Aluxey Reviews [August 2020] Is It A Legit Website?

Aluxey Reviews [August 2020] Is It A Legit Website?

Aluxey Reviews [August 2020] Is It A Legit Website? >> Read the reviews here if you fancy yourself a new pair of earrings.  

It is time to add some floral punk earrings to your selection at home, and for that, you must check out the Aluxey website. 

Earrings are mostly ornaments that have been used for eternity to adorn the ears. They can add the pop of color to your face and a plain white outfit. 

No wonder most women love stocking up on them, right? If you are curious about where you can get quirky earrings, you must read this Aluxey Review

The website is set up in the United States and offers discounts that will surely entice you into making a lot of purchases. 

Now, let us start with this review and find out what else the site has to offer apart from earrings. 

What is Aluxey?

The Aluxey website is one that acts as a one-stop destination for all things fashion. If you are looking for something comfortable and casual, then this is the site for you!

They offer everything from clothing to shoes and even accessories on the site. The clothing will fit right in your budget, especially with the added discount they offer. 

Reading the Aluxey Reviews will tell you that the site’s layout is pleasing to the eye and does not look anything like a website that already exists.

All of the clothing and the accessories have been placed in clear categories. Such a categorization always aids customers in making quick purchases. 

But there is a complete absence of product information, something that is deemed necessary. This website was created in June of 2020, which raises suspicions, and one can question if Aluxey is legit or not. 

Specifications of Aluxey:

  • Products- clothing, shoes, and accessories 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- is not mentioned on the site 
  • Shipping/processing time- usually 3-5 business days, 10-20 shipping time 
  • Delivery time- 13-25 business days, but maybe delated 
  • Shipping fee- you will find out once the address details have been filled in 
  • Returns- are requested to be made within 15 days 
  • Exchange- can be made within 15 days from the delivery date 
  • Refunds- paid back on the original payment method in a week 
  • Online Payment- should be made using PayPal 

Pros of Aluxey:

  • They provide fast refunds 
  • They deliver to countries apart from the United States 
  • They ensure returns, as well as exchanges, can be made 
  • The layout makes it easy to navigate the website 
  • There are multiple clothing and accessory options to choose from 

Cons of Aluxey:

  • The customer will be responsible for shipping costs on returns 
  • The site was created only three months ago 
  • There is only one mode of payment available 
  • The company address provided cannot be used for returns 
  • There is an absence of product information 

Is Aluxey legit or a scam? 

The website offers clothing that could be perfect for a casual day at home. But the strangely reduced prices of all products don’t seem odd until you find out the site was created only three months ago. 

This Aluxey Reviews of the website tells you that it generates no online presence; its social media page has no comments or likes. 

Can it be assumed that the website is a scam? No! the website is far too young to come to such a conclusion. 

This website may take its own sweet time in generating the buzz it may deserve.

 What does the customer say about Aluxey? 

As mentioned above, it is sure the website and its products have no customer views. This absence of reviews is all because of the site being created in 2020 in June.  

Its social media page seems to have been created haphazardly ta make it look rather shoddy. This United States website too looks like it requires a lot of work. 

All product images are not clear, and there is no mention of the product details. This information is an integral part of a clothing/accessory website. Don’t you agree? 

How else will a customer find out about the quality of what they wish to purchase? 

Final Verdict- 

After analyzing the Aluxey website, it was brought to notice that the site was created only a couple of months ago and lack Aluxey Reviews

Now, this is something that is common with a lot of scam or phishing sites. It goes unnoticed because we do not bother making any checks on the site. 

Thus, we do not recommend any user to make a purchase from Aluxey at the moment. 

0 thoughts on “Aluxey Reviews [August 2020] Is It A Legit Website?

  1. Returns must be sent to China. Cost for that is prohibitive. I researched that with company representative prior to placing an order. Plan to keep what you buy.

  2. I placed an order and then saw reviews that this website may be a scam. I sent Aluxey an email to cancel. They responded in 2 days and said:
    “Sorry to hear that you want to cancel the item(s).
    Is there any chance for you to keep the order?
    If you decide to keep the order, we will offer you a 20% money refund(purchase price).
    You can contact us to refund you this amount when you receive them and keep them.
    Your item(s) is/are on hold now, pls check and get back to us asap.
    If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, we will cancel your order and refund you.
    Best regards,

    Now I’m not sure what to think.

  3. I made an order for 4 tops on 28/8/20. I still have not received them and I have had 3 emails saying the order has been “partly shipped” , giving a tracking number and as or today 23/9/20, there is still no location on any of the items I ordered.

  4. This is the slowest delivery service I have EVER encountered. Pony Express would have been better. I made an order in August and as of October 8 I have received only a small portion of the order. Their tracking isn’t helpful or accurate, and their messages of separate items being sent are inaccurate because they haven’t arrived weeks after the messages.
    I would NOT recommend Aluxey to anyone. Items are cute, but what’s the use if they never get delivered?

  5. I placed an order for 2 pieces of jeweller and a top.

    The jewellery arrived and is good quality and exactly what I ordered but the top is to be sent at a later date…fingers crossed

  6. I ordered three items. One skirt arrived and quickly fell apart. One sweater looked NOTHING like the photo. One skirt is apparently on backorder but still appears on their website as something people can still purchase. I sent emails asking for a refund and they went unanswered. when i wrote once a week, for about a month, they finally wrote back and said that i had missed the 15 day window to get a refund. it didn’t matter that my emails showed that i was clearly in the window. regarding the skirt that was on ‘backorder’ they said i could pick other items instead but every item i wanted to swap it out with, they said it wasn’t an option. i was only asking for 3 pairs of socks to ‘replace’ the skirt purchase so not sure why they couldn’t swap it out when they are the ones who suggested i could. i am now going to my bank to try to dispute the $84 charge. do not buy from them.

  7. This site is a complete scam and I’m embarrassed to have fallen for it. After placing an order on September,14 I received four items. Two were okay, but two are horrific quality and upon attempting to return, was advised I’d missed the window. The fifth item was delivered Jan 25 (yes, order placed September 14). The order was for a black sweater and I received a brown and tan sweater that isn’t even the same style as what I ordered. I just sent my second email requesting to return the sweater at their expense and I’ve heard nothing back from either inquiry.

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