Antonline Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Trusted Source?

Antonline Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Trusted Source?

Antonline Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Trusted Source? >> This article is unbiased about a website dealing with computer equipment and accessories can be ordered at discounted prices.

Are you too trapped in an online scam? We all are aware of the fraud running behind these online websites, which only aim to trap the customers, con them, and earn money from them illegally. It is why we have mentioned most of the time in our article to beware of the same.

In today’s article, we are back with another website review, named Antonline Reviews. It is dedicated to a website dealing with computer equipment and electronics. 

But you need to thoroughly explore the website before placing any orders from the same to be safe from any scams. The website was launched in the United States.

Many websites are offering the same product. Reveal what is unique about this, and also explore the benefits and cons of the same.

Scroll down to gain better clarity.

What is Antonline?

Ant Online is one of the most preferred websites and is considered the best reseller of computer equipment, desktop components, and peripherals. It is specialized in two categories; datacentre servers and all the other relevant sectors.

You can get the options for gaming tablets, PC’s, accessories, consoles, and many other products. they are also one of the leading manufacturers and got some special discounts from the renowned brands- HP, MSI, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Sony.

We have mentioned some positive and negative aspects of this website below in this article about Antonline Reviews. 

Specifications of Antonline:

  • URL:
  • Website: Deals with computer accessories and electronics.
  • Address: Atlanta Network Technologies, Inc. 2015 S. Place, Atlanta, GA 30339
  • Contact Number: +1877-293-9797
  • Fax Number: 678.325.5101
  • Email Addresses:
  • Services:
  • Technical Support:
  • Returns:

Pros of Antonline:

  • The website offers the latest technology designs.
  • The website also offers multiple payment methods for feasibility.
  • -he site also offers discounts on its products.
  • The site also offers free shipping on their products.
  • The website can also be spotted on different social media platforms.

Cons of Antonline:

  • There are issues with the customer service section of the website.
  • There are complaints registered against the website for not answering the calls and the emails.
  • The website has many negative customer reviews.

Is Antonline Legit?

We have reviewed the website thoroughly and have explored all the aspects of the same. the website is present on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. The website was launched a few years ago and had an old domain age.

Antonline Reviews were also spotted on the website. But, few of them were negative and not in favor of the same. 

Thus, we can conclude that there are chances of this website being a legit store, but the company must see some drawbacks for better functioning. Therefore, we advise you to read the full article to discover some more points about the same for better clarity.

What are customers saying about Antonline Reviews?

We have already mentioned that Antonline Reviews are mentioned on the website. It shows that the site has many customers and visitors. Also, this depicts that the customers for the products prefer the same.

But there are mixed reviews mentioned on the website. It shows that the site has recorded some bad purchases as well. They all have faced the standard-issue, which is in their return and refund policies. 

They have complained that the website does not respond to their queries and complains that they ignore these queries.

But, along with this, they also have some festive purchases recorded. It shows that the website is preferable and can be used to purchase the products.

Final Verdict:

After exploring the website thoroughly, we have uncovered all the pints regarding the same. We have covered all the positive and negative aspects of the same. 

They might have helped you gain clarity about the website and have cleared all your doubts and queries regarding the same. The only drawback of the same is that they are irresponsive in the customers’ questions and complaints. 

Antonline Reviews are also specified over the internet. It shows the preference of the same in the visitors and the customers. 

Thus, we can conclude that the website seems to be a legit place, and you can place the orders from the same without any second thought. You have explored the site, and we request you to share your views regarding the same in the comments section below.

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  1. No it is not legit, they robbed me of my money, they said they delivered something when i wasnt home ( i was ) then said they were charging me a restocking fee of 15% for not being home, i just wanted my item, so i was out a good chunk of money cause what i ordered was expensive. theres even a site dedicated to them robbing people

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