Skin [Nov 2020] Customize Your Character! Skin [Nov 2020] Customize Your Character! Skin [Nov 2020] Customize Your Character! >> The write-up informs the readers about a fake survey that claims to offer custom skins for in-game character.    

Among Us is the widely played multiplayer game, and it has grabbed the gamers’ attention during a pandemic because the gameplay involves critique and deception. Players are the part of the space crew assigned to complete a task on the spaceship while keeping an eye on the other members as some of them are play-actor. Skin is another thing that makes the game attractive to gamers. 

The task of the imposters in the game is to eliminate the crewmembers in the spaceship. The crewmembers need to identify them and eject the imposters before they cause any damages. The game has many spacemen and in-game characters, and players can customize them for a new look using different skins and hats. 

There are different skins available, and players are not limited to the in-game characters’ default skin. The game is popular in the United States, but it is also played across Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  

What is Skin? Skin is the new website that uses a survey option to deliver different skins of the Among Us game. They offer a survey to complete to capitalize on the popularity of the game. Please remember, the website is not associated with the official developer of the game. 

The website asks the members to complete a survey and, in return, get custom skins for the in-game characters. It displays some of the limited time offers with a guarantee to deliver free skins. But, to get the custom skins, you need to complete the survey successfully. 

Is Skin Safe?

To verify the website’s legitimacy, we have conducted research and used the website of Skin to get the customized skin and found that it a survey scam website. The website’s survey is a paid advertisement that delivers no results, shows you an error, and asks to restart the survey.

The website provides you the built-in survey, and it opens the backdoor for spyware, malware, and other malicious tools. It puts your system at risk, and hence the survey must be avoided. The website is not safe, and it is a scam site that players must ignore. 

What Players have to say?

As mentioned, the website is another survey scam that offers no customized skin at the end of the survey. As the survey completes, it shows an error message with no custom skin. According to the players, Skin is not safe and a scam.    

Many players have tried using the website and completed the survey to get some customized skins, but the results are not satisfying. It delivers error messages with no custom skin. 


Among Us Dev Skin is not a safe website, as confirmed by the users. We have found no positive feedback from users of the survey website. Most of them have claimed that it offers no custom skin despite taking the online survey. 

If there is anything to share about the custom skins, please write it down in the comments section below.

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