50409 Rgb Scam {Sep 2020} Read To Know The Full Story!

50409 Rgb Scam {Sep 2020} Read To Know The Full Story!

50409 Rgb Scam {Sep 2020} Read To Know The Full Story! >> The truth behind the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat & people are supporting it.

Countries run movements because they want to support a certain cause and the citizens of said countries play a very important role in movements like these. News channels also ask the people to support movements like these by telling people to ring up a specific number. 

You might also find your GCs often filled with messages that ask you to sign a petition. Higher the amount of people that sign it, more powerful the cause gets, and it also gets more support from politicians. 

There is currently a movement going on in the United States which aims to save Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat in the Supreme Court. There was a movement with similar intentions that started in 2020, and Resistbot’s director said it was a success. 

It has now resurfaced, and rumors are going around saying that it is a scam. So, keep reading this article to know more about the 50409 Rgb Scam that is going around. 

What is Resistbot?

Many organizations act as a mediator as in; they make sure that the politicians hear the citizens. Resistbot is one of many such volunteer groups. They send your request letters to the authorities. Hence, 50409 Rgb Scam is false. The campaign is gaining support of the people of the country.

What is RBG? 

There is a movement with the name of Rgb 50409 which means it stands for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the movement is supporting the lady’s last wish where she said that her seat in the Supreme Court should be kept vacant until and unless some new president comes for the nation. The lady died at the age of eighty-seven, and many people are supporting this campaign.

Across the globe for the 50409 Rgb Scam is not true. It is a genuine campaign which is going on very well, and it is a reflection from the USPS movement happens in April when the USPS movement gets a great success. This is for the lady who stood for the women’s rights and best for her complete lifetime.

What’s the process for 50409 Rgb works?

  • The first step is to send a text message as “RBG” to 50409.
  • Then the person will receive an auto-generated link to sign the petition.
  • Then this signed letter is sent to the high concerned authorities.
  • One can also see the letter’s copy as proof of the campaign.


To conclude our news article we will say that this 50409 Rgb Scam is not a scam. It is a true and supportive campaign going on to support the Ruth Bader Ginsburg whose last wish was to keep her seat vacant till the new president comes in the country.

So, we would say that any news for the 50409 Rgb Scam is a proven genuine work by the society people to support the lady.

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