Among Us New Chat Update (Mar 2021) Let’s Read Now

Among Us New Chat Update (Mar 2021) Let’s Read Now

Among Us New Chat Update (Mar 2021) Let’s Read Now -> Do you know about the latest chat feature of the online game? Please read the post to know more about it.

Among Us, the Popular social game has now introduced, “Among Us New Chat Update.” 

This quick chat meant to be a fast and safe method to have an open chat with crewmates.

Besides open chat, it also includes several categories of the call to actions that you may use. Previously the update came out that few errors are thrown out from wrench in player lobbies. However, Innersloth released the new update over the weekend and addressed many of the new features.

Players from the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom are using this feature, so look below their experience.

What is Among Us New Chat Update?

Among us have already its chat feature for players, but now Innersloth updated its chatbox and allowed users to write their text openly without worrying. Innersloth says it is safer, faster, and easier chat boxes for players and allows gamers to communicate with each other easily.

This quick chat feature is free for chat, but gamer should be more than 13 years of age. If you are ready to go on this quick chat feature, you will be asked to share your details, including age and name.

The gamers would be happy to know in the new Among Us New Chat Update; gamers have a chance to reset the settings if they have entered their birth date or age wrong. Unfortunately, this latest update also comes with certain bugs while using lobbies. Hopefully, Innersloth will release the update this weekend, so stay updated with this post.

What kind of errors/bugs players are getting in the game?

Innersloth has made it easier for every player to do open chat with their friends while playing. However, many players won’t be happy with Among Us New Chat Update, as they are receiving lots of bugs/errors as following.

  • 13+ Age limit is fixed to access quick chat
  • When creating a blank room screen appears
  • The screen gets black while accessing and creating lobbies.
  • Desync issues

Innersloth says, hopefully, these issues/bugs will be fixed as soon as possible. In their initial announcement, the quick chat feature is great to engage gamers in the game with open chat. But in the second announcement, the company says they will fix all issues that gamers are receiving.

Here we need to share one thing with you: you need to stay updated with the post to know more about among us and its latest updates.


Lastly, in Among Us New Chat Update, Innersloth specify that fixes will resolve easily, and gamers can enjoy the reliable, fast, and easy-open chat feature in their game.

Stay updated with this weekend for the latest update on fixes. They also say gamers have to ensure they play on the latest version, 2021.3.5, to enjoy the chat feature.

Are you facing the same errors in a quick chat? Tell us how bad it is, and share your suggestions in the given comment box.

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