Being Reviews (Jan) Genuine Or Scam?

Being Reviews (Jan) Genuine Or Scam?

Being Reviews (Jan) Genuine Or Scam? >> This post will help you in learning about the online store and its reliability that offers multiple products.

Are you searching for an online store from where you can order your every requirement at reasonable prices? If so, then please stick with us in this Being Gleefully. com Reviews

Today, we will be telling you about this online site that we have found on the internet named Being Gleefully. Com. The multiple products selling store came into action to provide you premium quality goods at your doorstep. Now, you don’t have to step out of your comfort space as these online stores make it possible for you to shop from anywhere you want.  Being Gleefully. com does not only delivers in the United States, but it also has a worldwide shipping facility.  

Furthermore, Being Gleefully. com is the recently established store and has numerous money-saving offers. The store is also having a sale on its featured products where you can save big money.  

Is Being Gleefully. com Legit? Let’s check below to get the answer. 

What is Being Gleefully. com?

Being Gleefully. com is recently established on 13 October 2020, in the United States. The store deals with multiple products like accessories, household items, tools, gifts, outdoor sports, Halloween, etc. The website’s primary objective is to deliver quality products to its customer at their home comfort. Besides this, Being Gleefully. com store has smart promotional strategies to make its place in the online world. 

Additionally, shoppers will get exclusive discount offers on Being Gleefully. com store’s entire collection. People can get up to 50% off on its summer sale and its featured collection. If you are looking for the perfect gift to surprise your friends and family, you can find various gift items in the store that will grab your attention.

The store contains a great Halloween collection for the upcoming festival, so if you are planning to buy from it, you are requested to read Being Gleefully. com Reviews till the end as we have a lot to tell you about the store and its authenticity. 

What are the specifications of Being Gleefully. com?

  • URL of the website –
  • Items – Multiple products (household, outdoor sports, and gifts, etc.)
  • Store location – The United States 
  • Email address –
  • Company warehouse –  China
  • Telephone number – Not specified 
  • Delivery time – at the earliest 
  • Delivery charges – Free shipping on orders over $49.99
  • Return and exchange policy – after 60 days of delivery 
  • Refund policy – within 14 business days 
  • Order cancellation – yes, available with t&c applied.  
  • Tracking- Yes, available
  • Order history- not mentioned 
  • Newsletter – available 
  • Discount and offers- available 
  • Guarantee –  Not available 
  • Payment method – VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express

Please stay tuned with us to know more about Being Gleefully. Com Reviews.

What are the benefits of ordering from Being Gleefully. com?

  • The site is having a wide range of products available on it.
  • The site has considerable discount and money-saving offers for its shoppers.
  • Customers can take additional benefits as the site is also having a free shipping policy on orders over $49.99.
  • The site has a flexible return and refund policy in which it allows customers to do returns within 60 days.
  • The site has a newsletter feature through which it notified its customers regarding its offers and latest launches. 
  • Customers can get everything under the single roof. 

What are the disadvantages of ordering from Being Gleefully. com?

  • There is no Being Gleefully. Com Reviews are available anywhere over the internet. 
  • The site does not have an informative user interface, as it doesn’t hold all the required details on it.
  •  Being Gleefully. Com domain is created on 13 October 2020, which is too new.  

Is Being Gleefully. com Legit?

Being Gleefully. Com is the ecommerce website having multiple products available on it. The site is recently registered and has attractive marketing strategies. 

We can’t answer the site’s legitimacy yet as it is too recent to reach on to any decision as the store is only sixteen days old. Hence, this solves – Is Being Gleefully. com Legit?

Customer’s Reviews regarding Being Gleefully. com

Our research hasn’t found any feedback on the website, and no customer reviews are available on any of the online sources. Moreover, during our research, we have found that it is also not active on any social media platform. Hence, no reviews are available there for this website.

Thus, we regret to say that we could not be able to gather any customer reviews


In the final verdict, we state that kindly do your research before shopping from Being Gleefully. com store as the site is too new, and we haven’t found any customer reviews. 

Similarly, we are also getting suspicious signs from the store as it has not mentioned any contact details on it, and there are no relevant search results found on the internet about it.

Please, share these Being Gleefully. com Reviews with others, and kindly don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

58 thoughts on “Being Reviews (Jan) Genuine Or Scam?

  1. I have ordered a dress on look pansito for rs 349. Many costumers who have ordered has also not got their dresses delivered yet. I request you to please help us and atleast to refund the money. Thank you : ) .

      1. Scam!!..there sizes run super small ..ordered a heated vest size large and it came as a child small..they refused to help me with an exchange
        So I’m stuck with 2 small.vests amd out $50.00…so wrong!!!

        1. Exactly!!! Plus, not as advertised- front doesn’t heat!!!!!!! Also, second doesn’t work at all!!!!!!! They offered $5 as a refund!!!!!

    1. I ordered fleece lined leggings got my order but the ex large leggings fit more like med to lg. Emailed to te company to do a return and they will not return because they are not damaged? No where in the return policy did it state that. It states return within 30 days. DO NOT ORDER from this company. They refuse to let me return these and will not give me my money back.

    2. I recently purchased two of the thermal vests the site is running very small when I try to return one size or exchange it they told me that they sent what I ordered and there were no exchanges or returns. There’s no mention of a no return or exchange policy on their website. They said there’s a review and the reviews said as long as I got the right product no exchanges or returns. please don’t buy anything from these people

      1. I have the same awful experience with them I’m buying a present for my 85-year-old mother.

        I contacted them within 3 days of receiving the product which fits in all the rules for an exchange and refund as listed above.

        They offered me $5 for a $140 + order.

  2. I ordered two heated vest. I got an email of confirmation and then a day later got an email saying my order had shipped. When you click on the email it took you to their site where you could see your tracking number (which is not included in the email). When I selected tracking it said label had created but package had not been received. Today I click the email to track and when it takes me to beinggleefully’s page is says “404 page not found”. When you try to select track order from their page it asks for tracking number not order number which as stated before was not included in the email. Scammed!

    1. Marcia- basically exactly the same thing happened to me, except that I finally received my vests yesterday (I ordered early November.) In addition to delays whenever things are shipped from China, the USPS is experiencing extreme delays related to COVID. I actually really like the vest! I am a small person, so the size complaints others have had isn’t an issue for me. And while I havent actually really figured out the heating function (no instructions, at all,) the vest itself is comfy, super cute, warm and breathable. So, if your package does ever arrive, maybe you’ll like yours, too!

    1. i had the same problem and porrinha surprise when buying the batteries for mine they didn’t work send some imail but no answer

  3. I too ordered two heated vest and the battery packs were missing. I emailed them to correct the mistake with no luck. The website shows that they do come with a 5V battery pack. They have offered me discount of $3; however, the vest is no good without the battery and asked for a refund. They responded by saying that their policy does now allow for refund when they website clearly says 100% money back guarantee. I would definitely not buy from this online store again and would deter anyone thinking about ordering from them.

  4. I ordered 2 items on the 30th of october and paid for express shipping. No item received so far, no tracking number to see what’s going on. If I click on “View Order” in my confirmation email, an Error 404 page not found pops up. This smells a lot like scam. Don’t buy anything there! I’m in the process of getting my money back via Paypal.

  5. I just ordered a heated vest and even went up a size it did NOT fit not even a little. Plus I’ve emailed them and they will not refund my money. Just because it didn’t fit right. DO NOT order from this so called company. It’s a SCAM.

  6. I ordered a heated vest on Nov. 1st. They sent me an email saying it has been shipped, but there is no tracking number. When I click on the view your order button I get a 404 page not found error. When I try to go to the email address they give for support it says it can’t be found. I’m guessing I won’t be getting the vest. Lesson learned. I’ll definitely be doing my research before ordering from sites like this again.

    1. Same here but I did finally get a tracking number 34 numbers long. When I tracked it , it showed shipped to Piney Bowes shipping in the US. When I contacted them they said it was shipped to the USPS. So I contacted them and they never received it. So I contacted Being Gleeful and they replied with it’s in your country now not our problem. I ordered this Oct 27 2020

  7. I ordered 2 pairs of cashmere lined leggings for my wife. They sent me a confirmation email with a link to my order, where there was another link to track the shipping. I watched it for two weeks and it didn’t move from Wuhan, China. After another week, the link stopped working so I couldn’t check my order anymore. If you folks would like to see the Email, I’ll send it.

  8. I ordered 2 of the powered vest. Its been 21 days and have received no information on shipping. No tracking numbers and any requests have been met with a we will contact the shipping company. I spent extra on VIP shipping and have nothing but empty promises.

    I’ve asked them twice to refund my money and they say they will contact shipping and get back to me.

    Must be a SCAM. I’m now contacting my payment provider directly for refund.

  9. Received my vest, but there was no recharger in the package, just a garment with a cord hanging out of the pocket. Sent and email to the address provided on the small piece of paper contained withing the package and have gotten NOWHERE but keep receiving same message to ‘prove’ my issue with photos or a video. Photos have been provided NUMEROUS times now and still nothing is happening I am thinking I’m going to be out some bucks! M_A_D! Hope you will have better luck MR

  10. I bought something from these guys and it was not as advertised. They refuse to accept return or provide a refund, even though their ad says “100% satisfaction guarantee”. I am very disappointed!
    I strongly suggest you shop elsewhere!

  11. Ordered the vests for myself and my wife. Had similar issues tracking order, but it finally arrived. They did not fit well, so contacted them to return. I got a note in poorly written English saying that since it is not a product defect they will not accept a return. I cut and paste their return policy which does not say anything about it needing to be a product defect, simply that if we were not not satisfied. I have put in a dispute with my credit card and will filing a grievance with the Better Business Bureau.

  12. i ordered 2 heated vests and no batteries they were going to be christmas gifts but i guess not these people are pieces of shit for taking peoples money and not delivering the proper product i will make sure i let everybody on facebook know about these scameing bastards

  13. I ordered 2 heated vest from this company and it took over 20 days to receive them. I had to send a e-mail asking for my tracking number. The vest’s RUN SMALL!!! Ordered 2 different sizes and they did not come with a battery pack (there is one shown in a photo of the vests). I sent there customer service a email to start a return process and they only respond with “if you got the sizes you ordered then we fulfilled our end of the commitment”. When you ask them why can’t i return these when your website says 100% money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee they only respond with comments about how they try their best to improve their products.
    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I don’t even think it is a company….the website looks legit but the money came out of PayPal with a persons name, not the company’s name BEINGGLEEFULLY.
    Going to try to contact my credit card company to see if i can start a dispute.

  14. I ordered extra large vest as this is my coat size and shirt size, they were very small. I try to get a return address but was unable. I reordered 3xl but they were too small. I tried to return but they stated that i received what i ordered and could not return them. I now have 6 vest that i can not use. There were no battery packs with any of the vests. They have only been in business a little over a month. I did not know this when i ordered. I placed my order thru Pay Pal. As of today i am out $231.00 U S dollars

  15. Save your money and don’ t order from them! I ordered an XL heated vest for my son. It is so small it fits me and I wear a woman’s size small. I reached out to them to exchange it and was told no. They said since they sent me the size I ordered I could not exchange or return it! Who does business like this???? I was furious and went back and forth with them thru emails and they wouldn’t budge. The vest doesn’t really get hot. It barely gets warm. What a huge waste of money. Lesson learned!

    1. I’m going through the same thing. I ordered two vests – one M and one L. They are actually the same size, and both are too small for me, and I am a very reliable M. They also only heat when they are plugged in. Once unplugged, they don’t heat. Does yours light up when not connected via USB? I’m researching where to report them. They don’t even acknowledge the fact that they don’t work. They keep telling me that they sent what I ordered. So maddening.

  16. Definitely a scam . DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I ordered 2 items in October, have not received either. Emailed their “support” address several times with very vague responses. My order has not shipped, nor are replying to my request for a refund. DO NOT SHOP HERE.

  17. I ordered a pair of leggings for my girlfriend on the 16th of November. On PayPal, is states that the package was sent on the 27th November and I still haven’t received anything. I have looked on the PayPal link and the email and website that is associated with the order are regarding a Mexican bike selling shop and the email is some random email for that shop. This website is 100% a SCAM and please do not order anything from there. Please let anyone you know also aware of this as this was all over my social media which is why I went and purchased the product.

  18. I just ordered a heated vest – usually wear a 2x so judging by the chart, I went up to a 3x just to be sure. Once it came, it fits like a medium or a large. I asked for a refund and they have given me a several email run around. Finally they said that it doesn’t match their policies to offer a refund. WHAT A TERRIBLE COMPANY!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  19. I ordered and it took 3 weeks to arrive. I got xl which I usually am but apparently they use a proprietary seizing system and I should have order a 4xl. They offered no exchange due to no issue with the product. Absolute scam!!!

  20. BUYER BEWARE! I ordered two vests. One arrived the wrong color and with a damaged USB plug. After 7 emails with their “customer service” I am now completely fed up. They are liars and con artists. DO NOT BUY.

  21. SCAM!! I wish I would have read up on this before I purchased items!! Ad on FB was total false advertising. Shame on FB for not doing their du diligence on a company

  22. Follow up from my Nov 24th review:

    35 Days after ordering My Vests came without battery packs. Totally useless.

    What a SCAM. Do not order from them.

  23. I sure wish I would have found this website before I ordered 2 vests from them. I ordered size large and they are sized very small and they will not accept an exchange. I copied and pasted all their claims of guarantees and asked if they knew what that meant in English. I told them I wasn’t even complaining about NO BATTERIES. I can get a cheap one online, but to not even allow an exchange doesn’t make any sense. SCAM

  24. I ordered a christmas decoration. This company provided a tracking number, which was sent to a different address in my county. The company will not respond and refuses to refund. SCAM ALERT

  25. I ordered 2 pairs of super thick cashmere leggings and received 22 pairs of very cheap feeling / looking thin leggings… DEFINITELY NOT cashmere. As I contacted them they asked to send a pic and when I did call I got was ” as we checked, we did not send you anything less or wrong.
    Have a nice day”

  26. We ordered two heated vests using the size recommendation on the website. One was too small and I emailed to request a return since the website says if you are unhappy you can return it. I was told that size is not a reason for a return .

  27. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE….! My boyfriend orders a yoga paint for me. I came with extremely small and not even fit if go one size up. I have reached out to them several times and their first response was “they are closed for the day” while it is only noon time. It is such a poor customer service. I then reached out to them again with update of order number, person man, billing address, then their second response was if my boyfriend selected for right size per their standard. Regardless what the reason is, if it does not fit, buyer must allowed to return. Most importantly that material of the paint is not even close to what they advertised on their web site. It looks like a cheap sweat paint that cost for $30 USD, does not look like a yoga paint as showing on the web site. I am still working on trying to get return/refund, but does not seem they would take it back as they are continuing to provide excuse

  28. HUGE SCAM…. bought my wife 2 pairs of leggings. In the advertisement the inside of leggings looked so warm and fuzzy. When I received the leggings, I noticed that the inside is not what was advertised. I e mailed to get a refund and they said that I received what I ordered. Refund denied. And the medium adult size would not even fit my 10 year old daughter. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

  29. Ordered a pair of the Super thick cashmere leggings. I used their sizing chart to order the correct size. This was totally wrong!! Waited a month to get the leggings. When they arrived they were way too small for an adult. I wanted a refund, but because they say they sent the correct size would not refund or exchange the leggings. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!

  30. Husband ordered 4 pairs of leggings for me and my sister. Only 2 pairs arrived. Size XL won’t even fit my daughters 12 year old friend. Company told him they refuse to refund because they sent what he ordered.

  31. Brought a pair of “super thick cashmere leggings” from them for my girlfirend. They were way to small, incredibly poor quality, and definitly not cashmere. This company and there products are garbage. Do not buy from them as they won’t give you a return or refund even though there website says they will. Absolute criminals.

  32. I purchased the heated vest off an advertisement on Facebook, whom I blame as well as the company! I did not receive a battery pack to enjoy the heat from this vest!! No satisfaction, impossible to speak to anyone since there is no phone number. I think Facebook is at fault for taking advertisers money regardless of business practices, this is inexcusable and I will never click on an ad again, lesson learned.
    With all the negativity surrounding this so called company, how , and to whom, do we file a complaint???

  33. DO NOT ORDER! Either you received the product and it is too small, but when you ask for a refund they simply don’t answer.
    Basically I spent money on an expensive gift that I will need to give away. I have not tested the product, as it didn’t fit to my size, even though the only email ANNA RI wrote back on the email support address questioned if I had checked the size… It ran really small, it should have been two sizes larger.
    It took five weeks to be delivered. Wasn’t a complete waste of money because I got in the end a useless product at an expensive cost! I’ll not buy again using links in the FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM.

  34. I ordered fleece lined leggings from these people and they were not the correct size. Apparently a medium in China is a x-small in America. Even though their website says they will do returns and exchanges they will not. Complete SCAM.

  35. Definitely a scam. Their products are absolute garbage once you do get them, which took me about a month. They guarantee your 100% satisfaction on their website then won’t help you with anything when they show up and they’re completely wrong. Their cashmere lined leggings are not cashmere, not sized right at all, and are made of absolute garbage materials. They are a scam!

    I ordered heated vests through them, i recieved my product in good condition after about 30 days. Sizes run about 1size smaller than US sizes… The product came from Canada. The vests were too small for both my wife and i and attempted a return to exchange for correct sizes. The problem came from their support services, regardless of the policies they have posted on their site for returns, they refuse to support exchange or refund for any reason except if they made the mistake. I would not advise anyone to purchase products from this site as they do not stand up to the Co policies the post on there website.

  37. This company is a scam. I ordered 2 vests (xl and M) they came in both the same size (probably small). They would not let me return or exchange. The customer service said they sent the right merchandise so i have to keep them. Do not buy from this company.

  38. Waited to months for my mini massager. When I contacted them they say its delivered while the tracking no is showing the item is still in China. SCAM. Don waste your time and money.

  39. Ryan

    I bought a vest for my wife on December the 10th for my wife’s present for Christmas. The whole December was a nightmare. This company was a stress for me and everyone else. They need to be shut down and charge for people’s money back. I have reported them with the better business Bureau. I hope no one will ever fall for this company’s ever again.

  40. All. Of. The. Above. I ordered a XXXL vest for my husband and received it on 12/31/2020. It fits like a men’s large. I’ve sent five emails to the company between then and today (2/21/21,) all of which have been ignored. Zero stars, do not recommend.

  41. Not satisfied! Wrong size chart so items do not fit. If they sent the size you ordered, then you own it and they do not mind that you are unhappy! Why would you not want your customers to see an accurate size chart? This seems to be an easy fix, but complaint after complaint is that items are way too small and the merchant does not care!

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