Allhiphop Ti com {Oct} $1200 A Day For The Next Ten Days

Allhiphop Ti com {Oct} $1200 A Day For The Next Ten Days

Allhiphop Ti com {Oct} $1200 A Day For The Next Ten Days >> The write-up is to help people know about the stimulus package and earn extra money during this pandemic. 

Allhiphop Ti com: Everyone is looking to earn extra income during this time of financial hardship, and AllHipHop, in partnership with famous rapped and actor, Top T.I Harris, comes forth with a new source that can help you earn easy money. Now people from the United States can easily make extra income by promoting songs and albums online. 

During the pandemic situation, the actor cum rapper, Tip “T.I” Harris, in partnership with AllHipHop, takes the situation seriously. He has decided to launch LIBRA stimulus packages. Under the package, the mogul and the rapper will giveaway around 12K dollars in the next ten days to all participants who vote or promote their favourite songs from their album discography. 

Any album of the actor from 2000 debut to date can be selected for promotion. A participant will be selected daily on a random basis, and they will be offered with 1200 dollars as rewards for voting. 

What is Allhiphop Ti com?

AllHipHop is the most valuable resource for the hip-hop community over the internet. It was started back in 1998 by Greg Watkins and Chuck Creekmur. The website features daily interviews, daily news, multimedia, reviews, and other interesting content of the growing community. 

The actor cum rapper, Tip Harris or T.I has partnered with Allhiphop Ti com to launch a stimulus package that will give away around 12K dollars to participants in the next ten days. Participants need to vote for their favourite songs from his entire album discography, starting from the debut album in 2000. 

A participant will be selected randomly daily, and he/she will be offered with 1200 dollars as a reward for voting. The reward is only for participants from the United States. The stimulus package is for the upcoming album LIBRA, set to be released on the 16th of Oct 2020. 

What are the Benefits of the Allhiphop Ti Com Stimulus Package?

According to the latest news on Allhiphop Ti com, the stimulus package is designed to help people get extra income as a reward. Some of the benefits associated with the package are:

  • It helps participants to get a reward of 1200 dollars daily for voting the songs
  • The stimulus package is offered by popular rapper and actor in collaboration with AllHipHop
  • Get a chance to be a part of the popular hip-hop community as a participant 
  • Every day a new participant is voted randomly for the reward                

Customer’s Review

The stimulus package is launched recently on the 6th of Oct 2020, and it is completely a new program that has not received many responses from the users. So, it is hard to find customer reviews about the stimulus package. Since it is offered in collaboration with a popular mogul, it seems to be a legit program.

It is suggested that participants evaluate and research before participating in the stimulus program of Allhiphop Ti com.


Suppose you are looking for some effective sources to earn easy money, vote for the songs, and earn up to 1200 dollars daily. 

AllHipHop Ti com brings you the stimulus package that lets you earn 1200 dollars daily to vote for the favourite songs of Tip Harris.  

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