Alycandy com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Alycandy com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Alycandy com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! -> In today’s article, you get to know about an online boutique that offers printed t-shirts and masks.

Do you purchase t-shirts and masks online? Now check out Alycandy.

A lot of people are curious about this site. As this is a recently developed online store, we thought we should share certain essential information with our readers. 

Online boutiques are trendy among shopping enthusiasts. There is a rise in the popularity of graphic t-shirts, and both men and women buy these clothing items. 

In the present time, this site is quite famous in the United State. Within a short time, the website has managed to gain a fanbase among online shoppers. 

If you are an avid online shopper interested in buying trendy t-shirts and masks, then this site is worth a try. Here we share certain must-know information about this new site. 

What is Alycandy?

Alycandy is an online boutique that sells a variety of trendy graphic t-shirts and printed face masks. Customers who want to buy t-shirts that feature stylish designs can explore this website. The site has various t-shirts that come with either hobby graphics of animal graphics. 

The products boast modern designs. This e-shop offers fun-looking masks that come with multi-layer protection. The items on the site are sold at reasonable rates. Some of the things are available at discounts when you buy them in bulk. 

But is it safe for you to buy from this website? Is legit or a scam website? These are some of the questions that we’re going to help you with. 

We use tried-and-tested methods to determine the legitimacy of a website. 

Specifications of Alycandy:

  • Website type – online boutique offering printed t-shirts and masks 
  • Email address –
  • Company address – 11606 Regency Drive, Potomac AL 20854, United States 
  • Company contact number – not available 
  • Shipping time – 4-7 business days 
  • Shipping fee – $6.95 (within the US), $7.95 (worldwide shipping), free shipping for cart value over $50 (within the US) 
  • Delivery time – 7-10 business days 
  • Return – only in case of defects or errors (within 30 days)
  • Exchange – only if the product is defective or damaged 
  • Refund – full refund if the return is approved
  • Cancellation – to be done within 8 hours 
  • Mode of payment – Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

Is Alycandy Legit?

The online shop has shared their creative story with the customers on their homepage. They have a vast collection of products listed under two categories, t-shirts and masks. The site seems to be legit as it has shared the required information about its products and policies. 

On the product page, you can find all the required information such as the material used, washing method, etc., about a product. 

The site has shared their contact details such as the company address and email id. It has an SSL certificate, and Shopify powers the website. The site allows its customers to cancel an order or return in case of a damaged product. 

Pros of buying from Alycandy:

  • You can pick from a vast selection of t-shirts featuring unique and trendy designs. 
  • The items are made with premium-quality material. 
  • The products are reasonably priced. 
  • The site offers worldwide shipping. 
  • In case of a damaged product, the site offers a full refund. 

Cons of buying from Alycandy:

  • The site charges a shipping fee for orders that cost less than $50. 
  • The option to return/exchange products is not available unless you receive a defective product. 
  • The site takes relatively longer to process and deliver the product.  

What are the customers saying about Alycandy?

The site has not permitted customers to post their reviews. This is expected in the case of new websites. But their official Facebook page has over 1000 followers, which shows its popularity. 

We searched the internet for reviews posted by customers but only came across a few. Some of the customers have posted positive reviews mostly about the designs of the products. 

Final Thoughts

Alycandy is a new online boutique selling a wide range of printed t-shirts and masks. All the essential information about the products are stated on the respective product pages. The site is updated and maintained, which is a good sign. 

The site has shared essential details about their shipping, return, and delivery policies. Alycandy seems to be a legit online store that offers worldwide delivery. Their shipping charges are quite high. We suggest our readers check out this website and their chic and trendy products and share their shopping experiences with us. 

0 thoughts on “Alycandy com Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy. Could you please tell us the problem you have encountered or help us confirm if your complain has been resolved yet?

  1. Not only is this company scamming people, but they have actually created similar Google searches like this one, as if they are investigating scammers. I googled “Is Aly Candy a Scam” to find this forum, but I also found a few others that are talking up Aly Candy….some with broken English. What is even worse is when you comment on these sites, the comments disappear “waiting approval”. Then they never post the comments. Anytime I’ve seen a site like the one I’m on now, they always post public comments. It’s so bizarre that they are scamming us by being in a scam site themselves. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, their website looks completely legit, but has no phone number or address attached to it. I fell for it unfortunately! They will give you a tracking number eventually (if you ask), but the destination isn’t even my address. They clearly have my address in my order. They are posing as an American website, but clearly foreign with all the broken English when they repond to my emails. All they are doing is stalling me.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy. Could you please tell us the problem you have encountered and your order number so we both can re-check your issue.
      Yes, our printing products are made in Vietnam (T-shirts, Hoodies, Face Masks) but it does not mean we are scamming people.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy. Could you please tell us the problem you have encountered and your order number so we both can revise your problem.
      We can only see 1 Mary Bowers account who has ordered and received 5 T-shirts from us but we have not received any complain about that order.

  2. The broken English tells me the company is probably from China, and they have hidden this. Why i ask? When it takes two weeks to reach Illinois, you can see in tracking, they have been cleaver to hide the original destination.
    Not all of us blame the Chinese people for the virus. We demand to know where this companies headquarters are. Mainly because they advertised they were an American company.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy and we are not from China.
      We are an online store operates on the international market and focusing primarily in the USA. Our printing products are made in Vietnam (T-shirts, Hoodies, Face Masks). We understand that not knowing our headquarter makes people doubtful however we believe our products will make you satisfied.

  3. They are clearly foreign because my Visa was charged a foreign exchange fee. The delivery is slow but the product is really good quality so I bought four more masks from them. They ar probably from the Orient but not clear where. They need to be more open about their location but as I said the product quality is very good.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for loving our products,
      We registered the company’s operations in Singapore for the convenience and speedy for administrative procedures.
      If there is international transaction fee charged, we would like to support by refunding that fee. Please contact us via
      We also have been trying to improve our delivery performance to ensure better experience for our customers.
      Thank you!!!

  4. They are giving a fake address on this site. The zip code given is in MD, not AL and there is no street with that address in Alabama.

  5. I ordered several masks from this company on July 13, and I received them on August 3. AFTER I submitted my order I was informed that the order would be sent to Viet Nam for fulfillment. That startled me, so I began to try to research the company. There is very little about them online, with the exception of several fake product review sites, such as this one, that appear to have been created and maintained by Alycandy itself. The customer reviews I did find were overwhelmingly negative, and almost every review either began with or ended with the word SCAM.

    I paid via PayPal, so after I was done freaking out I permitted myself to feel relatively safe that I was financially protected in the event that my order went wrong. Mostly I was just wondering how long I ought to wait before submitting a complaint to PayPal.

    The pros: I actually got the masks, and the ones I received were the ones I ordered. (I read somewhere that someone got entirely different masks. It made it sound as if the company was shipping out just any old rubbish, but it appears now that maybe two orders simply got crossed.) If you buy a lot of masks, the pricing is really terrific.

    The cons: The images aren’t nearly as sharp and bright as they appear in the online catalog. The colors are muddied and run into one another, like a low-res photograph. Because the top layer is a different material from the inner layer, I’m kind of afraid of what will happen to the integrity of the layers, as well as to the images, when I wash the masks. According to reviews, customer service is virtually nonexistent.

    Bottom line: I wouldn’t order from them again, but I don’t think they’re a scam.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      We apologize if we could not support or respond you in a timely manner, because our mailbox was highly overloaded at that time.
      Because of a large number of orders, we sometimes make some mistakes like sending the wrong designs however when that happens, customers can always contact us for e replacement with no extra fee.

  6. This company is scamming people. I purchased 2 masks on June 20 my tracking says out for delivery on July 7 and never received anything. Nor have they gave us a refund. Buyer beware

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy.
      As we check, we have gave you full-refund for your order.
      The last shipping courier USPS showed on their website that “Your item was forwarded”, not that we did not ship out your order. That’s why we asked you for the confirmation from USPS while we contacted our shipping partner to solve your problem as soon as we could.
      We are so sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you could understand that we never want it to be that worst.

  7. I ordered eight masks from them. The site stated that the items were shipped from the U.S., which was not true. It took weeks for the order to arrive, but it eventually did. The masks are cute and are good quality, but I just didn’t appreciate the fact that they said quick ship from U.S. and it took as long as it did.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for loving our products.
      Our printing products are made in Vietnam (T-shirts, Hoodies, Face Masks) and they are made to order so it will take a little more time.
      We are so sorry if you have to wait longer than expected and we are trying to improve our delivery performance to ensure better experience for our customers.
      Thank you!!!

    1. Hello,
      We are Alycandy.
      We hope you could understand that there is always percentage of mail gets lost by USPS and we are willing to send a replacement package.
      Could you please contact us via, give us your order number for further assistance.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy.
      Because we only produce your items when you order it from us and ship it from Vietnam, it will take time.
      We do state clearly the material and the size of the products on our website. If you are not happy with the quality, please contact us via, give us your order number for further assistance.

  8. I purchased 3 cloth masks with cat scenes on them… The masks are beautiful and very well made. The fabric they listed as polyester but i believe is more of a Poly/Cotton knit.. the fabric is much better than i anticipated… it took 3 weeks to receive them but i am totally satisfied with the product… absolutely… BEAUTIFUL!

    These will be my favorite masks to wear. The filter pocket is great and will give more protection….

    just the delivery is very long… but the product is OUTSTANDING!

  9. They took a long while to arrive but the quality is excellent and they were worth the wait. I’ll order again… They have Christmas gnome masks ???

  10. The 3 T-shirts I ordered took a very long time to receive. The printed designs are not as clear as represented online; they are unfocused. I sent photos as requested with my complaint and they said it was only a little different, so there would be no refund. Also, the tags on the shirts say cotton on large letters. The shirts are not cotton. Very dishonest. No returns after several email complaints.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy.
      We hope you could understand the the print might not be as vibrant as in the picture. We are sorry if the tags make you confused however we do state clearly the material of the products on our website so we are not dishonest or trying to lie about it at all.

  11. I liked the product which were masks and they do wash nice but the shipping takes way too long and they do not respond back to you. I finally contacted PayPal and that was when I finally got a response from them and still almost 3 weeks till I received my masks. Total time for me to receive my order was about 8 weeks!

    1. Hello,

      We are ALycandy.
      We apologize for delaying your email response, because of our large number of orders, we sometimes miss a few emails.
      If your order wasn’t a replacement but still took too long, could you please contact us via, we will see what can we do to support you case.

  12. The mask I got here are very cute. Some have matching T-shirts. The many designs are great. I am going on my 3rd order. Love them so much. Great for gifts. and the filters fit inside each mask. I am very happy with all that I bought.

  13. Also I would like to add to my first comment. I have washed them 5 to 20 times and still good as new. The material printed picture is still great. There is no other place in the world that has this many cute masks. I wish they would have more Christmas masks designs. I would love to give them out to my clients and family as gifts.

    1. Hello,

      We are Alycandy.
      Thank you for loving our products. We have updated a lot of new Christmas designs.
      It is our goal that you are always happy with what you bought from us.

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