Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes (Jan) All Codes Here!

Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes (Jan) All Codes Here!

Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes (Jan) All Codes Here! >> The write-up shares details about the codes that can help players get free spirits and free rerolls.

Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes: Anime Battle Simulator Alpha is the new game added to Roblox, and it is widely played by players in the United States, Brazil, and the Philippines. As the game is getting popular amongst the players, different codes are launched that give the players freerolls, pets, skins, and more upgrades. 

These codes can give free pets, items, coins, gems, and more. 

These codes are also useful when players attempt to make money in the game. It makes the process more comfortable, and players can achieve what they need to use those coins.    

However, not all codes are workable, and selection must be done carefully before redeeming them.

What is Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes?

If you love playing the Anime Battle Simulator game, you know how challenging it is to update the characters and levels. It would be best to use the in-game currency and gems to upgrade the game and the characters. But, you don’t have to use your hard-earned coins and gems as you can redeem them with the alpha codes. 

These codes allow you to upgrade the game and characters while buying items and gems for free. The codes are redeemable, and it lets you achieve rewards in the form of rerolls, credits, and spirits in the Anime Battle Simulator game. 

Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes give you the advantage over all other gamers. But, it would be best if you chose only the workable codes. These codes come with expiration, and you must use only new and working codes to get the rewards.  

List of Working Codes with Rewards

  • Over9000 – Get free rerolls with the code
  • Spin2win – The codes allow getting 12000 credits and 15 spirits
  • Sm4ashu – Get 18000 credits and ten spirits
  • Sorry4Bugs – Get ten spirits
  • MoreBugsSrry – Get free rerolls with the code
  • Nice5kWoo – Get 15 spirits with the code
  • Codigos – Get 18000 credits and ten spirits
  • FinalStand – Get 5000 credits and ten spirits
  • K4K4ROT – Get some free rerolls
  • MoreAbilitiesPls – Get 35000 credits and 25 spirits
  • 1MilParty – Get some free rerolls
  • 25kYak – Get 20000 credits and 15 spirits
  • AlphaParty – Get some free rerolls 

These are some of Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes that can help you get some credits and spirits for free. All these codes are tested and tried, and they are currently working.

How to Redeem the Codes?

If you are playing Anime Battle Simulator Alpha on the Roblox platform, odds are you will be redeeming the codes at some time. So, you must learn the process of redeeming the codes. 

  • To redeem the codes, you have to contact Yamcha, and you will find the character close to the spawn
  • It is the character in the game with red kimono, and he has a Twitter icon above the head

An online tutorial guide lets you learn how to redeem the Anime Battle Simulator Alpha Codes


Playing the Anime Battle Simulator Alpha game on Roblox is very simple. The game is about merging universes, and the characters emerge as spirits in the game. Upgrades are available for players to use the gems, coins, and other in-game currency. 

The list of codes keeps on updating, and users must keep checking the codes before redeeming them. If you have anything to add about the game or the codes, please write it down in the comments section.

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