Aloha Shop Specials Reviews (Jan) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews (Jan) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews (Jan) Is This Legit Or Scam? >> This post will be helpful in understanding the legitimacy of the website that offers multiple products.

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews: Recently, e-commerce is taking place in new trends. It is giving us a very convenient platform. We can go for shopping anywhere and anytime with our comfort by using a laptop, Smartphone etc. from the ease of our home without going through the discomfort of getting ready and going out. You can go through the searched category to get a massive range of products. 

Here, we have a website that comes with beauty products, watches, stationery and so on. Christmas is the main festival in the United States. Here it has offered a collection of Christmas accessories like wings well, calendar etc. As Christmas time is coming, so it has given discount and coupon code for their customer and also celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of the shop. 

Let us take a review of this website.

What is Aloha Shop Specials Site?

It is the part of online shopping trends where we can have a look for new coming trends with huge collection by different varieties, styles and sizes too. This platform is offering a variety of high-quality products in new directions with its unique collection.

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews are providing products as 3D Sneaker clock, Christmas ornament wings well, Beauty products, Girls clothing, Accessories, Portable washing machine and Stationery.

Particulars of Aloha Shop Specials Site

  • The URL of the website is
  • Email address:
  • Physical address not mentioned.
  • There is no availability of Fax number and contact number too.
  • Products- Christmas items, related to beauty and so on.
  • This website is offering return policy with few terms and condition within three days of delivery of the parcel.
  • It takes 2-4 weeks for shipping and delivery of the products.
  • Fast shipping to the United States, i.e. 7 to 21 days.
  • Track your package with a tracking number.
  • It protected by HTTPS Protocol, as well as SSL Integration.
  • Face book page: Not Available.
  • Instagram page: Not available.
  • Codes and coupon- Available 
  • Domain age- Two months, and Three days. (09/09/2020)
  • It accepts payments via major credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard.

Please stay tuned with us to know more about Aloha Shop Specials Reviews.

What are the advantages of buying products from Aloha Shop Specials Site?

  • Quality and look of the products are unique.
  • Prices of the products are reasonable.
  • The payment method is available in different modes.
  • If you want to get the updates of your order tracking facilities then those are available.
  • These products are not available in the local market.
  • Newsletter subscription is available.
  • Shipping policy is shared.
  • Beauty products and accessories are updated regularly
  • It offers 50% discounts on a few products.

What are the disadvantages of buying the products from this site?

  • There is no facility of physical address.
  • The website domain is too new as less than six months.
  • Customer’s reviews not found.
  • Fax number not shared.
  • Contact number not shared.
  • Limited products offered.

Is Aloha Shop Specials Site Legit or a Scam?

As we explored the Site through Aloha Shop Specials Reviews, we hinted it’s highly dubious because they are mentioning about to celebrate the first anniversary of the shop. While analyzing the customer reviews, it has only 1 % trust index. We are broken down to find any positive customer reviews.

The misleading information is available and the domain age is only a few months back, so it is a highly suspicious and possibly a scam website, due to the following reasons:

  • No contact number
  • No social medial presence
  • No physical address
  • No more payment option
  • No customer reviews

Buyer’s Thought

As mentioned, after evaluating and analyzing online, we are not able to check any feedback from any verified buyer, so we have no words to say as a customer. 

Since there are no Aloha Shop Specials Reviews available online, the buyers must go through this site on their own risk because of no availability of feedback.


We want to wind up all the points and feedbacks by considering there is no output. It is highly suspicious website and possibly a scam because of mentioning fake information on the site. 

If you are thinking to buy any product from this website, please go online research well and then purchase any product. Kindly mention your doubts in the comments box. We are grateful to help you.

44 thoughts on “Aloha Shop Specials Reviews (Jan) Is This Legit Or Scam?

  1. I purchased one of the clocks inadvertently and ended up Ordering two of them they got $42 of my money and I certainly hope that I get my product here’s hoping fingers are crossed

        1. Same here! I ordered the mini- Air Jordan 3D Sneaker Clock with 12 Mini shoes. Track the shipment number provided said was delivered but never received. Emailed them a lot of times abut no response!

          I assumed the same that I got SCAMMED! Damn scammers!

          1. The site is a scam I ordered the wall clock with Air Jordan shoes, it never showed up I ordered it back in end of October it is almost January it took my money and I never seen my product. Or a refund.

    1. Rien en France non plus

      La commande date du 16 novembre
      Le numéro de suivi me dit que c’est dans ma boite le 4 janvier et je n’ai rien.
      Aucune réponse à mes mails
      Une honte !

    2. moi j’en ai aussi commandé 2 et les produits ont été livré en thailande et non chez moi, depuis j’essaye de les contacter sans réponses. Ils ont encaissé les 2 horloges

  2. I’m currently being scammed right now by them. I bought a couple things for my husband and kids for Christmas so that’s not great considering they won’t be getting them now. I can’t wrap my head around how these scammers sleep at night when they do this to honest people. I was unable to get any of my emails answered either. HUGE WARNING TO STAY AWAY

    1. Did your receive your item why don’t you dispute it with your bank. Hopefully it is real could be coming from China and takes months . They are selling Michael Jordan clock on amazon for over 100 dollars. Please let know.

      1. No, never got them and I ordered 2. I opened a dispute with my bank on the 14th of November but since they posted a fake tracking number thing that just says “pre alert tip United states” I think it’s going to take forever if I even do get my money back. They will not answer any questions pertaining to this being a scam at all nor will they give me any info about my order. Do not buy from this scamming company if you haven’t yet.

      1. No. Never got the clocks I ordered and it’s a scam. They never sent the email with “tracking ” like it says they will do but when I disputed it with my bank, they posted a fake tracking thing that says “pre alert to United states” . It is clear that nothing will be coming. They refuse to answer ANY questions at all about this either.

      2. I ordered 2 Jordan clocks from them for my boys for Christmas on the 9th November and still not received. Have emailed them a few times and no response.
        I’m gutted that this is a scam as I’m a single mum and times are hard as it is.
        And to be ripped off is disgusting

  3. I’m currently being scammed right now by them. I bought a couple things for my husband and kids for Christmas so that’s not great considering they won’t be getting them now. I can’t wrap my head around how these scammers sleep at night when they do this to honest people. I was unable to get any of my emails answered either. HUGE WARNING TO STAY AWAY

    1. I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s very unfortunate that people do this to others. If you have to do this to people, you’re nothing but the scum on the bottom of my shoe. Especially doing this around the holidays and with trying times like this! I hope you can dispute the charges through your bank and let them know their a scamming company. I would also report this website. Not sure how, but possibly through the FBI? You’re helping others by speaking out, so thank you! Best of luck to you!

  4. Hello, thanks for this info.
    I thought it was a bit suspicious as the products like ‘Nike MJ Clock’ looked high end.. even the quality of the Instagram ad was good.. but still for $19.95 – Luckily, I saw your post first about the legitimacy of the shop.. will have to look into this one..

    btw.. the company Logo on the splash Banner was poorly executed, which is questionable, I think.
    thanks again..

  5. WOW I hope I don’t get scammed I did order the MJ clock yes it was too good to pass up if its not a legit site i will dispute the charges with my credit card company.

    1. Let me know if u recieve it. Heard bad things about this. And if its too good to be true it probably is. These “handmade shoes” are alot of work and detail to be 19$ lol

  6. I was in the checkout to pay and it said “its in high demand,but dont worry we reserved one for you” made me double think this as my gut feelings are pretty right on. Glad i didnt get scammed and robbed of my money–even tho it was 29.00–a lady commented they took more! And also a good friend of mine bought something off of facebook and got something completely different!!

  7. I ordered 2 MJ clocks from them on the 8th of November. They sent me a tracking number after a few weeks. Just checked now, and it says they delivered. Where did they deliver? I have a camera on my front door, I checked the ENTIRE day that they said it was delivered, no one came to my door.

    This is a scam. I lost $60.

  8. I ordered the MJ clock the week of Nov 14. I still have not received it yet but tracking states it was delivered. I emailed them to say I never got it and they told me to keep waiting. Now when I email them they do not respond. I will be disputing this with my bank now.

  9. What a scam just like all these other people I purchased two clocks on November 16 so excited for my kids and looked at their “tracking” which claimed my package was already delivered. The tracking site is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and now all these poor people have been scammed

  10. I purchased the clock on November 26. I received a tracking number. Everything seemed legit. The tracking number shows the item was delivered 2 days ago, but it actually has not been delivered. I have emailed both of the email addresses I could find associated with my order, no response. I also am unable to find the actual currier that the tracking number belongs to. I believe this was a scam and I fell for it. I will be notifying my bank and hopefully will get my money back.

  11. Thats really discouraging to me…I also ordered one of the Air Jordan clocks for my nephew on Dec 1st for his Christmas gift before he leaves overseas for military duty…i dont have my clock I ordered, the money was taken out of my account on Dec 2nd and I have emailed multiple times and haven’t gotten a response…I already planned on going to my bank Monday about filing a dispute against them.

  12. I ordered the MJ Sneaker Clock in Oct., received a order confirmation and tracking number but never received my order. I emailed the contact number and still no response. I want my money back. This appears to be a scam. So many others have also complained.

  13. I ordered a Jordan clock 11 Nov, shipping says it arrived in Australia 29-Nov, today is 12-Dec and it still has not been delivered to me.

    The shipping company responded to me email and said, it cant be tracked once it arrives overseas.

    What can I do?

  14. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Ordered the wall clock and 6 weeks later, nothing has arrived. (Order placed 11-08-2020) I did receive email response asking me to be patient & wait. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE. I regret not reading the reviews sooner. I found this site on Facebook & I will be reporting it IMMEDIATELY after I write this review!!!!

  15. I ordered a clock and never received it although tracking said it was delivered and money was taken out of my account. I tried numerous times to reach out with no response back

  16. It appears the same thing is happening to everybody with this company. They take your money, use some foreign delivery website that claims your package is delivered, but in fact you receive nothing. They don’t respond to emails. You can’t get in touch with them. This is 100% a scam. Do not spend your money here.

  17. I ordered 2 clocks the end of November. I still have not received the order. I have emailed them multiple times and no response.

  18. Saw the ad on FB and thought $20 for these clocks was a great deal. Placed an order for 2 of them in early Nov. Sent an email to them in early Dec and they responded saying that it’s on the way. Tracking says it was delivered on 12/20 but never got it. Definitely a scam. Disputed the charge with my bank and blocked any charges from them in the future. The grammar on their response seemed like it was made by a 1st grader. Pure BS!

  19. I ordered 1 – 3D Jordan Clock back in November on the 16th I believe. Got my confirmation email and to this day still haven’t received the product. I have emailed several times asking for a refund. The tracking didn’t make sense because I watched since I made the order and it said the week of Christmas that the delivery couldn’t be made and it was being returned to the sender. I checked it today and it says it was delivered on Dec. 24th, 2020. Ugh I am so irritated because I have a family of 7 and was Christmas shopping for my children on a budget last year. This makes me so angry and frustrated that they would just take money from me like that.

  20. Same here I ordered months ago and I have emailed and surprisingly I received a response but it was not much of a response! This is the same response I got 2x and nothing since!🤬🤬

    Hi there,
    I’m sorry for the inconvenience, soon you will receive your order please wait. Thanks.
    I only got a tracking number but when I look it up it only says delivered to the US but that is all, it does not have my address or an address that it was delivered to.

    I also ordered this clock for our grandson Christmas present! Was so upset to tell him that his gift did not come in!
    They sent me so crazy email saying it was delivered to our home! What a JOKE! We have cameras at our home and nothing had or has ever been delivered!

  22. moi j’en ai aussi commandé 2 et les produits ont été livré en thailande et non chez moi, depuis j’essaye de les contacter sans réponses. Ils ont encaissé les 2 horloges

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