3 Pin Products Review (Jan) Is 3pinproducts Legit or Scam?

3 Pin Products Review (Jan) Is 3pinproducts Legit or Scam?

3 Pin Products Review (Jan) Is 3pinproducts Legit or Scam? >> The review will tell you the legitimacy of the website that sells electronic gadgets online.

Are you among the ones planning to order products from 3pinproducts.com? Please read the 3 Pin Products Review first and then make the decision.

Today’s life is unimaginable without electronic gadgets. It improves to uplift the standard of living of the people. Whether it is health or lifestyle, artificial intelligence removes every barrier. 

You must not be aware that the car driver has adopted the car navigation system to eliminate traffic jams in the United Kingdom. It also helps them to choose the short distance road. Superb, right? Therefore, the innovation of electronic gadgets becomes a top choice in every area of life. 

3 Pin Products is an online website that sells electronic products for kids and people. But you must be thinking, Is 3 Pin Products Legit? Please stay on this web page if you seriously want to check the validity of the store.   

What is the 3 Pin Products website?

3pinproducts is an online marketplace that deals in electronic gadgets for kids and adult people. It sells health and fitness devices. You can order remote control toys for your lovable kids. The website also deals in three different categories stating as SIM-only, In-car Audio, and creativity.

All the devices are selling at a reasonable price. The research is not ended here. Please go further with the following review to know more about the specifications.

Essential Details of the 3 Pin Products

  • Official URL – www.3pinproducts.com.
  • Product categories– Electronic devices for men, women, and kids. 
  • Shipping Charges-Currently, the website is running an offer of ‘FREE DELIEVERY ON ALL ORDERS.’
  • Delivery information-The store claims to dispatch all orders within 24 hours except weekends. As per the 3 Pin Products Review findings, the ‘Health and Fitness’ & ‘Remote & Control’ items will reach within 2 to three business days. On the other hand, the ‘In car audio devices’ will take 3 to 5 working days.
  • Cancelation and refund guidelines-Every customer should cancel and return the order within 14 days to claim a full refund. 
  • Costumer service contact number– 0843 523 5790; Email- assistance@3pinproducts.com.
  • Physical location of the store-Tech Elite Ltd, 20b High St, Kington HR5 3AX.
  • Payment method options– The store accepts all online payment options such as VISA, MASTER CARD, etc.

What are the client benefits?

  • You can access all costly electronic gadgets at the cheapest rates. 
  • All the products are selling under a ‘free delivery offer.’
  • You will obtain the warranty of 12 months on the items listed on the website.
  • The store is willing to refund your money back on faulty items.
  • Do not worry regarding banking transactions as the connection has SSL security.

After some positive aspects of the website, let’s move further with the few drawbacks of checking 3 Pin Products Scam.

What are the drawbacks of 3 Pin Products?

  • The website is absent on social media platforms. 
  • Customer reviews or comments are not mentioned on its official website.
  • The ‘About us’ section is missing on the website. Thus, the company is not revealing relevant content regarding the background of the founder’s store or details.

Is 3 Pin Products Legit?

If you want to check whether the site is legit or not, you should consider the following factors:

  • The website must have clear and professional graphics. 
  • It should present the store’s complete information such as company history, team members, origin details, address, client service number, etc. 
  • It should provide all relevant guidelines for returns, cancelations, refunds, and sitemap.

Therefore, the 3 Pin Products website has failed to provide all such details incomplete way. So, we can’t declare it as fully legit. 

What about the overall customer reviews?

The store is failed to attract feedback from the buyers on its official website. But, after evaluating this site through 3 Pin Products Review, the internet has some average records. The clients are delighted with the service of the company. From packaging to delivery time, they are praising to get quick assistance. 

More than fifty percent of buyers are satisfied with the 3 Pin Products web store, but we have received negative reviews also. Unfortunately, there were no records of clients from the United Kingdom.

Final Verdict

The in-depth analysis suggests readers; please explore the products and the site thoroughly. We have got negative feedback also. Kindly put some more time into the research and then buy the products after that. 

Do you have any other doubts regarding the website and 3 Pin Products Review? Please let us know in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “3 Pin Products Review (Jan) Is 3pinproducts Legit or Scam?

  1. I have ordered an IPad from 3 Pin Products as they (to be fair) are the cheapest out there.
    I saw the returns times and free delivery for 5 days at the latest.
    However, when I had another look it was going to take 6 weeks. It would arrive around the 16th
    of December 2020.
    I don’t believe it would arrive during the Xmas rush so I asked for a refund.
    I was told point blank by 3 Pin Products they would not issue a refund and it was my fault I didn’t look at the delivery
    Dates. I’ve been told my statutory rights says they must honour this and return my money.
    They still refused.
    They told me the IPads are coming from Malaysia, hence the 6 weeks wait. (They never mentioned this on their website.)
    IPads are made in China which makes me believe they are counterfeit IPads.

    If I ever get my IPad or refund I will let you know. But, I won’t hold my breath.
    I wouldn’t buy anything from this company again. keep your money.

  2. 3 Pin Products is owned by Luca Guerra, Tech Elite Ltd (Registration Number 12159881) 20b, High Street, Kington, England, HR5 3AX. You can report the fraud to the Action Fraud Police, and having a crime reference number will help in getting a refund from your bank.

  3. It looks that I am also in the same boat as I bought the iPhone for my daughter as a gift. I communicated with 3PinProducts through email to see the availability of the item. They confirmed and convinced me to place an order soonest, so I could avoid the stock last issues and get it on time.
    However, I paid and they sent me the invoice and confirmation of my order that it will take 28 Business days to deliver because it has to ship from Warehouse 3 (Malaysia). I had an argument with them, why you have not informed me earlier that you do not have stock in the UK despite pushing me to place an order to avoid stock last issue.
    I got a similar response from them saying that I have to read the Terms that order can be ship from any of 3 Warehouses.
    As per the order, the delivery date is 15 Dec. I am hoping to get the item on time… I am also worried now after seeing these posts here.

    I’ll also let you know whatever the outcome will be…

    Anyone has any idea… What to do now?

    1. My order is over due but Iv had no contact with this company whatsoever…how can I contact them??…they don’t reply to emails and the phone line is always ‘closed’????

  4. i ordered an iPhone 11 on the 31st of October and it says it will arrive on the 7th of December but i have not heard anything from the company since i have ordered it even though i have emailed them multiple times, not sure what i should do ! should i wait until the 7th to see if it arrives ??

  5. I’ve ordered a Samsung phone and had to wait for a long time for the delivery. But now I can’t get on the website looks like it has been removed. Don’t buy from this company.

  6. I’ve also ordered an iPhone. Not arrived yet and I don’t expect it too. Please don’t fall into the same trap. I did state they should say what warehouses the item is coming from to manage peoples expectancies. I was faced with the same reply as above. Now the delivery link does not work and the company doesn’t reply to emails

  7. I thought it was a legit website, and ordered an Ipad. I wanted to check the shipping details today on their site but it’s gone. I’m so annoyed, It’s a lot of money wasted. I hope you all receive your orders. I don’t know what should I do. Mine should be here around mid-December. I’m very careful when I buy stuff online, I don’t know how did this happen!

  8. I have similar issues. My date of delivery was 1st Dec. Last time I emailed them, they responded immediately. I emailed them yesterday but no reply yet. The only saving grace is that the payment was through credit card so I am hoping that they shall take some responsibility if the items are not authentic or are not delivered. These companies cannot run away with money from credit card companies. But reviews were good when I read them last but not sure if they were genuine buyers or fake.

  9. I ordered an iphone 11 pro max phone like everyone else, I ordered it on October 24th. because it came from warehouse 3, no order arrived, I don’t know what to do, I don’t get my money back and I don’t answer emails either, the site is closed, I think it’s fraud DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE !!!

  10. The Company has ceased trading and cannot fulfill outstanding orders, you should apply for a chargeback through your credit card, this info was on the website very briefly before the site disappeared. I ordered an iPhone 11 Pro which should have arrived by now but hasn’t, I have applied through chargeback on credit card. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

  11. I too have ordered an iphone 11. Due for delivery on 8th December. Looks like no chance now that web site has been deleted. Glad I paid by credit card.

  12. I too ordered the iPhone 11,due to be delivered latest December 18th from their warehouse 3 in Australia. I’ve emailed them but no response and I’ve tried to go back on the website, but it no longer exists. I wish I had paid using my credit card. After reading all the reviews, I believe it is a scam.

  13. Hi all, I’m in the same boat too!! Ordered a iPhone 11. Said on invoice 25 working days. Delivery 16th December. There’s no website now & when you click on the invoice link, nothing comes up. I’ve read all what everyone has said & seems we’ve all been scammed ? been to my bank & I’ll get a the full amount back once the delivery date 16th December has gone. As in there eyes you might still receive the item (errrrr I don’t think so) you are protected by visa. Hopefully we’ll all get our money in the end?

  14. I ordered an iPad in October that was due for delivery 30 November. I never received the promised tracking number or the product. The links are defunct. I read the reviews at the time which indicated the products were received, but slow in coming, hence the reduced price. Now the reviews have changed. Yes, sadly, I feel we all have been scammed.

  15. We too have fallen for this scam. No replies website no longer in use. Due to arrive tomorrow 15th Dec. Hmmm of course it won’t be though. Am contacing Anti Fraud to report and get a crime number to hopefully assist in re crediting my credit card?

  16. I’ve been scammed too sadly. I’ve been waiting for an iPhone 11 but no replies from email and their phone numbers aren’t working. It looks like they have ceased trading. With our money!!

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