Moving up the Pay Level: Important Advice for Selling Photos of Feet

Moving up the Pay Level: Important Advice for Selling Photos of Feet

Did you think of selling pictures of your feet via the Internet to make extra cash? We’re going to explain how. 

Although it might sound strange, selling feet images is real rather than all that strange. A wonderful side business that is simple, practical, and profitable is taking images of feet.  

An outstanding website wherein foot enthusiasts may market their pictures confidentially is called Feet Finder. This is a reputable marketplace for marketing photos of the foot, offering a safe atmosphere for consumers and vendors. Follow to learn more.

Is It Legal To Sell Photos Of Feet?

Selling images of feet via the web or offline is entirely safe and unexpectedly, many individuals use it to supplement their income. In broad terms, it’s permissible to market images of your or another person’s foot provided that:

  • You were the author of the pictures and feet pictures.
  • You need permission to use and distribute the pictures.
  • There are no criminal acts shown in the pictures.
  • The sale of photos of feet is not prohibited by law.

However, selling images of feet might be prohibited in some nations at all times. So exercise caution.

How Much Money Could I Make Selling Feet Pics?

Depending on how you offer these and which portal you post photos on, one might earn a variety of sums of cash by selling images of feet.

Foot pictures can cost anywhere between $2 and $50 per image. Additionally, you may be ready to make upwards of $100 for every foot picture when you’re marketing your photos of feet via stock picture portals or a modeling company.

Popular Online Foot Image Marketplaces

When marketing feet images on the net, people should primarily focus on a few platforms and apps. As you gain more expertise, you may market your goods on a variety of websites including social networking platforms.

1. Feet Finder

  • Once your ID has been authenticated, open a profile and provide proof. 
  • Anyone can start submitting high-quality feet photographs and clips once they’ve paid the seller charge ($4 or $14). 
  • To make it simpler for consumers to locate your profile, add a lengthy bio. 
  • Choose if you wish to receive a one-time payment or a recurring payment. 
  • Review your profile every day to see any messages from buyers.

2. Feetify

  • A photo-focused website with a payment system is called Feetify. 
  • Following how you use the website, you receive monetary rewards. 
  • Premium registration costs $50 via crypto. Each of your earnings as an extra user is yours to maintain. 
  • You communicate personally with prospective consumers using secure messaging. 
  • Images of yours can be posted without charge.

3. Feetpics

  • Neither recurring costs nor royalties upon sales are imposed by Feetpics. 
  • They pay $5 once for profile creation plus an expense to promote their website.
  • Register for an account.
  • Personalize your web page while keeping your identity hidden. 
  • Additionally, you can improve your internet profile to increase exposure.

4. Foap

  • Another free online photo marketplace is called Foap. 
  • Make a profile, install the application, and upload your photos. 
  • If your pictures have been bought, you’ll get paid. 
  • You may post images for free via Foap, while you get paid $5 per picture that sells. 
  • You may buy premium tasks with Foap money.

5. Instafeet

  • Instafeet seems like a barefoot photography website that charges a monthly fee.
  • gives amateur feet photography the ability to publish their images and begin selling right away.
  • Create an Instafeet account by applying.
  • Upon approval, upload 5 pictures to your profile.
  • Set an amount for the photographs.
  • The price for using a credit card via Instafeet is ten percent.

6. FunwithFeet

  • FunwithFeet was an organization developed by foot enthusiasts. 
  • The intuitive interface enables users to browse collections or categories of their favorite feet pictures. 
  • Since FunwithFeet pays no royalty for its merchants, you retain each of your revenue. 
  • You have the option of paying nine dollars for 3 months or fourteen bucks for 6 months.
  • The webpage will highlight any new users who sell photos of feet.

You can also use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Tiktok among many to promote your accounts that primarily sell feet pics.

Tips To Improve the Pictures Of Feet

  • Defend yourself against con artists.
  • Take images without revealing your face.
  • Don’t respond to personal inquiries.
  • Never consent to an overcharge.
  • Always add a copyright to your photos.
  • Before releasing photographs, collect payment.
  • Clip your fingernails regularly.

Tips for taking foot photos-

  • Spend money on the appropriate tools.
  • Utilize the lighting suggestions from Feet.
  • Use accessories for foot imaging, such as jewelry or shoes.
  • Make use of a range of photographic backgrounds.


It’s possible to earn cash online legitimately and profitably by selling pictures of feet, however, it’s crucial to perform your homework and guard against fraud.

Establish limits for oneself, seek out trustworthy platforms like FeetFinder, check testimonials from other vendors, and lastly follow your gut. You might begin selling pictures of your foot and making additional money in no time if you take the proper strategy.

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