Allentimus Masks Reviews [2020] Is it Scam or Legit?

Allentimus Masks Reviews [2020] Is it Scam or Legit?

Allentimus Masks Reviews [2020] Is it Scam or Legit? -> This site offers a wide range of masks to protect against pollution and disease spread. Customized options include army, bird, skull, camping bee imprints.

Still, thinking if to buy from AllientiMasks or not? Stick to this article until the end, and you will be able to decide upon that. 

 It becomes challenging to survive in a world full of pollution. Hence today, there is a vast need for masks to protect one from the infection.

 However, nowadays, amidst lockdown situations due to the COVID-19 case moving out from the house has become lethal. So to save from all such hazards, these masks help to protect against disease spread and pollution too. 

 Allentimus Masks is a website gaining popularity in the United States. But the reliability of this site about delivering masks at home is still under the question.

 What is Allentimus Masks?

 Allentimus is an online shopping website created and crafted only to offer a variety of masks equipped with an activated carbon filter to protect against diseases and pollution hazards.

 This site offers a variety of customized pattern masks which are different from the ordinary and boring ones available in the local market or shops. From offering patterns like the army, veteran, airforce, nurse, breast cancer, bird, cat prints, etc. it has all chic and trendy customized masks to pick.

 About the pricing, most of the masks are available at $ 34.99; however, there is slight price variation as per the selection of choice. It might appear a little pricey for a mask, but considering customized and quality products offered, which is reusable, it is bearable.

 More about its specifications:

  • Website type- It offers a variety of customized masks to pick from a massive range of collection
  • Shipping time- It takes 2-5 days for the processing of shipping and receiving a product within 10-15 days excluding holidays
  • Shipping charge- It is charged as per the country of transportation, and no flat rates are applicable
  • Return- Return with refund is feasible within 30 days of purchase but return shipping has to be paid by the person himself/herself
  • Exchange- Only applicable for a defective product not otherwise
  • Contact details of the website- 
  • Address: Houston, Texas, USA; Email:
  • Payment method- Online using visa or master card, and Paypal

 Is Allentimus Masks legit to shop from or not?

Regarding the Allentimus Masks legit concern, there are many negative reviews available on the internet. Most of them indicate that the product is not received neither they get a refund.

So amidst such negative things, the impact of it appears dicy in being legit. However, people are still ordering and probably receiving stuff, but no such reviews can be seen on the internet as of now.

Well, the truth can be clarified either by the company itself or after trying it out.

Is it a site for real customers or shopaholics?

Well, with endless negative reviews, it doesn’t give an impression of a site for all mask shoppers. But of course, for the ones daring to try and ready to risk for fancy little masks, it can be a thing.

Rest banks can be approached for money issues if the company turns out to be real fake.

What are the benefits of Allentimus Masks? 

It provides a wide range of excellent and customized masks for protection against pollution and diseases.

The masks come with an exchange policy for the defective products received.

Worldwide shipping available for the masks, which are useful during COVid-19 spread out.

Are there any disadvantages to shop from Allentimus Masks?

  • The shipping charged is not clear and will be charged as per the country or state of transportation.
  • No clarity on a return or exchange policy of the website.
  • There is no COD option available have to pay online.
  • Lastly, no size details are available for kids or adults.
  • Return shipping has to be paid by the person.

The concluding takeaway:

Allentimus Masks can be considered for buying little fancy customized masks of your choice. However, amidst so many negative feedbacks and reviews available over the internet. Trying to buy from the website might turn out to be a little at their own risk.

The masks are no doubt appealing and worth trying, but the website has still not clarified about fake rumors. Else the best way is working by paying via credit card so that the bank takes over regarding the finance part in case the product is not received in any case.


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  1. Allentimus is a scam! What I don’t understand is why isn’t PayPal doing something about even allowing anymore payments to go thru knowing lots of people are coming back thru them for refund and saying the same things Allentimus has done to them. I ordered April 6,20. By 4/15/20 the finally claimed completed from factory and shipping next day. By 3 days later no shipping information. So I opened case with PayPal. They passed messages back to same Account holder as everyone else here. They replied once saying after checking my order # it was still in factory. Of course I replied liar because I’d already received email week ago it was done and shipping. So I escalated my case to PayPal handling. Then they inform time frame and process up until May 16. So since then 3 days ago I’ve received email my order has shipped and giving me tracking #. And of course PayPal also emails about this shipping of masks. Well like you all every time I check tracking. It’s not been any more happenings only a label been created. I truly don’t believe anything will ever come. And I do know PayPal better do some waking up and give me my money back that they guaranteed the reason I use it for all online purchases. They have no reason to wait so long when aren’t they the same PayPal all of us has complained to about these scammers. I find few reviews claiming they got them and love them when I search Allentimus reviews.

  2. Allentimus is a SCAM! I ordered masks at the beginning of March when all of this started and it has been impossible to get my masks. My mother is elderly and needed supplies. I took a chance since disposable masks were getting expensive. I ordered two by this company praying on my desire to help our Frontline health care nurses . I thought it was a great way to show support. Boy was I wrong! I received several different emails and have reached out for months and still no tracking numbers that exist. This company shod be ashamed of its actions and Pay Pal should not support fraudulent companies!! I will be reporting this to the better business bureau. And I am considering suing for false advertising and fraud. This company steals your money and prays on your hope. Its awful and disgusts me that there are people in the world like this.

  3. Have been back and forth with Allentimus since the day I ordered my masks. First they were out of material, then miraculously material showed up and my masks were already in production mode. The. Masks were made as well as they confirmed order was finished on ita way. Month later, no masks, I ask if they were coming from China and I get a reply stating they canceled my order and have co tacted the manf so that I get my money back for two masks. This is going to be a long drawn out battle, but considering I paid for two masks as well as my son paid for one, I will fight for whats right, and that is my money back. Buyer beware about Allentimus, nothing legit about it.

  4. On April 18th I spent $58.97 on two masks and as of today (May 16, 2020) I have not received them or have an answer as to when I would receive them. I sent them an email and their support sent me the same tracking information I had already attached to the email I sent them. Stay away from this company! I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered.

  5. Total scam, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!! They sent false information regarding shipping with a fake USPS number.!!!!!

  6. I ordered my masks 04/01/2020 and still waiting! Filed with PayPal and they denied my refund because the fraudulent company said it was shipped. Tracking Oder they provided doesn’t even show UPS has received the item. This company is like COVID – it spreads like a virus praying on those weak and scared and delivers nothing but the death of stealing from you financially. SHAME on THEM and shame on PayPal and Facebook and Instagram for even allowing it to happen!

  7. We have a similar problem to the other reviewers. Four masks were ordered mid-April. Over one month later – nothing. I looked up the shipping company and they are out of Singapore.

  8. The same story here, we ordered mask on April 24, on may 18th a package arrived with nothing in it. There is no way to contact this company other than the website email. I expect nothing will happen, I’m just out of my money. Hopefully people will read these reviews and go elsewhere.

  9. I ordered a mask months ago and I still have not received it! When I first emailed them asking the status of my order they sent me a receipt that it had been delivered to an address in Texas. I live in Michigan. I immediately emailed them back and showed them my order with my correct address and now nothing! No one will respond to my emails. This company is a scam with horrible customer service and I wasted $34 on a mask I never received. Very disappointing!

  10. Ordered a mask in April. April 28th I got an email saying it was in Rosendale NY. About 2 hours from my house. I have contacted them numerous times. They just keep saying checking it out. I don’t even remember if I paid through PayPal or my bank. SCAM

  11. After reading all the comments, I couldn’t agree more! This company is absolutely terrible! I ordered 7 masks (my total was about $202!!!) It took over 2 months to even get delivered. Then, literally less than one week after finally getting them, 2 snapped straight down the middle of the nose pieces. I have been back and forth with them and they won’t do a thing without the shipping label. Who keeps the label/packaging AFTER the product arrives? No one! I sent them photos, original order number, AND the UOS tracking number. They told me they couldn’t do a thing without shipping label because their “policies” state they can’t! I am super upset, as some of these were for people on the front lines, like our nurses and doctors. This is totally ridiculous and I wouldn’t ever spend money there again!

  12. I ordered two N-95 masks on April 6th and still have not received them. They refuse to refund my money. I continually get the run around, hung up customs, covid 19 and shipper issues. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  13. I ordered in March 2020, 2 masks.
    After going back and forth for months, I finally received June 2020. They said they would also be sending replacement masks for me waiting.
    I received the replacement masks not the originals.
    I don’t think I will receive the originals, but I got what I wanted.

  14. Wow. I am experiencing the same I ordered 4 mask back in April. I have sent emails,reported them as fraud and still have not gotten anything from them. I too got a tracking number. Now nothing is showing up. It was supposedly in New York on its way for over 3 months. What a scam.

  15. Same night mare as everyone else. I ordered in March and they kept saying the masks are on the way…things have been crazy and backed up due to covid…blah blah blah. I think we will have a vaccine and cure before the masks arrive. Evil people suck. I hope everyone affiliated with this “company” goes down in flames. Kharma is a bitch and I hope they get it back 100 fold.

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