Annen Store Reviews {Feb} Go On The Legit Site

Annen Store Reviews {Feb} Go On The Legit Site

Annen Store Reviews {Feb} Go On The Legit Site -> Are you looking for a store of electronic gadgets? Have a look at the article and try to know the details of the store.

In the world of technology, we all look for new electronic gadgets. So, if you are going to shop for it then have a glance over Annen Store Reviews. This store also deals with electronic gadgets, so in today’s content, we would share the portal’s details and some facts about the site that we found during research. It will help us to judge whether we can shop from it or not. 

The electronic gadgets are often used by people of South Africa, Canada and United States and are expensive. So, let’s know about this store.

What is Annen Store?

The site deals with collecting unique electronic gadgets that can make your life easy and provide you comfort. It offers various items as per the interest of customers, and this is the vision of the site.

Moreover, Bluetooth headset, remote control cars, dual camera drone and camera rotator are considered the best selling products of the site. The new year sale has offered all the items at an affordable price for the people of South Africa, Canada and the United States. To know more about the store we will discuss Annen Store Reviews with you so carry on with your reading.

Specifications of Annen Store 

  • Type of site – an online store that offers electronic gadgets.
  • The email address of the company –
  • Delivery time – the site class to deliver your items within 10-20 business days
  • Return policy – you have only three days to return your items purchased from Annen Store. In case your delivery date is not traceable then you can return in 30 days.
  • Refund – the company will send you the email of approval or rejection of the refund.

Pros of using Annen Store

  • The portal provides its items to all around the world.
  • We can get their items on 5% off by signing their newsletter.

Cons of using Annen Store

  • The domain is new in the e-commerce world.
  • No reviews are available.
  • The email id does not contain the domain name.
  • Contact address and phone number is missing.
  • The trust score of the portal is low.

Is Annen Store Legit?

Let’s know whether this store can be trusted or not. As the electronic items are costly, we must be entirely sure about the portal’s safety before going to purchase.

The Annen Store has been registered new in the market that is on 26 November 2020. So, its too early to trust this site. This store has a social media presence. The Facebook page contains the collection of Annen Store. 

Moreover, the site has shared the vision on our page, but the portal’s contact details seem suspicious. Additionally, Annen Store Reviews are not available so; we cannot know people’s opinion about the items provided by the portal.

Only an email address is available that too does not has its domain name. No, details of address is available. The trust score is 12% which is a negative sign about the site.

So, readers, the site is new and also have some negative signs which make us doubtful. We suggest you not to use this portal for buying electronic gadgets. The site is new to be judged.

What are Annen Store Reviews?

Now, its time to see what people have experienced after purchasing the items from the store. As it is a new store, most people have not used this portal due to which its reviews are not available right now. We have seen the Facebook page. People have liked their post. But the site needs time to get reviews. The company wants to know your views so friends if you have purchased from their store then share your experience online.But if you are looking for Annen Store Reviews, then it is not available.


The store is a hub of electronic gadgets, but it requires time to explore in the market. Within a month the site has shown its presence on social media. It has shared its vision with their customers. Moreover, to provide its best deals to all, it offers worldwide shipping.

But the improper contact details does not allow us to remain in contact with the company. The low trust score given by the people does make us comfortable to shop from the portal. Even Annen Store Reviews are not present. So, we can’t shop from this portal. Moreover, judging this portal at this moment would be too early.

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  1. I ordered 2 and I am unsure if I received one of the two as I did get a box of junk but there was no return address or information inside the box stating it was from them. I would not order from them!

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