Besttellingyou Reviews (Dec) Know About its Authenticity

Besttellingyou Reviews (Dec) Know About its Authenticity

Besttellingyou Reviews (Dec) Know About its Authenticity. >> Are you looking for an eRetailer that sells various products online? Read this informative article that will provide you an update on one such store.

Are you a shopping pro who loves to buy new products online? Well, most of us do, don’t we?

How about a website that floors you with a fantastic product display in almost every domain?

That does sound like an irresistible temptation for online shoppers. 

Here is an online store from the United States that sells numerous products that aim to make your life comfortable. It is called Besttellingyou, and the company claims to ship these useful products to your doorstep. 

Before you drop by their website and start exploring, we recommend that you first go through the following Besttellingyou Reviews

The article will help you seek an answer to Is Besttellingyou Legit and if it is a safe bet to shop here.

Let us first know what this online store is all about.

What is Besttellingyou?

Besttellingyou is an eCommerce store that offers some great products under six categories. These categories are Christmas Ornament, Music & Sport, Phone & Computer Accessories, Daily Use, Best Sellers, and Security Cameras.

The website claims to offer free shipping if your order worth is more than the minimum amount liable for free shipping.

All this does sound a bit overwhelming and may compel you to visit this online marketplace.

How about reading the Besttellingyou Reviews first? 

Read the reviews till the end to discover if Besttellingyou is true to what it claims.

Specifications of Besttellingyou:

  • Products- Electronics, Home Decoration items, Christmas Ornament, and Music & Sport items
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Shipping fee- depends upon the shipping destination and weight of the package. Free shipping only for orders over $75
  • Shipping time- Not clear
  • Exchanges or Returns- Applicable within 30 days of purchase
  • Refunds- 7 to 10 business days after receiving the returns 
  • Mode of payment- Online through debit card, credit cards like Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, AMEX, and PayPal 

The above information does showcase the website in a good light. 

If you are heading to the website to make a purchase, we suggest you hold on to your temptation for a few more minutes.

Please read our final verdict on Besttellingyou Reviews before you decide to shop here.

Pros of Besttellingyou:

  • The website is a Mecca of products.
  • The store uses secure SSL encryption. 
  • The best part is that the website displays product prices in your local currency.

Cons of Besttellingyou:

  • Misleading information on their Returns Policy 
  • The “About Us” page is not specific. 
  • No address or contact number
  • Sells quite unrelated products 

Is Besttellingyou Legit?

With so many websites popping up these days, one does succumb to the impulse of online shopping. 

But there is always some doubt, whether the store is legit or not?

Besttellingyou Reviews by people who shop here is the most foolproof way of judging this website. We will explore that section later.

Before that, let’s see what our research on their website says-

  • The “About Us” page is generic; it does not share any information about the background or origin of the company. 
  • The email address does not match the company name.
  • The Return Policy is rife with loopholes. The FAQ section says that they allow returns within 30 days, whereas, under their Return Policy, the company claims to accept returns within 45 days.

Why these red flags? We checked online to garner some authentic reviews by Bestsellingyou customers. 

Let us give a quick read to know what customers have to say.

Besttellingyou Reviews by its customers:  

Besttellingyou features on Facebook but does not boast of a single customer review on this social media platform.

The company neither showcases any reviews by its customers on their website nor online.

Also, its Alexa rank shows that the site is not popular with customers.

Final verdict:

Besttellingyou is suspicious because the domain age is four months old, yet it does not have a single customer review. It also fails to provide crucial details about the company’s physical address and phone number.

Any company that hides these details is deceptive.

Therefore, in the conclusion of Besttellingyou Reviews, we forewarn you not to venture on this website. Also, in answer to the question Is Besttellingyou Legit, we say no, it is not legit.

Feel free to post your views on this article. Also, share if you have any information on Besttellingyou.

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  1. This company is a fraud as I brought some Solar cameras in December 2021
    And haven’t got them yet. Emailed
    Them and they send you a fake email.
    Don’t buy nothing from them.
    They are a con ??????

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