#662# Scam Block (Dec) Get Your Spam Calls Blocked!

#662# Scam Block (Dec) Get Your Spam Calls Blocked!

#662# Scam Block (Dec) Get Your Spam Calls Blocked! >> Through this article, we try to help mobile users to stop unwelcome calls and scam calling ID.

#662# Scam Block: Everyone uses the android and iOS operated mobile phone nowadays. Further, we use mobile phones for our benefits, but what if the spam and robotic calls start spoiling your days.  Last year only in the United States people received more than 50 Billion Robotic calls or scam calls.  

This scam call targets the citizens by saying that their social security number deactivation and other reasons. Further, these calls are designed in this way so that you can call them back and lose your hard-earned money.

Besides this, the government, Wireless telephone services, and mobile phone manufacturers are now working on it to stop them. This year T Mobile launched #662# or App to block Scam calls. 

Let us try to understand this service.

What is #662# Scam Block?

It is a dialing number by T mobile services. Also, this launched the T-Mobile Scam shield to protect the customers from scam calls or robotics calls. Further, it also stops the sharing of your personal information. This scam blocking service launched on July 24, 2020.  

Besides the T-mobile scam shield app, T-Mobile also issues a dialing number #662# to stop robotics calls or spam calls on your mobile number.

What is the purpose of #662# dialing number?

The purpose of launching this number and the App is to improve your protection. By dialing #662# Scam Block, you can activate scam and spam blocking services on your mobile phone. It is free of cost service, but only for Postpaid users. Further, you can turn ON and OFF anytime.

Now, this will save the United States mobile users by blocking scam callers.

How #662# help you?

 It helps in detecting Scam ID automatically. It displays the scam likely number as suspected scam calls. It also detects spoof calls as T-mobile services check the incoming number and track caller behavior from experience.

Besides it, it will automatically block the scam callers, and you never receive them.

How can you turn on the scam blocking services on your phone? 

Scam block services are free for postpaid users, and #662# Scam Block number is only for postpaid users. The company does not take any charge of using Scam blocker.  

Don’t worry about the mobile model. If you are a T-mobile user, install the scam shield app or dial #662# to block the scam calls. To turn on the scam block service, follow below mention steps:

  • Install scam Shied App from your app store.
  • Dial #662# from your T-Mobile using device. No matter it is Android Or ios mobile.
  • After dialing #662#, login into the App. Then turn on scam blocking.

Final Verdict

Scam calls and robotics calls are indeed very annoying calls sometimes. It increases your stress level. Now, mobile operators and services are taking care of you by inbuilt apps or by designed apps. You have to take advantage of these services.

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