Best Picture 2008 Coined Word (Jan) Read About This!

Best Picture 2008 Coined Word (Jan) Read About This!

Best Picture 2008 Coined Word (Jan) Read About This! -> hey look here to know the best solution for recent crossword puzzles updated!

Here you can find out the Best Picture 2008 Coined Word crossword clue that the United States and Canada citizens might search for. Crossword puzzles are an entertaining hobby, but solving those helps enhance verbal skills and memory while making us concentrate and focus on thinking.

Our article will share with you all the possible solutions for the stated crossword clue. Since you are here to get the crossword coined word hint, we will be sharing the answer with you below without wasting any more time of yours. Do read the article till the end to get a clear concept of it.

What Is The Solution For Best Picture 2008 Coined Word Crossword clue?

As we already introduced that crossword clue helps enhance our memories, building up logistics ideas and creativity. They are merely a hobby or activity to be done, but it’s required to get a good focus on a person’s thinking ability. So on January 22, 2021, the New York Times revealed the clue of the stated crossword. But apart from the NY city, the people across the United States and Canada are looking forward to knowing the best possible solutions.

Crossword are a fun way and very useful to grow your mental health, as stated by the researchers. The correct answer to the Best Picture 2008 Coined Word displayed by many websites is ”SLUMDOG”. Multiple of learning and researchers had stated the positive effects on the brain of solving the crossword.

So, only one solution is found, and that solution is determined taking in the popularity, frequency and ratings of searches. So the most relevant answer found for the stated clue is SLUMDOG.

Read beneath to know more about the solutions of the clue.

More Answers To It:

As on January 22, 2021 some-more answers were found that we had mentioned below:

  • Vital worker hosp.
  • Greek myth, beheaded the Medusa
  • Engaged in the struggle
  • In biology, translation need
  • Various Mainframes
  • Brewery stock
  • Water Nymph
  • Deming Congresswomen

These were some of the possible solutions apart from SLUMDOG for the clue Best Picture 2008 Coined Word.


Apart from the SLUMDOG as a solution to the clue, .we had shared many more solutions while finding the answer to the stated clue. As we had given you enough details regarding the hint, we are looking forward to your response, and we will be happy if you share your views on it with us.

So this article had been written to give to the idea of the clue stated as new York times had recently revealed the best solution. Crossword puzzles are hobby and entertainment for many people. Still, it’s not merely that many of the scientists and researchers had shared that solving puzzles has positive effects on building mental health.

Thus, this was enough details to be shared from our part about Best Picture 2008 Coined Word.

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