counterfeit articles or do not receive anything at all.


Be pretty sure about the website you are shopping from because once you part with your money, it’s gone. There’s no way to retrieve it back. Payments through PayPal cannot be traced back.

It’s only through your banks that you can cancel your transaction and get back the money. So, always alert the banking authorities, whenever you sense danger.

Do not divulge any of your important financial information like passwords, CVVs etc. Miscreant companies exploit the customers and draw money without the latter’s consent. At times, they sell such information to other illegal parties for little money.

0 thoughts on “Blessfy Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

    I recently been scammed by I purchased 2 masks and 2 filters and I’ve been charged $37. I only received 1 mask. They don’t respond to any of my email.

  2. I order 3 masks from these people over a month ago. I Still have not received it although the app said it was delivered. I finally called my credit card company and they are recovering my money. I already receive the credit back to my account

  3. I was upset thinking I had been scammed as I had purchased masks from on April 6. Today I received my masks! I had forgotten about them. It does take time but I did get my package. I just wouldn’t purchase again unless it’s something I can wait a month for

  4. Purchased masks and never received anything. They have never responded to my emails. App says product is shipped, but it has been over a month. Will never order from them again. Have to contact my credit card and hope I can get a credit. I have also noticed I get a lot of spam emails for offers than do not go to spam or junk email since I placed the order.

  5. I Placed an order for 2 masks 11APR2020… Went to the provided website that has the tracking info.
    The message reads “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment 24APR2020 3:15P Shenzhem EMS China”.
    The package has not been released but the payment has been taken from my account.
    There has been no further updates as of today 17May2020.
    I reached out to them 4xs
    They have horrible CSR & the one time they did respond they said the purchase is in route and insisted that I need to continue to wait because of the COVID-19 situation.
    Not acceptable! Went to Ebay where I could see that the merchandise is actually USA products with tracking from USA.
    I asked them to just refund my payment. I don’t want to wait any longer. They haven’t responded again.
    Had to reach out to Paypal & the credit card company used who has put the payment back into my account.
    The risk is too great.
    …just my opinion, do whatever you want…

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