Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews – Is It Worth the Money?

Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews – Is It Worth the Money?

Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews – Is It Worth the Money? -> This post provides an insight into the rage that has taken over worldwide, in concert with the global pandemic.

With a global pandemic on the rise, the best way to stay safe is to keep your hands clean and cover your face. This Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews will shine some more light on the matter. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is all everybody is talking about these days. This pandemic has no variable cure; countries have been issuing warnings of maintaining cleanliness and adopting a proper hygiene routine. It is rather tricky to remain germ-free. The hand sanitizer has become a personal favorite to a lot of people in the United States.

What Is Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer? 

Artnaturals brings for its customers a hand sanitizer that not just kills germs but also emits a fragrance. It leaves your hands nourished and smelling like jojoba oil, unlike other hand sanitizers. Your hands usually emit a “Hospital” like the smell or remind you of hospitals after one use. It is a reasonably new brand!

How is it different from other hands, sanitizers?

  • The Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer is infused with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Aloe vera. All three ingredients ensure your hands do not lose their softness. Your regular sanitizer is made up of 60% alcohol to clean/reduce microbes on your hands. This makes skin strip its natural oils and thus dehydrate cells.
  • But alcohol content in your sanitizer is the only way to give your hands an effective clean! Well, the ingredients of this product to have antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. The brand claims this product to provide 99% effective cleaning.
  • So, Is Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer good? A sanitizer is effective only when it dries on the surface of your palms. It ensures thorough flushing of germs. The artnaturals sanitizer made up of a quick-drying formula, so you don’t have to wait for your hands to dry or wipe off the excess.
  • You can choose from its four variants. The scent-free, coconut, lavender, and Tea tree oil. All promise an effective clean.
  • The brand claims to give you soft and nourished hands after using the product. There is no explicit mention of the ingredients used in the Artnaturals sanitizer. The brand claims for the product to be 99% effective. And for a sanitizer to be effective, there must be 60-40 % of alcohol in it! So, is it mixed with the other products?
  • There exists another brand of the same name, so you may be left feeling confused about this brand’s legitimacy! A careful survey online will tell you that it was recently set up. There are also no reviews of its products available. The only content available is around its namesake. This Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews will surely give you some insight into this.

Is This Product Perfect for You? 

This recent scare reminds us of how unhygienic we are. When out, we end up touching a lot of handles to open doors, handles in the subways, elevator buttons, etc. Use the same hands to eat food or wipe face without cleansing them, thus transferring viruses/bacteria/fungus. Ideally, awash with the soap and water is advised to cleanse these off. The next best thing is to use a sanitizer.

It is carefully made up of enriching ingredients that are non-toxic and completely safe. You can use it to sanitize your kids’ hands too. This concoction is the answer to your question, “Is Artnaturals a Good Hand Sanitizer.” It is perfect for people of all skin types and ages, so choose from any one of the four scented or non-scented sanitizers the brand has to offer. Also, the hand sanitizer is available as a set of 4 at the cost of $40. Affordable right?

What Is the Best Way to Get Optimum Benefits From This Sanitizer? How Does It Work?

The best way to use a hand sanitizer is to pump a small drop on your palm. Massage both palms together to cover them in an equal amount of liquid. Since it has a quick-drying formula, it will not take long for the product to try. The Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer provides you with 99% protection along with a surety of smooth and soft skin. Therefore, you can use it after meals, before eating meals and after traveling on public transport. It is portable and can be easily carried in your bag and help you stay germ-free. 

Where Can I Get This Product?

The Artnaturals sanitizer is available on their official website, which goes by the name art naturals. It is available at a discounted price of $40, and given the current scenario, it is wise to purchase the product right away. In case of an issue, you can write to them on the customer care number provided or the email id. You can also reach out to them on one of its social media handles. You may find the purchasing process to be annoying and challenging to understand. As the brand only sells in bulk! You may have to create an account to get a better understanding of this.

Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews

The brand provides no customer reviews on its website, and an online search to gives you no clarity. But what we do know is that the ingredients used to provide 99% effectiveness and protection against germs. So, Is Artnaturals a Good Hand Sanitizer? Yes! As it is hypoallergenic and gentle, which makes it perfect to be used by kids and adults alike. The quick-dry formula makes your hands dry while also giving you a lasting fragrance. It is available in a pack of 4. Each bottle comes with a 220 ml product. This product will last a long time. 

Final Verdict-

Should we buy this product just because there is a sudden need? It would help if you kept your hands clean regardless. Sanitizers are only on the solution. Keep yourself germ-free by using a sanitizer after encountering things outdoors. If you have purchased this product and wish to share your experience. Then don’t forget to comment below. 

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  1. Don’t buy Art Naturals hand sanitizer!
    I arrived half empty and smells like turpentine!
    On a hunch, we tried to remove fingernail polish with it…..IT DID!!
    I sure hope someone doesn’t die from Coronavirus thinking this
    stuff is protecting them!!!!

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