Among Us Jester Mode (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Reviews

Among Us Jester Mode (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Reviews

Among Us Jester Mode (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Reviews >> Today we are informing you about the newly introduced mode in the popular online game!

Do you want to know about the Jester Mode? Among Us Jester Mode assigns one person in the game. So many players in the United States and worldwide are trying this mode for Among Us game. 

Among Us game, which has won millions of hearts worldwide, has not introduced a Jester Mode for its users.

It is a custom mode for the game, where a single player is assigned for the role of Jester in the Among Us game. Besides, they require to be voted out if they want to win the entire game.

This article will guide you about playing Among Us game in Jester Mode and how to win the game using the customs mode.

What is Among Us Jester Mode?

It is a custom mode, introduced recently in Among Us game. When a player is in Jester Mode, they can become suspicious of all those in the Among Us game’s lobby.

The games support only the classic and original game, and the players can divide into two groups. The large group will be of crewmates, and they are assigned the missions and tasks.

The smaller groups of one or two players will be of Imposters who kill and sabotage every crew member.

It has recently discovered a new mode, where the Jesters can only act as suspicious as they can so that they can get voted out.

How To Play In Jester Mod?

It is all about being suspicious when you are in Among Us Jester Mode. Many players in the United States and other nations of the world are excited to play Among Us game in Jester Mode.

Players are required to act as suspicious to play in the Jester mode. If they want to be in the game, they need to act as cynical as they can.

It will be evident to other players that the Jester mode player is trying to get voted out. If the player is voted out, they will win the Among Us game.

Do You Need Private Servers for Modded Versions Of the Game?

Yes, it would help if you had private servers for Among Us Jester Mode. The custom mini-games and modded versions of this popular game is possible only through private servers.

It is due to high-lever cooperation requirements in custom games and mods. Players of Among Us are adhere to the rules of the house. It is not enforced strictly by the game.

In Among Us, players should try to play this game with their trusted friend groups to avoid a lack of cooperation and issues.


The newly introduced Jester Mode is gaining popularity among the players of Among Us. The key to winning the game in Jester Mode is to maintain balance.

Players will require manipulating the circumstances and situations to appear as suspicious as possible.

The player in Among Us Jester Mode can lose the game is they are detected and killed by any Imposter.

Enjoy your Among Us game with the new game mode.

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