Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw {Jan 2021} Know New Rules!

Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw {Jan 2021} Know New Rules!

Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw {Jan 2021} Know New Rules! >> Read to know why NSW has removed significant restrictions on wearing mask & what is new strategy.

Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw? How is the situation in NSW?

A year post countries are finally easing their seatbelts from covid. Some countries are slowly recovering, while some are loosening up on some restrictions. But is it safe to let your guard down?

The vaccines are out, and in some countries, it has already started. So what is Australia up to? 

Here in the article, we will discuss some restrictions that are removed and some more information. So if you want to know more about this, then read this article until the end and stay tuned as we discuss some essential things.

Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw as per the situations in NSW POST COVID?

New South Wales is a state in Australia located in the country’s southeast. Many restrictions have been taken down as the state is having its 11th day without any Covid cases.

This has brought many lifts in the restrictions, and in some places, even masks are not mandatory. The state has mentioned a few places where masks are compulsory, discussed in the next segment.

NSW is one of the few states that have seen fewer to no cases of Covid, which has led the government to lift some of the restrictions. Let’s head into the next section!

Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw is true?

Masks are not compulsory in all places, but in some localities, this is made mandatory. In areas like public transport, worship places, grooming businesses, and gaming rooms, masks are mandatory.

Masks are compulsory for hospital workers, whereas senior care faculties are advised to check the situation and act. As per our research, the police have fined many people for not following the rules and not wearing a mask. 

Till now, there are 127 fines issued and 27 people charged for violating the rules. Let us read more!

What are the restrictions that are lifted?

Numerous restrictions have been lifted, and that’s why the question aroused Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw?

Masks are no longer mandatory in supermarkets, but some stores suggest their customers to wear them. They also advise their employees to wear masks due to safety purposes.

There are now 30 people allowed in a house, and 50 people can gather in the out along with children. Also, 300 people are allowed to attend a wedding and funerals to maintain a distance of 4 feet.

The number of people allowed in a hospital and worship places are not mentioned but keeping a distance of 4 feet is mandatory in a place where there are more than 50 people. Now let’s head over to the conclusion.


Are Masks Mandatory in Nsw is an understandable topic as the state has mentioned all the on-going and removed restrictions to their citizens? Covid may be reduced at speed, but till the virus vanishes, a mask is necessary.

What do you think about the lifting of restrictions? Mention your views in the comment section below!

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