Ben Carson My Pillow (Nov 2020) Let Us Talk About It!

Ben Carson My Pillow (Nov 2020) Let Us Talk About It!

Ben Carson My Pillow (Nov 2020) Let Us Talk About It! >> This post will talk about herbal extract that is being promoted to treat the Coronavirus but has been rejected by the FDA.

Did you know that Ben Carson tried an FDA rejected vaccine to recover from COVID? Yes, you heard that right. The Urban and Housing Development Secretary took an unapproved extract to treat him. The trials to getting a vaccine for COVID-19 are underway in many countries, but till now, none have gotten the necessary approvals. Ben Carson My Pillow has hit the headlines because he took an oleander extract being promoted by My Pillow’s CEO.

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, was the Campaign Manager for President Donald Trump in Minnesota, United States. Inspite of the fact that there is no evidence that Oleanderin can treat the virus; he was seen promoting the herbal extract. 

Why has Ben Carson made headlines?

Ben Carson attended a number of rallies and other events during the presidential campaign in the United States and was usually seen not wearing a mask. He tested positive after one such event. As per the claims of Mike Lindell, the extract can cure a patient in 5 hours. 

Even though Carson claims that he took Oleandrin and recovered quickly, the drug is still not approvedBen Carson My Pillow might be making some unrealistic claims, and until they are verified, there is no chance that it can be launched.

Even though Ben Carson is a former retired neurosurgeon, as long as the drug is FDA rejected, there is no chance to take it as a supplement. 

Does the extract work?

The world is on a standstill till a vaccine for the Coronavirus is finally out. However, it can be fatal just to consume anything to cure yourself. 

A company had applied to the FDA and wanted to distribute Oleandrin in a dietary supplement. However, the application was rejected as there were health concerns associated with the intake of this extract. 

The company could not provide sufficient details to prove that the extract safe. The tests conducted did not lead to any conclusive answers. Infact, Oleander has been listed as a poisonous plant in the FDA’s database. 

You can read about the claims online if you search for Ben Carson My PillowAs per multiple articles, Ben Carson has a stake in the company, and that is the reason he was seen promoting Oleandrin.

Final Views

There are millions across the world who are battling the virus. Vaccine trials are going on around the world, and until there is a vaccine, our advice is that you should not resolve to your own ways to treat the virus. Till the time this case is not investigated, and the reality does not come to the surface, this is not a sure-shot way to cure the virus.

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