Aplikasi Telkomsel Error (Jan) Details About This Error!

Aplikasi Telkomsel Error (Jan) Details About This Error!

Aplikasi Telkomsel Error (Jan) Details About This Error! >> This post tells you about a recent problem with an application and how to resolve it. Please check the details now.

Aplikasi Telkomsel Error is the error that users have expressed disappointment over as it’s not allowing them to access the mobile application of Telekomsel, the MyTelkomsel App. They offer several mobile applications for fast and easy accessibility to their services; MyTelkomsel is also among them. Users have reported this error, and their inconveniences on social media platforms and some related developments have taken place; kindly keep reading to know about them.

Please read this article until the end without skipping anything to obtain all the relevant details about this error and this mobile application. It’s quite popular in countries like Indonesia, where users buy data packages via this application.

What is Aplikasi Telkomsel Error?

As evident from the name, it’s an error in the mobile application, MyTelkomsel. It’s an app that allows users to manage their Telkomsel accounts efficiently and perform some other functions. The error is proving to be troublesome.

Features of MyTelkomsel App

  • You can use this app to check your data balance or purchase new packages.
  • It can assist you to top up your credit or redeem the POIN.
  • It’s available for download on all major stores like the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Aplikasi Telkomsel Error is making users unable to access its services.
  • You can also check crucial details like pack validity and transaction history through this application.
  • It offers several methods to make the desired purchases.
  • It offers several exclusive codes and promotions, which are available only within the app.

The Recent Issue with the App

  • Users have complained about being unable to log in to the MyTelkomsel application.
  • Some have added that they were automatically logged out of their accounts.
  • Other users have said that they see a message on the application asking them to access the platform later.
  • Telkomsel has responded to this Aplikasi Telkomsel Error and are working continuously to resolve it.
  • They have commented that they are improving their system, so such a problem doesn’t arise again.

What to do while the Application is Down?

If you can’t access this application, please take a look at the alternatives below.

  • You can purchase data packages with the help of USSD codes.
  • *363#, *888#, *999#” are the codes for the internet, talk, and existing packages, respectively.
  • You can also make the transaction through the official website of this platform.
  • You can also opt to use another third-party service for getting this credit in Indonesia. There’s no shortage of third-party services, and you can choose any of them.

Aplikasi Telkomsel Error: Customer Reviews

Users have commented that this application often shows errors and has caused them inconvenience on many occasions. Users have expressed frustration and disappointment over not being able to access this app due to the error.

Final Verdict

Telekomsel App has caused some inconvenience to users as it’s currently down and showing an error to users trying to access it. Officials have confirmed that the issue is being resolved.

Let us know what you think of the Aplikasi Telkomsel Error in the comments part below.

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