At&t Unauthorized Payment Scam (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.

At&t Unauthorized Payment Scam (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.

At&t Unauthorized Payment Scam (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.>> In this article, we provided you with details of a text message scam!

AT & T was in the news recently when the scammers initiated AT & T Unauthorized Payment Scam. A group of people or individuals used the name of AT & T to trap people recently in the United States.

In this article, we will let you know the details to make you aware of such scam trending recently!

Is AT & T news a scam?

Recently many people around the United States received a fake text message, making people believe that it was from AT & T. The message stated to call for AT & T Unauthorized Payment Scam on 8504981002. The message looks like an official text message, as it included message number 2271. It is a scam message asking its recipients to call on the text message’s contact number. There are many numbers through which people are receiving fake messages. The numbers of the sender so far are listed below:

  • 929 215 1058
  • 850 498 1001
  • 917 208 2209
  • 470 635 4396

There can be other numbers as well through which the scammer might send you a text message. Hence, we advise you not to believe such texts which claim to be from AT & T. It is a scam.

What is AT & T?

AT & T is a cyber-awareness website that educates and makes people aware of the fake text messages, text scams, or smishing. Scammers and criminals are using text messages to grab your information, known as “smishing.” These messages lead to a fake website intimating as an official site. It asks for your personal or credit card information, username, or password. 

AT & T educate people not to open a link provided in the text messages. It requests people to open only those messages which are from trusted people or your known sender. Ensure that it’s a secured website by checking that URL is “https” and not “http,” and a lock icon displayed at the bottom of the website. 

However, the trusted website’s name was used for AT & T Unauthorized Payment Scam to trap people recently in the United States.

AT & T Unauthorized Payment Scam Reviews:

AT & T educate and make people aware of text scams and fraudulent links. People are spreading awareness to stay away from such scams. Many people have believed the text message and called on the number mentioned in the text. The call is answered by a Robo recording, asking for your personal and credit card information. People who provided the details got trapped and had to compromise with the loss.

Therefore, we request people not to believe in any such scam messages. The messages can trap your details, resulting in a huge loss.

Final Verdict:

The AT & T Unauthorized Payment Scam has recently trapped many people in the United States. Scammers and criminals use the trusted names to grab the information of the recipients. Hence, we request you to stay away from such scams.

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