AT&T Sweepstakes Scam {Feb 2021} Be Alert With Scam!

AT&T Sweepstakes Scam {Feb 2021} Be Alert With Scam!

AT&T Sweepstakes Scam {Feb 2021} Be Alert With Scam! >> Read full news article about a scam in the name of a famous telecommunication company. Stay Alert.

In the world of tech and innovation, we have seen many scams happening in the cyber world. Recently, a new AT&T Sweepstakes Scam came into the limelight by many people. Do you know about it? 

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications MNC company that’s also the largest provider of telephones services in the United States. The company has been giving prizes and giveaways every year in AT&T Sweepstakes. 

By taking advantage of the opportunity, a scam is circulating in many users’ phones as a text. Let’s know in detail about it. 

What is AT&T? 

American Telephone & Telegraph, popularly known as AT&T, is a multinational conglomerate company that has a comprehensive service of telephone communication worldwide. 

They stepped into the entertainment world in 2018 when they became the parent company of WarnerMedia. 

What is AT&T Sweepstakes Scam? 

People from the United States started coming to the internet when they received a text from AT&T company on their smartphones. 

The text says: From AT&T: Receiver’s name mentioning the position like 3rd in the Connecticut AT&T Contest, so claim your bounty here, and then a link, else show this code at AT&T store (code). 

On AT&T community forums, a customer started this thread claiming it to be a scam because she doesn’t live in Connecticut. 

In the comments section, many consumers expressed, the same situation happened with them, just with different positions like they came either 1st or 2nd along with their name. They are alerting other people to beware. 

What is Sweepstake in AT&T Sweepstakes Scam? 

It is a type of contest by different companies where they announce winners randomly and award them some prize or prizes. 

It began in older days to in disguise of lottery where customers have to purchase something. Later, the law came that states “no purchase is necessary” to win the contest. 

AT&T organizes such a sweepstake contest every year. This year they started with AT&T Black Future Month 2021 Contest from 5th February 2021. They will choose a winner each month from March till December 2021. 

What are people saying about this scam? 

Customers of AT&T are coming forward as soon as they found out about AT&T Sweepstakes Scam. Many of them are getting these texts. Some are laughing at it, while others are posting the whole message so that people must be aware of it. 

A YouTube channel made a video about it, alerting people about this scam. People over there are agreeing that they have received such text too. 

Final Verdict 

In our daily lives, we are going to face such scams frequently. It’s our duty not to fall into their trap that phishers and scammers lay smoothly. 

They use text, links, OTP, phone calls, and videos to spread the scam and rob people of their money or sensitive informationAT&T Sweepstakes Scam is one such example, where scammers use famous companies’ name to fulfil their evil intentions.

Have you got some scam message? Do not click on any link or type a code anywhere for your safety. If you have experienced the same, then share with us in the comment box. 

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  1. Soooooooo, what you are saying is, even though I came in 1st in the Connecticut AT&T CONTEST (which is pretty impressive since I live in Alabama), I am NOT getting a prize? Plus, AT&T is just going to keep letting these people use their company name for a fraudulent sweepstakes no telling HOW many more times, and not make them stop? I call shenanigans!! Sounds like an advertising ploy by AT&T. I also think they should honor me coming in 1st place with, oh I don’t know, a year of free internet/cable?? 🙂

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