Anti Catholic Ticket Com {Oct} Read Complete Details

Anti Catholic Ticket Com {Oct} Read Complete Details

Anti Catholic Ticket Com {Oct} Read Complete Details -> You can never hold the right to kill a person regardless of age on both moral and catholic religious grounds.

Does your voting decision depend on the race, caste, religion, and color of the political influencer? Hypothetically, we all refute the discrimination on all grounds. However, we prefer certain conventional principles in bringing change to this world. Anti Catholic Ticket Com is gaining popularity among the Christians because a statement of Joe Biden provokes them. 

2020 can be the all-around changing year for the United States. Joe Biden has recently made a statement that agrees with the illegal abortion. It has caused an uproar in the states on religious and humanitarian grounds. Please check out the post to know more about the controversy. 

What is Anti Catholic Ticket Com?

It is an official website that shares views on on-going political trends on religious grounds. The founders and supporters believe that politics should be played by considering the principles of the Bible. Recently, the upcoming competitor for the presidential position, Joe Biden, made a statement to support abortions. His notions of immoral abortions are not appreciated in the United States

What does Anti Catholic Ticket Com do?

Anti Catholic Ticket Com is a fair platform that assesses political views on religious perspectives. It always raises the voice against political notions that do not comply with the Bible. Sometimes, the Anti-Catholic movements become unheard of by us. However, it is helping fight us against a crucial cause for small living beings. The website is helping us with:

  • Raising voice against immoral abortions
  • Decisions related to the selection of the president
  • Bringing influential catholic senators to justify the fight 
  • Supporting the abolishing of abortion on political, medical, and religious grounds.

What does Clergy Speak-out entail?

The Anti Catholic Ticket Com website has a clergy speak-out section that showcases the views of catholic senators. It represents comments from:

  • Cardinal Raymond Burke says Joe Biden cannot be a Catholic and should not select Holy Communion. 
  • Cardinal Gerhard Muller raises a question on Joe Biden’s Catholic origin. He asks you to vote for a competent protestant instead of wasting it on a bad Catholic. 
  • Archbishop Joseph Naumann makes a sarcastic comment on Joe Biden’s guts to face the camera and support the abortion notions. He also claims that the protestant is not in a morally and intellectually position. 
  • Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano predicts that Joe Biden’s presidency will reflect on an Orwellian Dictatorship if it wins. 
  • Bishop Joseph Kurtz thinks that Joe Biden challenges the corresponding catholic moral obligations and catholic teaching on a voluntary and public platform. 

Final Verdict:

Justifications on abortions for both moral and religious grounds are never reasonable. You cannot hold the fundamental right to kill life for many reasons. We are thankful to Anti Catholic Ticket Com for raising voice against volunteer abortions on national platforms. Joe Biden should not have supported abortions and challenged the catholic beliefs to make his statement right. Please share your views on his controversy! 

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  1. Thank God for this platform may the truth in love prevail! Thank God for the men of faith for standing in the gap and speaking truth against the darkness. Praise Jesus!

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