Blazewatch Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Blazewatch Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Blazewatch Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> Get revolutionary and competent smartwatch at a modest price range.

Are you looking out for smartwatches? Are they out of your budget? Do not want to buy a local brand? Well, it is a regular struggle for everyone when it comes to buying smartwatches. Many brands are launching their watches in the market every day. So, how do we decide which one is better? Our Blazewatch Reviews article will help you buy the best smartwatch in India

Indians are fanatic about health and comfort living. Hence, a watch that shows sleep hours, helps you set the alarm, and also takes your call is a dream. Our article depicts know-how to a small gadget that is revolutionary and can change your life digitally. Check-out the below segments before making a buying judgement.

What is Blazewatch?

A company is launching a new smartwatch named after Blazewatch. It has many features that are typically available in luxurious models. The watch has a tempered glass touchscreen and a toughened aluminum shell. These two features make it unbreakable and lend it an innovative outlook.

It comes with features, for example, monitoring sleeping patterns, taking incoming calls, message alerts, counting steps, and much more. Besides, it tracks not only your fitness but also life. It is the reason; everybody says this watch is a life-changing gadget. Whether the watch is a scam or legit? The answer is hidden in the Blazewatch Reviews and specifications.

Specifications of Blazewatch:

  • Product Type: Smartwatch 
  • Shipping time: 1 day
  • Delivery time: 3-5 days
  • Cash on delivery: Applicable depending on your locality
  • The material used: Aluminum shell and tempered glass touchscreen
  • Stars Received: 5 stars
  • Features: Large display screen, sleep monitoring, incoming calls attendance, long standby, great styling, takes pictures, control music, step counter, alarm reminder, fitness tracking, sedentary warning, anti-lost, and sync to mobile phones.
  • Price: INR 2499
  • Discount: Prevalent discounts are applicable

Benefits of Using Blazewatch:

  • Ergonomic watch structure and design
  • Comes with unmatched digital features
  • Has a hardcore aluminum shell
  • The structure is water-safe and indestructible
  • Can be connected with android and IOS phones
  • Controls music and tracks your fitness
  • Modest and affordable price
  • COD available contingent on your location

Cons of Using Blazewatch:

  • No legit website
  • New in the market
  • Unreliable review sources
  • Can only be bought from a specific website

Is Blazewatch Legit?

If we compare Blazewatch to luxurious brand, the price is quite modest and affordable. Besides, the features that this watch gives is unparalleled to the expensive ones. You can purchase it at only INR 2499 after applying the discount. It is unbreakable and water-tight, which is competent at such a price range.

If you are in doubt to buy the watch, you can avail the discount and cash on delivery. Moreover, COD is only applicable to specific locations of India. Hence, you need first to check whether COD applies in your locality or not. It comes with a touchscreen and many other features that you can control through your smartphone.

We find over 1000 users have bought this watch. According to Blazewatch Reviews, they have rated five stars. It is no joke for a new-startup to receive such immense and positive response. So far, we see that this watch is 100% legit.

Customer Feedback:

If we have to assess Blazewatch Reviews derived from existing users, then we are of no use. The response from the buyers is profoundly affirmative and surprising. They appreciate the make, functionality, and precision that they have received at just INR 2499. 

Some buyers claim that Blazewatch is a hundred times better in performance, accuracy, and design when compared to expensive watches. We are more than delighted to read such positive comments. They also say that this watch is the most-prized bargain of 100 years in India. Is it not amazing? You should genuinely buy one!

Final Verdict:

India is a country that has most-talent engineers and doctors. With such talent, Blazewatch is emerging as the best bargain and revolutionary gadget. Being new in the marketplace, it has gained over 1000 users so far. The surprise- all users have given it five stars in terms of performance, quality, rigidity, and precision. 

Our research on Blazewatch Reviews shows that people prefer this watch over the most expensive ones. Some have also used the cash-on-delivery feature to buy this watch. 

Your comments are our prize for doing thorough and genuine research. If our article helped you in making a decision, please lend us your thoughts in the comment section. 

0 thoughts on “Blazewatch Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

  1. Total bogus and false. There is one full thread where several consumers complained how fake it is and no such features available. It comes without warranty card or anything in poor conditions. You need to check true review. Dont buy this fake blazewatch from the bestwrist watch company. Its waste of money

  2. Sorry don’t agree. It’s a scam. It barely worked for a fee hours and its of very poor construction. If the reports you are posting are not with you yourselves having reviewed the product then you have succumbed to also being scammed by the company self postings. The product has no company address for returns or repairs and comes in a dubious carton with no instructions. It’s cheap plastic rear panel and a very weak battery. And the battery did not charge more than two attempts before it dies on you. Don’t scam the public by quoting a low price. If you want to make India proud make a good product that lasts and don’t be a cheap Chinese imitation.

  3. Most horrible watch. Cheating customers with a cheap Chinese watch. Battery swollen. The sellers are discourteous and do not respond. Big cheats looting public and dishonouring the country. They should be taken to consumer Court.

  4. It’s a cheat. The watch I received did not start at all. The battery was kept open inside the box and on fitting it , the case did not close at all. I kept it on charge overnight just to find it as blank as it was.
    Emails to the just went into a black hole and 4 emails still unresponsive.

    Better buy from known sellers. “Best watch store “ is simply untraceable.

  5. This is purely a scam. These are thugs harming any other startup which might come up in future. Just works for 12 hours and no return policy i.e. you dont have any number to talk to. One farzi email which never responds. Dont buy it for even ₹10.

  6. This is a fraud. The product is fake and the battery has got swollen after first charging. The features are so slow and outdated. Total waste of money. This should a be punishable offence to sell this product.

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