Among Us Twitch Drops (Dec 2020) A New Collaboration!

Among Us Twitch Drops (Dec 2020) A New Collaboration!

Among Us Twitch Drops (Dec 2020) A New Collaboration! >> Read this article and get yourself a cute Twitch Glitch Pet in the game.

Among Us Twitch Drops: It can be said with no doubt that Among us is the game of the Year, everyone is playing this game, there are players all around the globe in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil and more.

The accessibility of this game on a mobile phone made it famous as everyone has a smartphone through which this game can be played quickly and hazel free.

As the game is so popular, players want more and more upgradation and the latest mods in the game, which the developers are trying hard to bring.Among Us, with collaboration with Twitch, is bringing in a new surprise for the players.

What is Among Us Twitch Drops?

Seeing the popularity of the game Among Us, Twitch decided to collaborate with the game in which they will be giving players a Twitch Glitch pet in the game.Usually, the players had to pay some extra to have access to the pets, and because of this reason, not all the players were able to acquire them.

So, to reward the player and celebrate the game’s grand success, Twitch and Among us collaborated and decided to award the player with this gift. 


  • Free Twitch Glitch Pet
  • Available on the Twitch website
  • It’s free of cost
  • Easy steps to win one

How can one get the Among Us Twitch Drops

The Twitch drop has been made available since the 4th of December and will be open until the 18th of December. Anyone can get access to it.

All the player has to do is watch thirty minutes of Twitch rivals Among us event, which can be visited with the help of this link

The player has to link their Twitch account to their Among Us account, which will help them unlock the Twitch glitch pet while playing the game.Other mods that the collaboration is giving out is that the players can change the color of the avatar and the name, and they can also equip it with a hat.

What are the people’s thoughts on Among Us Twitch Drops

The players love this new collaboration as they can have access to some of the mods that previously had to pay some amount, which was too expensive for them.

There are some reviews in which the players face some troubles as the pet as not shown in the game, but the collaboration is open till the 18th, and there is still time to acquire another one.


This is a brilliant step taken by the game developers as this made the player happy, which led them to play more and more. But the bugs that the players are facing needs to be solved by them.

The players are advised to read Among Us Twitch Drops reviews before taking any further steps to get the gifts quickly. They should also be aware that they have to visit the official site to earn the reward as any other unknown site calming the same prize could be a scam.

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