Actumobile Com (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews

Actumobile Com (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews

Actumobile Com (Jan 2021) Scroll Down for Its Reviews >> In this article, we talk about a website that is choc-o-block with the latest news related to mobiles.

Are you a mobile phone enthusiast who wants to learn about all mobile activity? How about a website that displays the latest updates, packages, networks, and more news on mobiles?It sounds like something exclusive for mobile lovers. 

One can visit this website to learn more about mobiles and the latest launches, whether in the United States or anywhere in the world.That is quite an innovative concept!You may be enthusiastic to know what the name of this website is?It goes by the name or Actumobile com.

Let us learn through the following article what more this website has to offer.

What is is a website with the slogan- “Phone Enthusiasts at Your Service”. The name pretty much sums up the service that this website provides. 

One can visit the site at You can get information under categories such as-

  • Mobiles
  • Mobile news
  • Lexicon

The website gives comprehensive information on different mobile phone models arranged alphabetically on the right-hand corner of their Homepage. 

The best part about Actumobile com is that by clicking on alphabets from a to z on their main page, you can upgrade your mobile-vocabulary. 

Under the categories such as Services, Partners, you can subscribe to the newsletter and even give recommendations for this also provides many packages and offers to its customers. 

These offers are pretty attractive, and the company claims to reimburse a certain amount of euros on the purchase of many mobile boxes. All this sounds lucrative.

How to avail offers available on the website? 

The offers on Actumobile com are easy to use. You just have to fill in the coupon and send it in a stamped envelope to the address-Orange MKT / ODR33734 Bordeaux Cedex 9One can also use different codes available on their website to avail extra discount.But are these offers genuine, and should you part with your details? Let’s find out.

Customer reviews on Actumobile com:

The company is present on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. However, there are no comments seen on Facebook.But it boasts 791 followers and 1,943 tweets on Twitter.

On scrutinizing the website, we found that the news available on this portal is not the latest. 

The website displays Nokia 6600 on its Homepage. This is strange because this is an old Nokia model that was launched in June 2003.

Final verdict:

One can get overwhelming information on mobile phones by visiting this mobile telephony.However, it is unclear how this site fares with customers because there are hardly any reviews available.

Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing anything from this web portal. You can use this website to get information about mobiles and related news.Do you have any experience of using Actumobile com?We welcome you to post your comments here. It will give mobile users a better understanding of the site.

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