Anti-Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 (Oct 2020) Facts.

Anti-Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 (Oct 2020) Facts.

Anti-Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 (Oct 2020) Facts. >> This article mentions about the speech of a pastor who is raising some issues.

What will be the consequences of the bad statements of the politicians in the US election? It is time for the United State election, and all those involved in the election have to say different things on different matters. 

This Anti Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 will tell us about a sermon by the Pastor Fr. Ed Meeks. He raised lots of issues related to so many things. He is also asking the question as to why the Supreme Court is allowing nominations that are so contentious these days. He said many more things in his speech, which was delivered before six days.

Any election is about the power that the politicians want to take hold of any country’s policies.  

Important things said by the Pastor.

  • He raised the issue of abortion, which has been affecting the society negatively.
  • The Catholic priest also said that many people are very contentious in the election, and they have been allowed to fight the election.
  • He also criticized Joe Biden, who is on the go to oppose the church teachings.
  • He claims that the nation is going into the abyss. Because of such problems of society, the country has to suffer a lot in every way.

Reasons for Rebellious Politicians

As it is a prevalent reason that all the politicians want to have power over the people, it becomes a complicated thing for the country. Anti Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 found that no nation can ever grow in the right direction if the politicians become greedy for power.

 If a politician has the right intention of serving the country, then that politician does not regret if that politician loses due to any reasons.

Process of Electoral Speeches

Many different people in the election deliver various lectures on different topics. They have to raise the issues of ordinary people. Anti Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 also analyzed that the politicians keep on making flat promises as well. After winning the election, they forget what all they promised. One side is called the opposition side, and that side criticizes the ruling party or candidate. 

And the ruling party vice versa criticizes the opposition blaming it for what all wrong things went in the country. There is another side, which is the side of neither the opposition nor the ruling party. This side criticizes what it feels to be right or wrong.


As the Pastor of the church, the most important thing is the teachings of the church. If anyone is speaking against the church’s teachings, then the Pastor has to speak against that person. The same thing happened when Joe Biden said so many wrong things against the teachings of the church. 

Anti-Catholic Ticket Com Archives 1510 analyzed that whatever may be the reason, nobody should say anything that is not in society’s interest. Every politician should always say and do all those things that favor the masses because this is the sole purpose of fighting any election by any politician. 

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