{Feb 2021} Change Ad Preferences! {Feb 2021} Change Ad Preferences! {Feb 2021} Change Ad Preferences! >> Read the below article to know how you can control your Ads settings on popular search engine.

Have you seen ads whenever you browse on Google? Do you wonder how Google can show you precisely what you want? It would be best if you read about, which many people are searching as by default. 

Ads settings on Google shows ads Worldwide basis on your interests and what you searched for. Every Google account has its own ad settings, which they can control according to the privacy needs. 

Many times, we don’t want to share our details with Google. So, it’s essential to know how you can adjust ad settings. 

What are Google Ads?

Google is a vast platform that lets advertisements of products, services, websites, or videos show the web users. Formerly known as Google AdWords, it’s an online dais for advertisements developed by Google. 

They can show you ads in Google Search and non-search websites, videos, or mobile phone apps. 

What is

Ads settings allow the user to personalize what they see in Google ads. The search engines use information based on your Google account and your activity online. 

The Ad personalization works on your Google search, YouTube, and more than 2 million websites or apps partnered with Google to show advertisements. 

So, you can either turn on your Ad personalization to see relevant ads or turn it off. But you will still experience ads on what you are searching currently, time of the day, and your general location. 

You can also control the ads you may want to keep, and in the next section, we are going to explain that. 

Control ad settings on

As of now, there’s no provision Worldwide that states you will not get Ads on Google. Therefore, it’s beneficial to make the best use of it. Websites in-partner with Google shares all the information about your search. Follow the steps to edit your preferences: 

  • Sign in to your Google Account. 
  • On the left of the panel, click on Data & personalization. 
  • You will see “Go to ad settings” in the Ad personalization tab. Click on it.  
  • If the Ads personalization button is off, click on it. 
  • You can choose from many options under “How your ads are personalized.” 
  • Select as per your interest and update them on can also turn off an option of interest by clicking on “Turn off.” 

Final Verdict 

Google Ads may look interfering with many users as it uses personal information and searches done by people to show ads every time we spend time on the search engine. 

We cannot undo or obliterate those ads but can control what happens in our search experience. Sometimes, these ads prove to be beneficial. It is for Google because it’s the primary source of revenue. 

We have shared the steps through which you can edit your preferences and have the best possible ads by visiting, or correctly saying 

Despite using your inside details, Google claims that they do not share your data with anyone. What’s your outlook on it? 

Please write your thought about it in the feedback section. 

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