Acsus Scam (Nov 2020) Everything You Need To Know!

Acsus Scam (Nov 2020) Everything You Need To Know!

Acsus Scam (Nov 2020) Everything You Need To Know! >> The write-up shares the major details about the debt collection scam that creates a buzz in the USA.

A new financial fraud or possibly a debt collection scam is surfacing online, stating that residents in the United States are receiving emails and calls to repay the debt they don’t owe. Department of Financial Institutions Washington State has received complaints about the debt collection scam called Acsus Scam

Consumers are reporting that they are continuously receiving emails and calls asking them to repay the debt they don’t owe. After the news surfaced about the scam, people in the United Kingdom started discussing it, creating anxiety among people. 

The senders of the emails and people making calls claim that consumers owe a debt to the financial institution, ACS. Consumers are receiving emails that use ACS Incorporation in the email address. They are making calls and sending regular emails on behalf of ACS Inc, Advance Cash Services, ACS Interchangeably, and ACS Legal Group. 

What is the scam all about?

A new financial scam has surfaced online, stating that people in America receive regular calls and emails to pay off the debt they don’t owe. It is referred to as Acsus Scam by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. 

The news about the scam has created fear amongst the people in the USA and the United Kingdom. People behind the scam call the consumers randomly and ask them to repay the debt they don’t owe. They are even sending emails using the name ACS Legal Group and Advance Cash Services. 

People are now complaining about receiving harassing debt collection calls both at the office and home. DFI released a statement where they have clarified that it is a scam and consumers must not share their non-public personal information. DFI also stated that consumers must not confuse ACS Inc with the same-named business ACS (US) Inc. 

How are consumers troubled?

A majority of the consumers have reported receiving regular calls from unknown debt collectors. The debt collection people are contacting them, and they are troubling them for repaying the debt they don’t owe. The residents are threatened with legal action if the debt is not repaid.

Consumers are also receiving harassing emails from the people behind the Acsus Scam. The emails are also threatening, and it claims to take legal actions for unpaid debts. Many emails are coming from senders that claim to be members of law enforcement and attorneys. 

Is Acsus a Licensed Company?

As per the DFI records, Acsus is not a registered or licensed company to conduct financial businesses in Washington State. The company is not licensed under the Department of Licensing, the Secretary of State, or the Department of revenue.

So, DPI warns all consumers not to share their non-public information without verifying their license status and identity. Consumers must not confuse ACS Inc with the same-named business, ACS (US) Inc.

ACS (US) Inc has already clarified that they don’t have any involvement in such business activities or Acsus Scam.   


Consumers receiving troubling debt collection emails and calls must not worry as it is a scam and not legit. Consumers must not get trapped by such calls or emails and avoid those harassing calls as it is not from a licensed or legit company.

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