Amperheat Heater {Nov 2020} Read Complete Details Now!

AmperHeat Heater 2020

Amperheat Heater {Nov 2020} Read Complete Details Now! -> Get to know about an instant heating device that can keep your room warm without using up too much energy.

Are you looking for a device that instantly warms up your house? If so, then let’s discuss AmperHeat. 

The AmperHeat Heater is an innovative device that claims to make any room warm within 2 minutes. The device boasts a host of advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd. 

Currently, this device is garnering a lot of attention in the United States. People are curious to learn about the Amperheat Portable Heater that provides instant warming feature by consuming less energy. Continue reading to know about the Amperheat Heater. 

What is Amperheat?

It is an energy-efficient device that can make a large or small room warm within a matter of minutes. With advanced features like the auto-intelligence setting and safety features, the device offers the best results. 

Furthermore, the compact design of the AmperHeat Heater, along with its ability to warm any room without making noise, makes it a fantastic item. The quad ceramic heating plates fitted in the device enable it to provide instant heating.  

The device claims to consume less energy. It is easy to carry around and lets the user adjust the temperature as per his or her preference. 

Specifications of Amperheat:

  • The Amperheat Portable Heater can work effectively in small as well as large rooms. 
  • The device boasts a three-step convection system. 
  • The device claims to heat a room within just 2 minutes.
  • The device contains quad ceramic heating plates.
  • The device comes with an adjustable heat optimization feature. 
  • The device is energy efficient.
  • The device comes with an auto-power off feature.
  • It comes with thermostatic controls. 

Who should know about it?

Anyone who wants to buy a heater for their house or apartment can check out this device. If you’re looking to add a powerful and energy-saving heating device to your household, then being aware of this device will help you make the right buying decision. 

What are people saying about it?

We came across many reviews for the Amperheat Space Heater. Buyers share that the device lived up to the expectation. They state that the device was effective in heating the room while consuming less energy. 

Aside from the positive reviews, we also found a few negative reviews in which buyers appear to be unsatisfied with the performance of the device. 


The instant heating device appears to be a perfect household device, especially during the winter season. It is loaded with advanced technology and offers a host of features. 

Low fuel cost, fast heating, adjustable temperature setting, etc., are some of the features of the device that make it quite enticing. The brand claims that the device is twelve times more effective than regular heaters in heating the room. 

In case you have used this device, then do share your experience in the comments section. 


      1. Tom read my post further down…big scam…tried to draw funds 4 times, all different amounts…thank God for my observant bank or I could have been badly taken

      2. Tom it happened to me also. They print the shipping label as soon as you place the order and then it does not ship. You contact them and they
        won’t give you a straight answer. Contact your credit card co and make a serious complaint. These people are scam artists, acting like a legit

      1. I found it, 650 (low) to 1200 (high) watts depending on the setting. I didn’t do the calculations, but it said at 1200 watts it at 10c per KWH it would be about 12c per hour. I know with taxes where I live that means more like 16c per hour. So if it was running full capacity, 24/7, it would actually cost close to $3.80/day with my electric cost. If it just needed to run for 2 hours per day, well, that would be about $10/month.

  1. I ordered this amperheater yesterday, 9623356, found out I was overcharged, received no e-mail to confirm order.Please reply as to why the price increase.

    1. My bank called me about 10 min after I ordered…this company tried to charge me 4 different times…all different amounts. The 1st one got through..double the amount I was told was my total was told it was around $55 but got dinged for $118.65. Thank God my bank caught the other charges. Had to close my account and reopen a new one. this occured Oct 29, 2020. that’s the end of on-line shopping for me

  2. I purchased this heater for my small home office. It does heat it quickly and comfortably. However, the unit does not turn off, it has to be unplugged. Also it does not turn off when tipped over, it just emits a very quiet beep, which if you happen to step to the next room, you would not hear. Yes it heats nicely, but with safety concerns, it is gong back.

  3. Worked for one day and email address does not work and called phone # and have to leave a message cause so busy. Pretty sure a scam.

  4. AMPER HEATER. It’s been 30 minutes since I turned it on to the second or warmer setting and I’m still under the covers as my bedroom is still uncomfortably cold. One thing that I noticed immediately upon taking the first one out of the box, I ordered three, was that it had absolutely no name or label anywhere with the name AMPER HEAT anywhere. I found that to be very strange. I’ve purchased several heaters for my bedroom as it has no heat, and every single one of them had the name of the brand on them. I’m going to make a call or two, after all, I paid almost $ 240.00 including a 3 year Warrantee.

  5. this device raises electric bills considerably .uses 1250 watts on high setting .like having 12_ 100 watt light bulbs on at one time.Its just another scam. you will not see one fact about its energy use in its advertisements for that reason. Let the buyer beware.

  6. scam…. ordered part … on backorder,,,, when I complained,,, they said part will be shipped by end of week… sent me tracking information,, never shipped,,, told them to cancel… THEY CANNOT CANCEL

    We are sorry to inform you that your order has been sent for fulfillment and that is why it is not possible to cancel it. We will definitely process the refund as soon as we receive the package at our warehouse.

    Please refuse the package on delivery and let us accordingly. We will process your refund from our side.

    Your refund will be processed as soon as we received the package at our warehouse (or refused by you).

    P.S. If you are not able to refuse the package, please contact us and we will provide you the return instructions.


  7. I have been waiting for the heater since November 6 it is now the 13 and has not even been shipped. I have called several times and I have got the same guy every time with a line that the virus has been holding it up. Now this could be true but I will give them a couple more days and if it has not been shipped I will call them up and tell my credit company and make sure they don’t get the money.

  8. They are a scam company. I would not deal with them. I had to contact my credit card company to dispute the charge because they would not send me a cancellation confirmation email. Just stay away, they are bad news.

  9. Total scam! I placed an order for 3 heaters. You know the AMPER HEST HESTER that lights up at the front bottom of heater? Well, it’s not there! In fact there is no logo, no label, nothing! The box says zChins. Their claim, made right here in the US. Takes at least 1/2 hour to even begin to warm up a 12×15 size room. The box by the way had the Name of the heater. The ñame? heater? Where is the name AMPERHEATERS? It is not to be found anywhere. Don’t fall prey as I have. I have received an almost refund. No refund for the shipping snd no return label. Why should the consumer Pat for shipping snd to return a bogus product. I’m going to contact the BBB, Consumer Affairs and if need be the Attorney General for their state snd mine!
    Rosalind Rivera

  10. AMPERHEAT is a rip-off.
    Inferior Chinese product marketed by FALSE internet reviews.
    Customer service manned by outsourced Indo-Asian frauds.

  11. Don’t WASTE your MONEY! Unless you ordered by 4th of July you’ll be cold this winter. Back-ordered, out of stock is SOP for these CON ARTISTS. Cheap quality with no product integrity. STAY AWAY!!

  12. If I could, I’d pay you to stay away from this product. Nothing unsafe, after all it would need to arrive in order to operate. On order page, clearly stated IN STOCK, after a month of Customer Service LIES they finally admitted to being back ordered. While waiting, investigated and found internet product reviews were FAKE and nothing more than a marketing ruse. Nothing more than modern day snake oil salesmen; should be run out of business.

  13. We ordered one heater 30 days ago and never got it. Spent hours on phone. Was told the heater was made in China and they were waiting for some more to be made and then shipped to the US. After hearing the China part we asked for a refund and it took weeks to get a refund. Buyer beware!

  14. Ok, so I’m writing in again. Before I do, check out the BESEIM heater on Amazon. It’s the exact heater, with the ñame on the bottom front of heater and it works great. By the way, save lots of money. I saved $ 130.00+. I’m still holding on to the three bogus heaters as though I did immediately received a full refund for the three heaters, I also received the $ 28.50 for the tax or s&h, I don’t remember which but the point is that it too was refunded. The glitch that is left is that I refuse to give pay s&h for a bogus product. I called snd asked for a paid return postal shipping label almost two weeks ago but haven’t received anything yet. That’s fine by me as I am in possession of the three heaters snd have contacted my bank who has blocked this company from making any deductions from my account. Again, go on Amazon and get the exact heater but with the ñame snd s two year warrantee included!
    Rosalind Rivera

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