1rankers Com Scam {Jan 2021} Is Using Such Sites Safe?

1rankers Com Scam {Jan 2021} Is Using Such Sites Safe?

1rankers Com Scam {Jan 2021} Is Using Such Sites Safe? >> Want to know about the scam while sending e-greetings? Read & check if this site is scam or not.

Are you the one who also has, received a New Year greeting message which redirected to the page of 1 rankers? You will get to know the site, which is famous for a few days and sends New Year greetings. 1rankers Com Scam will help you know if using it is safe or not. A lot of people are receiving New Year greeting messages through the whatsapp or their social media.

The site is sending New Year greetings throughout the United States. To know more regarding the message and the scam, the users should read ahead.

What is the scam about?

The people receive messages, and when they click on them, they are redirected to the site. Then there is a door and a bell. The users must click on this bell, and the door opens up and wishes Happy New Year 2021. 

Is 1rankers com Scam shows that the New Year greeting comes with a name as well; the users have to add their name to it. 

The site is in use for a few days and displays the surprise message to the receiver wishing them a happy new year. But people report the site as fake. This is because every user must be alert while receiving any message for several reasons.

This is because some fake sites tend to grab other essential details of the users, which might be risky for them.

Important points regarding 1rankers Com Scam:

  • Many similar websites, like Etrhealth, wishknowonline, are active for the past few days and are similar to this website. 
  • In the previous year, there were many scams like these, which affected the users’ devices.
  • Other than the Happy New Year greeting, there is nothing else on the web page.
  • The main motive of these sites is to steal the personal information of the users generally.
  • There are no details regarding from where the site works.

Views of people regarding the 1rankers Com Scam:

The sites like these are without any details of its validity and presence and might affect the users by grabbing their points. 

There are many similar sites with the same content as this one, and therefore it is not safe for the users to click on the link they receive via their social media. Moreover, in some cases, the users are also required to enter their details in it. 

The bottom line:

We do not find the site genuine and feel that the site’s content is not authenticated. Along with this, there are no reviews about the site Is 1rankers com Scam might trouble you. 

The United States users feel that the message is grabbing details from third party sources, which is not safe. Thus, we think that using the site to send greeting is not secure and those who receive messages should not click on the link. You shall do proper research beforehand.

Do mention your views regarding the content.

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