Pet (Jan 2021) Get Custom Among Us Skins! Pet (Jan 2021) Get Custom Among Us Skins! Pet (Jan 2021) Get Custom Among Us Skins! >> The article includes information about the game feature pack, which you can download.

Among us is one of the games that are in trend nowadays, it is so surprising that the two years of the game are still on the chartbuster. People love its simplicity of gameplay and the lovable among us pets. In this article, we will discuss Pet and let you know all the information regarding this.

The game was developed in the United States and is very popular, and now it is widely accepted in Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia. You can play the game for free on the android smart device, but it is not accessible to play for the desktop version. For that, you have a sum of money. But you will like the Pet whose mischief behavior will make you feel adorable.

How you can get Pet?

You can get Pet by visiting the downloading site for free but for that, you have to download the game. The Pet available on the game is random, but you can change your Pet’s skin by getting the customized skin. It will be an exciting thing for the players; it will add newness to the game.

The gamers from the Philippines, Malaysia are also very exciting about it; the website allows you to download the different skin, but from a developer point of view it is not safe.

If you use any cheats to modify the game, then the game developers may block that account. So, it would be best if you used only a legit way to play. The website is not a trustworthy one.

Is it Free to download the skin?

Although the game is free to download for Android users, it is not accessible for PC users, so the developer team has decided to provide a skin change option for PC users only. Those who are playing the Among us on the mobile version have to pay to get the skin and other features.

The Pet allows you to download the Pet of your choice. It will completely change the outlook of the Pet. As we all know that the among us Pet is getting famous for PC because you can use it on, and as your Pet on the desktop, they will sit over the icon, run over and climb all over your screen. You can also control your Pet.

Which skin is perfect for you?

As you know, the game is all about hide and seek, so try to use the already available skin in the game. But if you want to buy a fancy coat, you can buy it at the purchase store. But don’t buy that skin which is loud in color, which makes you detect easily. You can choose the various color, which is light and easy to hide among several others.


This post is based on the information available on the internet; you can download the Pet for free. However, PC gamers’ skin is not chargeable, and mobile users can buy it from the store. 

So, which color skin are you choosing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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