Among Us Twitch Pet [Dec] A Full Guide To Know More!

Among Us Twitch Pet [Dec] A Full Guide To Know More!

Among Us Twitch Pet [Dec] A Full Guide To Know More! >> The article includes information regarding how to get a twitch glitch pet for free.

Among Us is one of the most popular online video games; the reason behind it is simple gameplay. To play the game, you need to choose the character of your choice. There are several characters available, but a few can only be accessed after purchasing it with the amount. This article will talk about Among Us Twitch Pet, an easy way to get characters for free.

The game is getting Worldwide popularity; you can download it for both PC and Smartphone versions. For the PC version, you have to purchase the game, but it is free for the mobile version. You can download it from the play store. In this post, you will get to know how to get the Twitch glitch pet, which will move even after the player is no more in the game.

What is Among Us Twitch Pet?

Among us is a game where players want to take the lead and search for several cheats, but here, in twitch pet, no need to go after any cheat codes or game trainers. Twitch Rivals and Innersloth joined hands to promote the game and take it to the next level. As per the news, Twitch is offering Glitch pet for those who will watch a video. Please stay connected to know more about the Among Us Twitch Pet.

For claiming a free Glitch pet, you need to make an account on Twitch rivals. After doing that, you will have to watch some random videos, including advertisements. After 30 minutes, a free Glitch pet will be a drop in your gaming account for a limited period, which you can choose while playing a game. Twitch rival’s accounts are open Worldwide; anyone can create an account.

The Benefit of Twitch Pet

As the Among us player knows, changing the player’s outfit will not make you stronger or give any advantage, but having more skins (costumes) in your wardrobe adds a newness to the game, and Among Us Twitch Pet does the same. The other benefit is that during the game play, when a player dies, the pet gets stuck in one place because of nobody’s movement as the pet only moves where the players go.

But with Twitch glitch pet, it will move even after the players die, so it will be an advantage to the player, which provides a further extension. But this glitch pet will be available for a limited time only, like for seven days or 15 days. Twitch has released this offer from December 4th; you can register on it and see the video to get a for free.

What are the players saying about it?

As this offer is new, we also heard that few people faced an issue while connecting to the Twitch account. While making an account, an error occurs, which blocks them from creating an account as per some players. But Twitch has noted it, and soon it will get fixed.


It is a wonderful opportunity for the “Among us” fans to get Among Us Twitch Pet for free. You have to make an account and see a video. Do let us know how you are experiencing playing with glitch pet in the comments section below.

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