Aguero Dewalt Tools {April} Is It A Legit Online Store?

Aguero Dewalt Tools {April} Is It A Legit Online Store?

Aguero Dewalt Tools {April} Is It A Legit Online Store? -> This post tells you about a renowned company that makes power tools.

If you have been searching for power tools and wondering if you should be purchasing them online? Then you have come to the right place.

This post will tell you about a brand based out of the United States. It is infamous for its innovative products in the field of tools and accessories that thrive at job sites.

It is always advised to be a smart shopper. To explore the market, locate reviews and experiences before making a purchase. This Aguero Dewalt Tools review shall be your one-stop for it all. Read the full evaluation to see what else does this store offers! 

What is Aguero Dewalt? 

It is an online store that is your one-stop-shop for construction tools. The company information talks about it being set up in 1922 by Raymond Dewalt. The company continues to optimize its previously created tools and accessory designs.  

The site claims that each tool is engineered and built by pros to sustain the toughest jobs! Dewalt offers all those high-power tools that may be required at a construction site or even at home from screw guns metal grinders, lawnmowers, dust magnets, saws, etc.

It is essential to notice that the site merely offers information regarding the products and locate the nearest store to purchase them.

It is your one-stop-shop! What else does it have to offer? Read the post further to find out. 

What kind of products does Aguero Dewalt sell?

The tools and accessories offered are perfect for companies and contractors that deal with construction. It offers the following varieties of power tools and anchors & fixings

  • Drills- you will find cordless, compact, hammer and rotary style drills. Most of them provide comfortable holds with one hand use.
  • Blowers- Aguero Dewalt provides customers with blowers that will help manage dust. It will provide you with clean working stations, especially while working with wood. 
  • Grinders- these are usually used for shining up your metal surfaces. These are available in 125MM, 100 MM, heavyweight 180 MM and the larger 230 MM categories. 
  • Fastening- this section contains all your screwdrivers and impact wrenches. The handles provide comfortable grips, so you don’t lose your balance! 
  • Polishers, Shears and Nibblers- this section contains sanders, polishers and metal shears. These are majorly used when working with wood. 
  • Rotary and Demolition Hammers- the site shows hammers from 48MM Hammers to 5kg 17 MM. Dewalt tools offers a variety of complete information. 
  • Saws- this category offers pendulum saws, table saws, heavy-duty mitre saw stands, chop saw, tile saw, etc. Everything that is required for precision cutting of your wooden blocks and planks is available. 
  • Sanders- you will spot 1/4 sheet palm grip sander, random orbit palm sander etc. to name a few. These again are perfect for wooden objects such as doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. 
  • They also offer LCD heat guns, extraction telescopes, outdoor products such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, compressor kits and other products that a company or person may require at a construction site. 

Benefits of purchasing from Aguero Dewalt

Aguero Dewalt tools offer the following benefits.

  • It provides full information about the products the company has to offer. 
  • Quality with a guarantee so an easy return can be made if the product turns out to be faulty. 
  • Provide a 2-year warranty on each product purchased. 
  • They maintain a social media presence. You will spot their tutorial videos on youtube and Instagram. They can also be spotted on LinkedIn. 
  • Their site helps you find the nearest retailer to make a purchase of these products. 
  • The website provides you with a phone number- 1-860-425-1111
  • It is a known brand and has been in the business of providing well designed and thoughtful products for years. 

Cons of Aguero Dewalt

Aguero Dewalt Tools lack transparency even though the company boasts of years and years of experience in the field of power tools and other construction accessories. 

Their site acts as an information provider and store locator and not an online purchaser. There is no email id provided. 

They do not mention the price of the products, and many of its product categories are left empty. Some even lack images! There are also no customer reviews of its products available. 

Final Verdict- 

The website merely provides information regarding the products and locate the nearest store that stocks them.

This means that you will have to head out to the nearest store to get your hands on the products! If you have purchased them. Then do share your experience with us in the comments below. 

0 thoughts on “Aguero Dewalt Tools {April} Is It A Legit Online Store?

  1. I order the Dewalt package of drill and tools for $ 99.98 order # 38974 on the 04/05/2020 and I’ve not heard from any body please let me know if this is a joke are real

  2. I order the Dewalt Tombo Kit of drill and tools for $ 99.98 order # 38031 on the 05/04/2020, and they remove the money from my account , and no email to confirm the order only on the same page ,I hope is not a fake , but I hope that someone catches this fake person

  3. I also bought the same set up if someone finds out how you can get a refund if you could please let me know my name is David 303-669-0019

  4. Ordered for my father on 4/4/20. No tools, no conformation e-mail and no way to find out about getting a refund.

  5. I paid for 2 Dewalt bags and tools on 4/4/20 order no 33318 $199.98 and haven’t received them yet can you pls email me a tracking no thanks

  6. If this is a scam why is it still advertising and selling surely they would of been shut down by now hears hoping I hear something soon or I will report this to fraud squad threw my bank and will get my money back that way .

  7. I ordered tools in early April I never received an email and no tracking number I want to be reimbursed because I think it’s a fraud! I never received the tools

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