(Feb 2021) – Get Your Among Us Lockscreen! (Feb 2021) – Get Your Among Us Lockscreen! (Feb 2021) – Get Your Among Us Lockscreen! >> The post shares details about the custom tweak that is downloadable for free on your device. Among Us is an online game played across the world. The gameplay involves completing different tasks to keep the spaceship running smoothly. In between, gamers need to find the imposters in the game and kill them to earn rewards. The game is getting so popular that developers have designed some unique and custom lock screen tweak for gamers in the Worldwide.  

The game fans and developers have created a custom tweak, the custom phone lock screen, which can be downloaded for free from this website. Remember, the gamers use the term to search for custom lock screens, but the searchable website is 

The custom lock screen is a great way to change the appearance of the lock screen of your device. It also alters the appearance of the keypad in lock screen mode. However, the cool animated lock screen would eject if the wrong password is entered.

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What is

The fans and developers of the game Among Us have come forth with a new tweak recently that allows the gamers to download a custom lock screen for their gaming device. The tweak is downloadable from the website. 

However, the gamers use the searchable term to find the custom lock screen, but not the actual website. The original website for downloading the custom lock screen theme is 

It is the website where gamers can download the custom lock screen to alter the device screen’s overall appearance. also changes the keypad look in lock mode. Besides, the sound effects and the locked screen background would get changed after activating the custom lock screen on the device. 

What are the System Requirements to Get Custom Lock Screen?

A few changes need to be done to your device to get the custom lock screen activated successfully. Since it is a tweak, it may cause modification in the system files. So, gamers from Worldwide need to be cautious when downloading the custom screen lock for their device. Below are the steps to get a custom screen lock from the website    

  • Jailbreak the iOS device to get the custom screen lock
  • Root access is needed for activating the custom screen lock
  • High-speed internet is a must for downloading
  • Bypass the restriction of your system to download the custom screen successfully

Is Downloading Custom Lock Screen Safe?

Anything that is downloaded is activated from external sources is not safe. So, we don’t promote downloading any tweak from external sources. If gamers need to download or activate a custom screen lock for their devices, it is suggested to get it from reliable sources or in-game stores. 

We don’t promote or support downloading the tweaks from external sources as they are not safe and may inject viruses into the system.

Conclusion is the searchable website to get custom screen lock for free. However, users have to complete surveys and play a lottery to download and activate the custom screen lock. But we don’t support the process of downloading tweak from any external sources. 

If you have anything that you want to add about the tweak, please write it down in the comments section below.

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