Baydason Online Store Reviews [Oct] Is This Legit site?

Baydason Online Store Reviews [Oct] Is This Legit site?

Baydason Online Store Reviews [Oct] Is This Legit site? -> This article aims to share honest feedback and make customers aware that it seems to be true in online stores.

For everyone in the world right now, it’s a rough time. Many individuals regularly work, somehow, for their lives. Then, a few people work on cheating innocent online customers by creating false websites and advertising items with prices that do not exist.

We are going to talk about a website in this article that is considered suspicious in our view. “Baydason” is the name of the website. Lately, have you heard of this brand? Even if you haven’t read this article yet, it’s nice to know what’s happening in the digitized world in the company’s name.

You would not find any Baydason Online Store Reviews as the website is as new as a month old.  Baydason is a United States based Company that delivers its products across.

What is Baydason?

Baydason is an E-commerce website that sells different products on its websites like appliances, baby products, gadgets like mobile phones, computers, office products, beauty and personal care, clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.

The Specification of the website:

  • Product Type: E-commerce website
  • Url of the website:
  • The contact details are absent on this website.
  • Standard shipping costs unmentioned on this website.
  • Payment Mode: Visa, MasterCard, and JCB
  • The products can be returned within 14days of the deliverance of the product.
  • Refunds are also available.

Pros of buying from Baydason Reviews

  • The website has a secured connection so that the customer information stays encrypted.
  • The look and feel of the website is good.
  • Wide range of products available.
  • Attractive discounts.

Cons of buying from Baydason Reviews

  • Social media icons will land you to the social media platform’s homepage and not on their official page.
  • The website content and images are copied and pasted.
  • The contact information is not disclosed.
  • The identity of the owner is hidden.
  • Low website traffic.
  • The life of the website is shorter than the other genuine websites.

Is Baydason a legit brand?

Now the question is why we found this website to be suspicious. Is Baydason a legit brand? Here are a few analyses were done by us, which makes us not believe in this website due to its questionable behavior.

The website does have a secured connection, and the SSL certificate is valid, which is the basic security factor. The content is the most important part of any website, but the content itself on this website is copied and pasted on this website. You can also check it by yourself by using plagiarism tools available online. Also, the images on this website are copied. Any genuine brand would never copy-paste its content. Every website is unique on the google search engine. For that, the content on the website has to be authentic. 

What are people saying about this website?

Baydason Online Store Reviews is nowhere found on the internet as it is relatively new in the market. On further analysis, it was found that the identity of the owner of the website is hidden. Also, on the WHOIS website, the website owner has kept its identity hidden, which means the individual is unwilling to share its identity. It is a sign that the website is a potential scam website. Every genuine website maintains transparency of its identity and does not be deceptive. 

Final Verdict:

There are no contact details and Baydason Online Store Reviews mentioned on the website. The social media icons on the website would take you to the homepage of the social media website. The brand does not have a social media presence. The website has discounts on almost every product. It is a tactic to gain more engagement and traffic on this website. The fraudsters play with human minds by putting up some exciting discounts to buy their products to save a few bucks.

The deceiving content and hidden identity of the owner triggers that the website is not reliable. Also, the hosting of this website is done from a high-risk country. The website also has a low Alexa ranking. Thus it is highly suggested not to buy any products from this website as this website is likely to be a scam with no Baydason Online Store Reviews. We leave the final decision in the customers ‘ hands. Our task is to serve the website’s truth and prevent clients from falling into any online pit. 

0 thoughts on “Baydason Online Store Reviews [Oct] Is This Legit site?

  1. Its a scam. I tried to buy something from this site and there were two bogus transactions from a China company appeared on my credit card. This site should be taken down.

  2. I bought items on October 10,2020 and never heard anymore about my order! When I emailed them they said my order was gonna be processed in 3 to 5 days and the email also mentioned do not file a dispute with PayPal but I did today! This shit is a scam I pray they catch their ass.

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