Adymoney xyz Reviews {Feb 2021} Is it Scam Website?

Adymoney xyz Reviews {Feb 2021} Is it Scam Website?

Adymoney xyz Reviews {Feb 2021} Is it Scam Website? >> The website, providing earning of money easily by watching promotional videos is reliable or not.

The Adymoney xyz Reviews will reveal a website where the website claims to provide money by watching some prepaid promotional videos.

People from the Philippines are also searching and wanted to know whether the website is trustable or not.

Let us find out what is this website about

About Adymoney website: 

During the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. Even many of the other people are getting less salary than the actual one.

This has raised a query among the Philippines and other countries to check the website that is claiming to provide money quickly.

Therefore Is Adymoney xyz Legit is trending. Do you also think that earning money online is easy?

Antimony is a website which is offering easy money to the people who get associated with it by just merely watching promotional videos available on the website.

What is unique about the website?

The Adymoney website Offers 60 cents for a minute of promotional video watch to the people, and one can get a dollar 1080 in a month If you watch daily one hour of these prepaid promotional videos.

This seems to be very easy and exciting. But how far is it reliable and trustworthy? Let’s read Adymoney xyz Reviews ahead?

The website conveys that there is a dashboard system that provides you an in-depth insight into details of your working and watching history.

Specifications of the website:

  • The URL of the website is
  • The domain was created on 2nd December 2021.
  • Address of the website:  not mentioned
  • Customer Care Contact: No Email and Contact number is provided.
  • Work category – there are two types of earning by watching videos and by referring people.
  • The Payment Per video is $0.60 for one minute. The work category is watching Prepaid Promotional videos of promoters as mentioned in Adymoney xyz Reviews.
  • One can withdraw the payments for the work done via various methods like PayPal, Bank cards, Bitcoin wallets, and Bank Saving Accounts.

Pros of the website 

  • The website provides easy money to the users by watching the video, and one can also earn by referral system.
  • The website allows the users to withdraw their earning by working for an hour even.
  • They also have a dashboard system where each information is available.

Cons of the website 

  • Owner information of the website is missing; this means any real person is not associated with the website.
  • Other vital information like address, contact details, etc., are not available on the website.
  • The website has no presence on social media.

Is Adymoney xyz Legit?

This website was created just five days before, which is on 2nd February 2021.

The website has negative reviews where buyers do not trust the website, and they are claiming this website as a scam.

The type of work of earning money by watching videos has been taken as an approach by many scammers earlier as well.

The owner information is missing, which means the user cannot approach the owner in case of any miss handle.

The referral link which invites more users to get attracted is again a kind of trap to mention in Adymoney xyz Reviews.

Adymoney offers no business or service, and the only work available is to watch promotional videos.

The website’s trust index is just 1%, and the content on the website seems to be copied.

The registration process is very bogus as there is no verification for the email address so that anyone can join even without a real email address. The website does not have a secure connection, and it is again a red flag.

Customer’s Reviews 

The reviews available on reliable sources say negative about the website. One user has said that it is a scam, and they transfer your Bitcoin to their account.

Another user has said in his Adymoney xyz Reviews that Adymoney is not a credit portal and it is a fake website.

Final verdict 

The website’s domain is created just five days ago, and the domain rating of the website is 0.3, which means it is not relying entirely on it. Along with a 1% trust index and bad customer reviews, the website seems highly suspicious.

We advise our readers not to trust such websites and always try for legit ways to earn any money.

Have you ever tried such kind of websites?

Mention your suggestions and the experience in the section below on Adymoney xyz Reviews.

0 thoughts on “Adymoney xyz Reviews {Feb 2021} Is it Scam Website?

  1. Really before i was excited about this website but the only thing that made me feel worry is how it can be possible to earn money easly i use this website in just one time frist they told that I have achieved 220$ in account and when prepared my self to next stage they said “your in put is full ” then they wanna to sign in again and watch another videos while iam starting from zero deposit means my earned 220$ has been losed in that case I prove that this website is just scaim

  2. Yes this website is a fraud i got link from my friend i watched videoz for 10 days and earn 469$ i want to withdraw my money and they ask for referrals and the next day my money has vanished and there is 0 cash in my account

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