Apple Support Advisor Scam {Oct} Get Information Here

Apple Support Advisor Scam {Oct} Get Information Here

Apple Support Advisor Scam {Oct} Get Information Here -> Get to know about a voice phishing scheme in which scammers are targeting consumers of the brand Apple.

Are you an Apple product user? If yes, then do read on to find out about the scam that is targeting users of Apple products. 

Apple support advisor scam is one of the phishing schemes through which scammers try to get info about the user’s Apple account. Across the United States, Apple consumers are reporting about receiving calls from Apple support advisors asking for info. 

The company and authorities are warning users against this voice phishing scam. Scammers use a myriad of ways to lure in customers. This scam is one example of scammers trying to get access to your personal information. 

What is the Apple Support Scam?

It is a voice phishing scam. Through this scam, scammers are trying to get access to the confidential data of user’s Apple account. In this scam, scammers are taking advantage of spoofing technology to lure Apple customers into believing that the calls are genuine. 

Many Apple users are reporting that they received such calls in which the scammers claim to be from the company asking for Apple account info. Their aim is to gather any type of personal data that they could further use for financial gains. 

Read on to learn more about the Apple Support Advisor scam to stay well protected from phishing schemes. 

Things to know about this scam:

  • The scam targets Apple users.
  • The scam involves the use of a caller-ID spoofing technique.
  • The reasons they give for the call may vary. 
  • The scam’s aim is to gather info about the user’s iCloud account. 

Who should know about it?

All Apple users should know about this scam. Anyone who has an iCloud account needs to be aware of this scam to take caution while receiving calls. 

How does this scam work?

The scammers are targeting Apple users. Customers receive calls from scammers claiming to be Apple support advisors who warn the customer about certain suspicious activity on the account. Then, they try to convince the user to share their Apple account credentials. 

They use advanced technology to fool the customers by displaying the brand’s logo on caller id. These calls appear to be from the company. That is why users are being asked to maintain extreme caution while taking such calls. 

What are people saying about this scam?

The company and many authorities are sharing info about this phishing scheme to warn the users. Many people share that they received Apple support Advisor scam call. 

People share that the calls appeared to be legit and directly from the brand. We found the mentioning of this scam on various websites. 


The Apple support Advisor scam call is reported by Apple users. The company is warning its users against such phishing schemes that use various methods to tempt the users into sharing their account details. 

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