Yorkshire Terrier WW2 (Jan) The World War II Hero!

Yorkshire Terrier WW2 (Jan) The World War II Hero!

Yorkshire Terrier WW2 (Jan) The World War II Hero! >> This article talks about the brave feat of Smoky, who saved 250 lives during World War II.

Dogs have always played an integral role in warfare since the ancient time of history. While one usually visualizes a German Shephard as the perfect candidate for wars, this fact was broken by Yorkshire Terrier ww2 Smoky, a female Yorkshire Terrier breed who proved bravery can surpass size too. It has garnered many fans worldwide, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, for her courage.

Are you curious to know why this tiny breed is famous and what she played during World War II? Well, for that, please stay tuned to this article.

Who is Smoky?

Smoky, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier breed, was the smallest hero of World War II. She was found first abandoned in a foxhole in New Guinea during 1944, this Yorkshire Terrier ww2 was later purchased by Corporal Bill Wayne for merely 2 Australian dollars. 

Although weighing just 4-pounds, this female terrier breed proved to the world that size is nothing in front of bravery. Among the many laurels it won, it also survived 150 bombing raids and was a part of 12 combat missions even though she was never officially a war dog.

The list doesn’t end here. Smoky also survived 180 Japanese bombing raids and a typhoon that had ravaged the Okinawa coast. For this, she was awarded eight battle stars.

Yorkshire Terrier ww2: The Notable Feat

Smoky became a notable part of the world war feat, wherein she saved the lives of 250 men and 40 planes. Here is a brief of how she did really:

In January of 1945, the communication cable was required to be run at the airbase in Luzon, while the pipe was only 8 inches wide and filled with dirt and mold. And the only one who could pass through this pipe was Smoky. 

She was tied by a string on her collar and was used to thread wires through the pipe. Yorkshire Terrier ww2 successfully crossed the pipe, threading the wire, thereby saving the Luzon camp from bombing attacks.

Reception from People

What took Smoky a few hours would have taken men over three days to dig through the pipe. Indeed, this tiny Terrier breed received immense laurels and applauded across the internet and social media, with people praising her for her big heart that overshadowed her small size. 

After 50 years of war, smoky was commemorated with a monument erected in her honor. A statue of a dog sitting in a GI helmet was constructed.

Conclusion – Heroes come in All Sizes and Forms

Smoky, the Yorkshire Terrier ww2, has epitomized herself as the brave and smart war companion who, even with her small size, performed a feat that ended up saving over 250 lives. From parachuting from 30 feet out of a tree to borrowing the pipe out of dirt and mold, she rewrote history that heroes come in all sizes and forms.

So, what have you to say about this tiny breed weighing 1.8kg and her laudable feat? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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