Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes (Nov) Win The Latest PlayStation!

Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes (Nov) Win The Latest PlayStation!

Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes (Nov) Win The Latest PlayStation! >> This article tells you about an event that’s giving PlayStations as the top prizes. Please check the details now.

Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes is where you can try your luck if you want to buy a new PlayStation but can’t afford it. General Mills has organized an event that’ll benefit both the company and the customers. You can win prizes like a PlayStation 4 & 5 in it.

The sources reveal that this competition is only taking place in the United States. Please stay connected and keep reading this article if you want to know more about this event. We’ll give you all the details about Bigg ps5 Sweeps Com in this article, so don’t go anywhere.

What is Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes?

In this event, you can win a PlayStation and other items as the top prize. You have to purchase some specific General Mills products that mainly constitute edibles. On the packets of these products, you’ll find some codes. 

Like lotteries, some codes will be selected, and the winners will be announced who’ll get the top prizes. It’s only valid in the United States.

Eligibility Criteria

To take part in the Bigg ps5 Sweeps Com offer, take a look at the criteria given below to verify if you’re eligible for participation:

  • This offer is valid on the purchase of selected items like crunch cereals of cinnamon toast, Honey nuts, Reese’s puffs, cocoa puffs, and treats bars of Golden Grahams, lucky charms, etc.
  • Only the residents of the USA can participate in this event.
  • Residents of all the fifty states of the USA can take part.
  • The participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Sweepstakes Duration – Start Date: October 15, 2020, and End Date: February 28, 2021

Prizes and Announcement of Winners 

Other than the main prize, several other items will also be offered as rewards in the Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes. Please take a look at the information given below:

  • The grand prize is the latest PS5 whose 500 units will be given as rewards.
  • The first prize is the PlayStation VR, whose 250 units are available.
  • Headset, camera, controller, etc. will be included in the box.
  • Seven hundred fifty units of the PlayStation 4 will be available as the second prize.
  • Two thousand game vouchers of nearly $60 for the PlayStation Store will be given as the third prize.
  • One thousand five hundred units of vouchers worth $20 will be available as the fourth prize.

Customer Reviews

Customers are excited about this Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes event. Many users are purchasing these products to try their luck in the hopes of winning a new PlayStation. 

The users have stated that this event is beneficial as they’ll get PlayStation if they win, which otherwise are quite expensive. The users are showing their interest in participating in this event. 

Final Verdict

Who doesn’t want to own a PlayStation? The popular gaming console has been around for years and has established itself as one of the market’s major gaming consoles. 

As a result, they’re slightly expensive. If you want to try your luck, participate in the event to win the PlayStation as a prize. 

Let us know what you think about Bigg ps5 Sweepstakes in the comments section below.

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