Barli Asmara Review {August} Is It Legit Online Seller?

Barli Asmara Review {August} Is It Legit Online Seller?

Barli Asmara Review {August} Is It Legit Online Seller? >> The article is about a clothing site named ‘Barli Asmara’ which sells clothing & couture for women.

Various online portals sell some fabulous couture and designer clothing items for women. There are multiple sites Worldwide from where the user gets the option of choosing the best of clothing and couture options while being in the comfort of their homes.

There is a famous Indonesian clothing site named Barli Asmara. Suppose you have heard of the site and are thinking to shop from it. You must read our Barli Asmara Review to know more of the site.

What is Barli Asmara? 

Barli Asmara is a clothing brand started by the designer of the same name. This label was created by the designer in 2002. The site aims to provide high end ready to wear as well as couture for women. This label soon gained popularity in Indonesia and Worldwide.

It became one of the most sought after sites in Indonesia. There are various awards won by this label in the last eighteen years. The designer has two more brands that were started later. 

This designer is known for his high-end clothing pieces that are well known for their exquisite taste and details. The designer is credited for bringing the traditions of Indonesia to come alive through his designs. Multiple fabrics attribute a rich look and feel to his designs. His designs are a gorgeous fusion of modernity as well as customs. 

There are a lot of positive attributes that can be associated with Barli Asmara Review. There are various detailing used in clothes such as fringe, pearls, feather, beads, jewels etc. 

There is also a collection of Bridal Couture that is available on the site. The client can book Bridal Couture after giving a non-refundable payment of 50 per cent to the website.


  • Website URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone number: 0816899956 (WhatsApp), 0121-75813865 (landline)
  • Address: Barli Asmara, One Pacific Place, 15 Gedung, CEO Suite Lt. 15, JL. Jend. Sudirman KAv 52-53 RT/RW 005/003


  • The clothing site has a lot of variety available.
  • The site is user friendly.
  • There are a lot of collections available on the site to choose from.
  • The social media with Barli Asmara Review is present.
  • There are various payment options to choose from.


  • The website doesn’t have 24*7 customer care assistance.

Is Barli Asmara legit? 

ForBarli Asmara review,Barli Asmara is one well-known clothing and couture site of Indonesia. This site is famous for its exquisite handcraft detailing. There is a modern touch to the traditions of Indonesia that are infused in the clothing brand. The site has the modesty of Indonesia blended with the contemporary vibes.

Barli Asmara has established itself in the last eighteen years ever since it is functional. There are a lot of collections available on the website, and there is a great variety to choose from in terms of party wear clothes, everyday casual clothes etc.

Customer Reviews: 

Most of the customers have positive things to say for the site. For Barli Asmara Review, most of the users think that the products are in premium quality. The clothes have some great detailing and indeed give out a rich vibe that indeed makes spending the money worth it. 

So, we think that buying from this brand is a great option that will allow the users to choose from a great collection and get the traditions of Indonesia infused in their wardrobe along with a touch of modernity. 

Some of the customers complain that the products cost a lot. However, then it is already mentioned on the website that the clothes are high end. So, there is nothing to complain about this site.

Final Verdict: 

Thus, shopping from this site is something that we will recommend for our readers. This site is legit and has a lot of reputation in Indonesia. For Barli Asmara Review, we think that the site offers some great pieces that any woman can add to her wardrobe. Some of the articles available on the site have discounts as well. 

Though it is a high-end brand, the quality of the products is indeed worth the price that one has to pay for that. The clothes are distinct from one another.

If you have ever come across the site, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. We would love to know your experience with the same.

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