Among Us (Feb 2021) Explore the Application. Among Us (Feb 2021) Explore the Application. Among Us (Feb 2021) Explore the Application. >>This article gave all the relevant information about a game that is in trend right now.

It is a fact that specific industries are working non-stop and are getting buried down with work even during the Lockdown. And for that, they need to do something to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, which they get from their office. With everyone stuck at home because of the Lockdown, people have started playing different games. 

Games like PUBG and Among Us have made it easy for players to stay in touch with one another and ge a good laugh once in a while. It has become essential for everyone to talk about their mental health. 

With the help of a play store like, which is based out of The United States, people can find a plethora of options to download various apps of different genres like gaming, streaming, emulators, etc. Have a soft corner for gaming? Continue reading the article to know about a specific game. We’ll talk about Among Us, a game that is being enjoyed worldwide because of its simplicity. 

What is Among Us?

On June 15, 2018, an online multiplayer skilful detective game “Among Us” made and disseminated by American game studio Inner sloth was launched. The game happens to be in a space-themed setting. There can be a maximum of 10 players in a single game, out of which there are two imposters.

How is this game played? 

After downloading the game from Among Us, the target of the Crewmates is to perceive the Impostors and complete tasks around the Spaceship. While on the other hand, the Impostors will most likely stealthily damage the Spaceship and murder the Crewmates before completing their functions. 

Players need to acknowledge who the imposters are, and they can be disposed of from the game through the majority of votes. If there is an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates, or if fundamental harm goes dubious, the Impostors win. For Crewmates to win, they have to either discard all Impostors or complete their assigned tasks.

Why is it getting millions of downloads?

With PUBG mobile banned in several parts of the world, everyone was looking for an alternative. One of the key features is that Among Us requires limited specifications. You don’t need a high-end smartphone for playing this game. It’s not the game’s graphics that have helped it gain millions of downloads; it is the concept. You can’t talk in the middle of the game, even if you’re dead. There is an emergency meeting called whenever a crewmate is dead. 

Players need to give their sentences when to clarify that they are not the Imposter, which is where the fun begins. Imposters need to cunningly get their way across this round to kill other members.

Peoples’ review.

Having played this game myself, it tests how cunning you can get to win the round, which is the sole motive. People have liked this game a lot; hence, millions of downloads are only in The United States. 


We all have to agree to the fact that gaming does teach something, and that’s patience. Among Us is one game that might help you stay connected to your friends and release stress. We would highly recommend our readers to download the game from authorized links and have some fun. 

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